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Welcome to TotallyBookedBlog.

Totallybooked Blog is Jenny & Gitte.

We met through our love of books and have forged a very close friendship over time which was born of our mutual love for reading. We started TBB on 12th July 2012 and finally met in person in April 2015! As you can imagine, that was truly something special!

We really are book soulmates who love nothing more than to sink our teeth into a good book and discuss it into the wee small hours! We chat books everyday and we spend hours discussing every book we read!

Please contact us via email at: for review requests.

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 Our Review Policy .

(We read in Mobi format for Kindle)

Welcome to Totallybooked where you’ll find us, Jenny & Gitte, two passionate readers who would love nothing more than to be able to sit all day to read and review. Sadly work, friends and family commitments get in the way (darn those commitments!) and as a result there are only so many books we can fit into our reading days.

At present we do have an extremely high volume of books on our Kindles however, if you’ve had a look around our blog and think your story is something we would both love, then we’d love to hear from you.

We never read to a schedule but we do do keep a TBR List which we go through to pick our next read which solely depends  on our mood at the time so this could see us pick up your book at anytime.

As you can appreciate, it would be impossible for us to accept every request that comes our way but know that we do love hearing from you and we do spend time reading every single review request that comes our way, looking for that synopsis that will grab both of our book hearts. Whether you’re an established or a first time author, it doesn’t matter to us, because we are all about the books!

  • What do we love to read?:
    Our favorite genre’s are Adult Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Romantic comedy, Dark romance, Physiological Thrillers, YA , NA
     M/M and  Paranormal (Mature PNR only). Our reading tastes vary and we tend to love a dark and gritty read that takes us out of our comfort zone as much as we love a sweet, swoony romantic story that makes our hearts flutter.
  • What do we want to know about your book:  Your synopsis, whether it’s a continuing story (how many books will there be in the series) or a standalone. That’s it!! We want to read your book as you intended, page by page with no spoilers so please do not divulge if your story ends in a HEA as we consider this a spoiler. A HEA is not a prerequisite to us reading and enjoying a story! We don’t want to see or read anything that will take away the surprise element and ruin the story for us. It’s all about the twists, turns, the journey and the destination.
  • How do we review?  Firstly, we have a responsibility to our fellow readers to put forth our honest opinions and thus we always review honestly, respectfully and constructively. We review from the heart and place a huge amount of thought, time and effort into our reviews for the books we read as you will see if you follow our blog.
  • What happens if we start reading and don’t connect to your book?  Not every book is going to work for every person and if, for whatever reason we cannot continue with your book we will contact you and advise. We do not review books we haven’t seen through to the end and we do not publish reviews on the blog under 3 stars. These days our reading time is so cherished that we don’t generally spend time completing a book we’re not enjoying so we don’t have too many reads under 3 stars as we tend to only persevere with the reads we’re absolutely enjoying.
  • What happens when we’ve read your book?  We will email you to let you know how we felt about your story and discuss our feelings etc. We will advise the approximate date we will be posting our review. The review will be published on all our Social Media sites including:
    TBB Facebook page
     TBBBookclub Group
    Our Goodreads Accounts
    Amazon accounts as well as our private social media accounts.
  • Have you written a kick arse book you’d love us to read? Then please email your request to : – please ensure your email contains : Book Title, Synopsis, Goodreads link

Please know that we purchase every book we review, even the books we read from an ARC copy so our readers can be assured our reviews reflect our honest opinion of your story.

If we love your story we are happy to work with you to sponsor a post on FB in order to have your book reach a larger audience. After all…if we fall in book love, we want everyone to know about.

Thank you for contacting us and we look forward to hearing from you.

J&G xx

Please note: TotallyBookedBlog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to Amazon Stores. These fees are small amounts and as our blog is a passion, not a business, these monies assist in maintaining and running our blog.  All Amazon purchase links on our site carry affiliate tags.


13 Responses to Contact Us/Review Policy


    Will this be available to buy tomorrow on amazon?

    • Rngltz

      Hello, i was wondering if you could help me find a book. I got an email from somewhere and now for the life of me I can’t find it and I must have filed it in a folder or something in my email but I CAN’T FIND IT!
      There was a book that came out recently and the cover shows a man’s hand on a girl’s crotch. You see her bare legs and his hand right in between. she has a black thong on. Have you seen it?? do you know what book i’m talking about?


  2. Fran

    I thought “beneath this man” was supposed to be released 1/18/13. I can’t find it anywhere … Did this release date change?

  3. Tessie McGlynn

    You guys are awesome! Do you know of any other site these books can be downloaded?
    I have a nook and I can only find This Man Trilogy on Amazon.



  4. cdgardiner83

    I have a question. You two have read a lot of books have either of you found a good book with Candace/Candice as the main party of a story and she doesn’t shorten it to Candy/Candie. I have read a lot I think and every time I find a Candace she is either too dumb or mean. I’m wondering why that is. And if you two haven’t Does nobody like the name Candace or have too many writers had bad dealings with Candaces. Thank you for reading my question even if you don’t answer it.

  5. jucookie

    Hi J&G
    Can you remember the name of the book/author with a synopsis were the girl gets picked from the crowd by the singer to go on stage and I think she becomes his ‘fake’ girlfriend? Might not be released yet.

  6. johnna

    Please read: Enough by J. Lori!!! Find it for kindle on amazon!

  7. Hello! I was just chatting with Kindle Alexander and together we decided to try and attend the totallybooked signing days. I was wondering if you could send me the information on it and if I could still apply to be in it? My first book will be due out in Feb/March of 2015…. Thank you so much for your time~
    Lindsey Bebensee AKA – Delaney Williams

  8. Hannahbell

    Hi, I read a book a while back, it ended with the girl and her son looking at what she thought was her husband/boyfriends grave, he was watching this though as he had faked his own death so left open for a second book… Cannot remember the name.. Can anyone help because I really want to read the next one!


  9. Elaine May

    Good afternoon.
    I hope you are having a great day.
    I have a new release coming on the 1st of March and I wanted to ask if you would mind signing for it’s release for me or reading it for a review.
    Thank you so much for your time and support.

  10. Deena Johnston

    I love this site, you guys give great recommendations. I was wondering if you have read the Bewitched and Bewildered series by Alanea Alder? If you haven’t, I would love for you to. I would really like to read your review on this series. Me, I absolutely LOVE them and I’m sure your followers would too. They’re funny, romantic, suspense filled books and the characters are ones you want to reach in and just bring’em home.

  11. Rachel Niswonger

    My Sweet Ruby by Virginia Ann was an awesome book. I can’t find out anything about the author. You can tell it was a first book but I loved it. It has a mature couple (h45 H49) and hot sex. I love reading books about people close to my own age. Sweet love love story with a little bit of drama. I love this blog, I follow it religiously. I can always trust your reviews to be honest.

  12. Amanda Ruane

    Hi, Ladies.
    In case I don’t “talk” to you this week, have a great, Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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