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Eighty Days of Yellow (Eighty Days #1) by Vina Jackson

eighty dayGitte: 3.5 stars

First of let me say that this book is not for everyone. It is dark and intense and can make the reader uncomfortable at times. Also, comparisons to Fifty Shades have been made but this book is nothing like Fifty Shades, it’s raw, gritty, dark and disturbing. Some scenes after the half-way point were very graphic and twisted. If a reader picks this one up purely for the Fifty link, that is not so subtle from the huge sticker on the cover, then this reader may very likely be sorely disappointed or find Eighty Days Yellow too hard-core. I am going to hazard a guess as to this being one of the main reasons why this book has failed to impress going on a lot of negative reviews which is a shame because Eighty Days Yellow is beautifully written.
I thought this story to be very slow to start with, however as it progressed it improved and I was gripped to find out what was going to happen to our heroine.
Our heroine’s name is Summer and we are first introduced to her lying sprawled naked on her boyfriend’s floor listening to Vivaldi blasting from her stereo; lost in her own head.
Summer is an exceptional violinist who lives in a cheap bedsit in London. Although she is hired for classical gigs she is so skint, she also busks in the London Underground. This is where Dominik hears her on his way to work, rather than sees her but for her fiery red hair. He is captivated.
A month later he is still thinking of this mystery violinist unable to get her out of his head. After a sad occurrence sees Summer’s violin destroyed and her story published in the news Dominik is now able to find her so he contacts her with an offer and a ‘Play For Me.’ All Summer has to do is accept this offer. This is where their journey begins.
Summer had me on the edge of my seat, shouting at her for her naivety, her ignorance and I have to admit, I was scared for her throughout this book. She just didn’t think of consequences nor believe that she could say no. She thinks heightened sexual and pain related emotions no matter how wrong they are will make her feel alive. Summer’s sexual needs and wants took her to the extreme and it was as if she wanted to find her limit and kept pushing. When she was finally done and she said the much needed “No”, I was in a mess and had just about lost my mind. She is so lonely and self-destructive. There is so much brutal cruelty towards the end that I despaired and thought about throwing in the towel as it clearly looked like Summer wasn’t going to.
So did I enjoy it? Yes I did, despite the issues I had with it, and I loved the ending. I also really liked Dominik, I think he saved the book for me to an extent. He too is pretty screwed up at times but nothing compared to some of the secondary characters who created a complete min f**k. I have to say, as well, that I loved Summer’s internal monologue. I do wish however, their relationship had been explored more and that this frustrating and exhausting fake nonchalance wasn’t so drawn out. Perhaps this is due to this being book #1 in a trilogy? And yes I desperately need to read the next two books which are out so no need to wait.
I would like to add, that in my opinion, this story has been marketed in a way where you inevitably start this story with pre-conceptions and unfortunately this has had an adverse effect on its readers. As I said before, it is beautifully written and it provokes and questions the psychology of its characters. It should not be compared.
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