Standalone in series, sexy second chance romance
NB:  This book can be read as a standalone but has interconnecting stories and characters- we highly recommend reading the series in order.  


A first kiss that changed everything.

Killian Kane.
He was the most feared guy in high-school.
Guarded. Angry. A fighter.
But when I caught him watching me with his captivating green eyes I saw something more. Something protective and kind.

He warned me to stay away from him.
I did.
Until I didn’t and he kissed me. A knee weakening, body tingling kiss that left me breathless. 
And scared the hell out of me.

And then…
He warned me never to come near him again or next time he wouldn’t let me go.

That was eleven years ago.
We aren’t teenagers anymore. He has probably forgotten me. 
He’s a famous rock star now. I’m a dance instructor with a broken dream and desperate for a job.
So, when we cross paths again I don’t expect him to remember me.
He does.
And his warning eleven years ago? I’m about to find out exactly what that meant.

KEPT FROM YOU is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4.5  ‘ the good bits’ Stars

“Fight for me, damn it. Stop fighting everything else and fight for me. For us”

Nashoda Rose has done it again! We’ve We’ve loved everything we’ve read from this talented author and after finishing Kept from You, we’re convinced this is one of our favourite series. There’s suspense, grit, passion, emotion and alpha goodness galore, not to mention pierced tattooed rock stars…yummy!  What’s not to love…oh and this was bloody hot! And sweet! And a little intense!

We’ve been with the Tear Asunder guys’ right from the beginning. We’ve shared their difficult and painful pasts, we’ve shared their love and happiness as they each meet their soul mate, their missing piece. This group of rag tag rock stars prove family isn’t the blood that runs through your veins, but the loyalty, trust and love that runs through your hearts. They’ve been through so much and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other.

“…Nothing wins against love. It wins every single fuckin’ time.”

We’ve been desperate for Killian ‘Kite’ Kane’s story, the drummer from Tear Asunder in what seems forever and finally, the gorgeous guy with the Irish lilt shared his painful story with us. Killian grew up quite privileged and was loved deeply by his Mum and brother. His father however was a different story. This man openly detested Killian, making his life miserable. Due to circumstances we later learn about through Killian’s POV, Killian has become an angry young man, needing to fight to relieve himself of the pent up guilt he carries with him.

We first meet Killian and Savvy when he is 16 and she is 15. Savvy (Savannah) feels drawn to Killian and believes there is a lot of ‘good bits’ beneath the anguish this young man elicits. Killian, in turn is drawn to Savvy’s innocence and sweetness, savouring the goodness that surrounds her.

‘Her goodness was my fuckin’ drug, drawing me to her. ‘

They part ways soon after, with Killian unleashing a first kiss on Savvy that really would change everything. For both of them.  We flash forward 11 years in Toronto, with Killian enjoying success with his band, and Savvy down on her luck, seeking out Killian for a favour. Old feelings are unleashed with Killian not wanting the girl who always had a place in his heart to slip through his fingers. And that’s where the story begins.

‘I had my issues and she’d had a taste of them, and I knew I’d have to give her more of me. The parts of me I kept hidden.’

Whilst Kept from You didn’t quite pack the intensity and grittiness of the previous books, Killian and Savvy’s story was no less emotional, no less painful. We adored these characters and upon learning the full extent of Killian’s sacrifice and feelings for Savvy over the ‘lost’ years, our hearts damn near burst from our chests and we applauded Nashoda Rose for taking this turn with him.

‘I realized that the anger he carried with him ate away all his beauty. ‘

We do love a second chance love story and this one certainly fit the bill. Killian is all sorts of kinky alpha possessive yummy, yet he’s sweet, vulnerable and romantic as well. Not to mention sexy as sin for good measure! Savvy was a sharp, witty relatable character. Whilst this can be read as a standalone, we would strongly recommend reading the series to fully grasp and experience the bond between these men, the relationships of which we feel are the glue that holds this series together.

“You were always meant to be mine, Savvy.”


With You – Prequel (Free)


Torn From You – Book One


Overwhelmed by You – Book Two


Shattered by You Book – Three


Kept From You –  Book Four


TBB also recommends this Spin off Series

Unyielding Series

Perfect Chaos Book #1 : our reviewamazon us | amazon uk
Perfect Ruin Book #2 : amazon us | amazon uk
 Perfect Rage Book #3 – amazon us | amazon uk

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RIOT (A Scarred Souls Novel #4) by TILLIE COLE :: REVIEW

Gritty, dark Mafia romance series to be read in order. Final book in series.


Stolen by the Arziani Georgian crime mob as a child, 152 was raised and conditioned to be a Mona—the most subservient of the Arziani Blood Pit slaves.

Gorgeous and kind, she has been and under the imprisoning influence of the Type B drug and under the command of the Blood Pit Master’s sister, Mistress Arziani, for most of her life, until the Master calls her back home to Georgia.

He wants her under his total control, and Master always gets what he wants.

But when 152 is gifted to the Blood Pit’s fearsome champion death match fighter as a prize, 152 suddenly finds out that the men who appear most brutal, may just own the kindest hearts. And love may be found, even when living in hell.

Freedom, family, love, 152 will have to fight for what she wants and ultimately make an impossible choice.

RIOT is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

4.5 Stars

 ‘The male with the cruel eyes. The infallible killer. The Pit Bull of the Arziani Empire. Master’s living god among men.’

Wow, what a compelling way to finish this fabulously dark and highly emotional series. It’s been quite the horrific but brilliantly written ride, with each book giving us a new tormented hero and heroine all with a harrowing and tragic past and present.  All with the fighting pit at its centre. It’s been a tearful and upsetting journey but a journey that’s been lit up by a beacon of shining bright love.

“Our names are part of our path to freedom.”

In this series finale we hear the voice of 152, the lost sister of Valentin, and 901, the king of the fighting pit. The master’s favourite but for how long? This series has always had a flair for the dramatic and over the top, but it’s worked for us. We’ve been gripped, addicted and invested in every single book and Riot was no different. We loved it.

‘He was the most intimidating male I had ever encountered. And I was trapped in his cell. Completely alone. In the unwelcome company of a killer. And there was absolutely nothing I could do.’

152 – Inessa, the lost one, the beloved sister. She stole our hearts and they bled for her fate. She was a fighter a survivor and her story broke our hearts. She’s the chosen one for Master Arziani, who runs an evil and inhumane empire set to break the human spirit for his own gains and desires. Using her as bait to get final control of 901 who isn’t running the line of commands. This catalyst sparks a series of events that ultimately sets in motion a revolt that could see freedom at the end of a very long imprisonment under an evil reign of punishment.

“You became my heart. He made me want you like I have never wanted anything else. Even my freedom does not compare. If I had to fight every day for the rest of my life here in this pit, I would do it gladly to have you with me.”

901 and 152 are thrown together as part of a concluding plan for Arziani’s final blood lusting glory. However, where the evil intent succeeds the strength of love, protection and human spirit was ultimately underestimated. There’s such a vulnerable almost innocent essence to 901 and 152’s relationship. Considering the gruesome circumstances, this was such a beauty to read because of this. For two people so deeply embedded in the sadistic and brutal side of life there was such a beauty to their characters.

‘901 thought me beautiful. And he told me in Russian. In the language of our hearts. The language of our home.’

What we absolutely loved about Riot was being back with everyone and everything coming full circle, seeing vengeance and redemption. Finding happiness and love. We loved how it played out, how after such a long time being spent in virtual hell with our hero and heroine we saw a culmination of the previous books through Luka, Zaal and Valentin. We loved the final climax and what a fabulous ending to what has been a crazy good suspenseful, dark and passionate series.

‘We had been thrust back into hell. But this time the only way out was to burn it in our wake.’

‘We would maim. We would slaughter. We would kill. Together, we would fucking raze hell.’


Raze Book – One


Reap Book – Two


Ravage Book – Three


Riot Book – Four



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It’s that time of the week when we bring you up to date on the New Releases, Upcoming Releases for March, and Ebook Sales happening around the traps.

Not only that, but we give you a round up of the Fabulous Feb Reads we enjoyed last month! Boy, there were some beauties!


TBB Top Fave
Standalone MM Paranormal

“You confuse me. You aggravate me. You’re amazing and beautiful, and sometimes, I want to put my teeth in you just to watch you bleed. I want to know what you taste like. I want to leave my marks on your skin. I want to cover you until all you smell like is me.”

WOLFSONG is available to purchase below



A laugh out loud sweet British rom-com set in a quaint English village. We’re loving this one so far!
Standalone in series – each book is about a different character.
NEVER THE BRIDE is available below



Check out our Fabulous February reads below

★PRETTY FACE (London Celebrities #2) by LUCY PARKER
Standalone in series – British rom-com
We loved everything about this book,  So romantic, such fabulous British dry humour, such theatrical and vivid imagery.

‘He’d known, right from the beginning, that she would be a completely disruptive pain in the arse. He worried about her. All the fucking time. And he missed her like hell. All the fucking time.’

Purchase PRETTY FACE below


Standalone – Second chances friends to lovers
Such a beautiful story of forgiveness, redemption, second chances and how love can be the greatest healer of all.

‘I realized you could get used to anything – even alone for years – right until the moment you touched something better than what you had.’

THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT is available to purchase below


★GRIEVOUS (Scarlet Scars #2) by J.M. DARHOWER
Duet  – gritty Mafia romance
A thrilling suspenseful, passionate duet. gritty edge of your seat conclusion. A fantastic duet.

‘She wants the fairy tale with the happy ending. All I have are bullet holes in a house with no soul.’

Purchase Menace Book One below

purchase link small          purchase link small          purchase

Purchase Grievous Book Two below

purchase link small          purchase link small         

Standalone in Series – emotional romantic comedy
Funny, passionate, sweet, sexy and brimming with pure heart stealing romance

“You are woven into my soul and you are wrapped around my heart.”



★LOST IN BETWEEN (Finding Me #1) by K.L. KREIG
Duet – erotic, steamy and intriguing
Extremely hot ad sexy, emotional, funny, vulnerable and very clever at times. A dominant alpha male hero.

‘I’ve decided I will pay whatever it takes to have her. To own her. I think I would give away my own soul.’

LOST IN BETWEEN is available to purchase below


Standalone – Football themed romance/frenemies to lovers.
This story burrowed deep in our hearts. Whilst incredibly sad at times it’s also very sweet, passionate and funny.

‘He made me feel things I’d never felt before. Things I wasn’t sure I’d feel again. But that’s why it was so scary.’

FOR FINLAY is available to purchase below


Standalone – ugly and complex romance is the best way to describe this.
It’s a fine line between love and hate and we veered across this line touching both sides throughout. We couldn’t put it down.

“Let the pain take over. Let it own you, turn you inside out. Let it win, Maddison. That’s the only way to stop this, to stop feeling.”
“Show me how.”

A WAR LIKE OURS is available to purchase below


Standalone in a Series – Enemies to lovers
This is the perfect sexy weekend read! It was great fun, sweet, super hot and very entertaining!

‘What was it about this man that made him get under my skin?’

FINDING MR WRONG is available to purchase below


Standalone in series – friends to lovers/RomCom
Cheezuz… we loved this book! We laughed out loud whilst swooning and loving that typical frustration you feel when you want to knock a few heads together.

‘I want someone to look at me like they just won the lottery. And I want to feel sure that I have to, too- that I can say “forever” and know I’m making the absolute right decision. I’ve been in love before. A little. But never like that.’

GOOD BOY is available to purchase below

purchase link small          purchase link small          

★THE CAD and the CO-ED (Rugby Series #3) by L.H. COSWAY & PENNY REID
Standalone in series – Second chance sports romance
Chock full of love, warmth, humour, emotion and loveable characters whom we took to our hearts.

‘She didn’t deserve to be forgotten. She deserved to be treasured.’

THE CAD and the CO-ED is available to purchase below


Standalone – Tragic childhood friends to lovers story.
Honest, brutal and raw love story. It’s a story of childhood love and friendship, of second chance love built against the effects of loss, courage and guilt.

‘It’s as though he wraps himself around my lonely soul and nurses it back to life with the splintered remnants of his own.’

WAR POPPY is available to purchase below



Click here for the full 2017 Upcoming Releases Page

1st to 12th March

13th to 19th March

20th to 31st March


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5 Epic Stars!
Standalone MM Paranormal


Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson. He said that Ox wasn’t worth anything and people would never understand him. Then he left.

Ox was sixteen when he met the boy on the road, the boy who talked and talked and talked. Ox found out later the boy hadn’t spoken in almost two years before that day, and that the boy belonged to a family who had moved into the house at the end of the lane.

Ox was seventeen when he found out the boy’s secret, and it painted the world around him in colors of red and orange and violet, of Alpha and Beta and Omega.

Ox was twenty-three when murder came to town and tore a hole in his head and heart. The boy chased after the monster with revenge in his bloodred eyes, leaving Ox behind to pick up the pieces.

It’s been three years since that fateful day—and the boy is back. Except now he’s a man, and Ox can no longer ignore the song that howls between them.

WOLFSONG is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

“I’m not a wolf.”
“No,” he said. “But you’re something.”

Be still our book loving hearts because we just read a story that catapulted itself to a place in our heart where our all-time favourite books live. T.J Klune captured every single one of our breaths, every heart beat and every nerve ending of our emotional being as our body mind and soul became completely tethered to a story of love, loss, grief, family and friendship. Of responsibility, honour and integrity. Of war, redemption and personal sacrifice. Stunningly written as if we were reading a journal, its unique and almost poetic prose astounded us. This is unlike any paranormal we’ve read in a long while and we took all the characters into our hearts.

‘But hearts are a funny thing; they beat strongly in our chests, even though they can shatter at the slightest pressure.’

No word from us can ever do Wolfsong any justice. This is the story that is everything, a story that was everything. A story that every reader needs to experience. Even if you’re not a reader of paranormal nor m/m we highly encourage you to give this story the chance to open your heart to a brilliance that will light you up with exquisite book love.

‘Sometimes, when your heart gets so full, it takes away your voice and all you can do is hold on for dear life.’

Wolfsong was an epic compelling read of grand proportion. We never wanted it to end and whilst this was a long book it felt like time barely passed from the turn of the first page to the last. Vivid imagery, powerful scents and an exceptional emotional grasp, it captivated us, thrilled us and left us awestruck.

“You confuse me. You aggravate me. You’re amazing and beautiful, and sometimes, I want to put my teeth in you just to watch you bleed. I want to know what you taste like. I want to leave my marks on your skin. I want to cover you until all you smell like is me.”

Wolfsong is primarily about Ox, a beautiful young man who has grown up being told he’s nothing by a Father who acts like anything but. Ox is different but not in any way other than the fact that he has a huge heart, a sweet vulnerability and an immeasurable emotional strength despite his home life.

‘Here was where I felt most at home. Here was where I wouldn’t be judged.’

Unbeknownst to him things are not what they seem around him and more exists than that of which he’s aware. His Mum is the only person he has in his life, their bond sweet and loving. Their life a hardship a lot of the time.

‘Joe was overwhelming. Everything was him. He was all I could hear and see and taste and smell.’

Everything changes when a family descends and moves in close by. A world is opened to Ox and he becomes part of something bigger he never dared dream existed. Ox meets a young Joe Bennett and he’s immediately pulled into a life where his eyes are opened to what exists in between of what is known. Ox and Joe’s story is one of laughter, tears and suspense. We fell in love, we laughed and we cried uncountable tears. It was thrilling, epic and awesome. It smelled of pine cones and candy canes. It grabbed our heart and soul.

‘It should have been obvious. It should have been obvious what they were, but then I wasn’t looking for the incredible buried in the ordinary.’


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A love story that reveals the power of forgiveness, and how even the smallest decisions of the heart can—like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings—create currents that strengthen into gale winds, altering the course of a life forever


“Where you are is home…”

At age fourteen, Zelda Rossi witnessed the unthinkable, and has spent the last ten years hardening her heart against the guilt and grief. She channels her pain into her art: a dystopian graphic novel where vigilantes travel back in time to stop heinous crimes—like child abduction—before they happen. Zelda pitches her graphic novel to several big-time comic book publishers in New York City, only to have her hopes crash and burn. Circumstances leave her stranded in an unfamiliar city, and in an embarrassing moment of weakness, she meets a guarded young man with a past he’d do anything to change…

Beckett Copeland spent two years in prison for armed robbery, and is now struggling to keep his head above water. A bike messenger by day, he speeds around New York City, riding fast and hard but going nowhere, his criminal record holding him back almost as much as the guilt of his crime.

Zelda and Beckett form a grudging alliance of survival, and in between their stubborn clash of wills, they slowly begin to provide each other with the warmth of forgiveness, healing, and maybe even love. But when Zelda and Beckett come face to face with their pasts, they must choose to hold on to the guilt and regret that bind them, or let go and open their hearts for a shot at happiness.

THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4.5 butterfly kisses

‘I realized you could get used to anything – even alone for years – right until the moment you touched something better than what you had.’

Emma Scott is such a supremely talented author who is able to deliver emotional and character driven stories that don’t rely on unnecessary drama or angst to engage and captivate her readers. In The Butterfly Project, she has once again brought to life a story with characters we have taken to our hearts.  Zelda and Beckett felt so incredibly true, their plight, and their pain, identifiable and honest, we couldn’t help but become swept up in their story of second chances, redemption and love.

“Do you ever wonder, Zelda, if you’re allowed to be happy?”
“Yes, all the time. Every minute.”
“I hate to hear you say that. I hate that I can’t take that pain from you.”
“Me too,…for you. You carry too much.”
“Maybe we both do. But I don’t know what to do or what is too much to ask for.”

We first met Zelda Rossi, as the tattooist working for Theo in Full Tilt Duet. Zelda has moved to New York from Vegas to pursue her artistic talents and hopefully publish her graphic novel. When we catch up with Zelda she’s contemplating a move back to Vegas after failing to achieve the success she had hoped for. It’s then she meets a friendly, sweet and kind busboy.

Beckett Copeland is a man who exudes kindness, and is such a sweet and tender man, who’s easy on the eye, and shrouded in an aura of sadness. He’s made mistakes and lives and breathes them every minute of every day, and he would quite literally give away his last dollar to someone in need. Beckett is struggling to make his rent when Zelda makes him an offer that could help them both. Beckett is sceptical at first, but decided Zelda’s offer to become roommates could actually work out.

‘He smiled a sad, wistful kind of smile as the tidal was crashed around us, around him. I stood in the shelter of his tall, strong body and the water never touched me at all.’

Both Zelda and Beckett are crumbling over the guilt that plagues them from their pasts, both victims of circumstance, attempting to deal with, yet not believing they have the right to erase the guilty burden that overwhelms them. Zelda’s coping mechanism to deal with the harrowing memoires of her past is to bring to life her graphic cartoon, Mother, May I? seeking her vengeance through her art. Beckett seeks cathartic release through a series of letters he writes to cope with his guilt.

‘I wanted to listen to the sound of someone else’s breathing beside my own I wanted to hold a woman and have her body pressed against mine, her arms and legs wrapped around me tight, our bodies shielding each other from the cold. One person alone against winter was rough. But two people, together…..Together. A word I never used.’

For Zelda and Beckett, life is a series of events culminating in pivotal moments for them both, with Emma Scott exploring how one moment, one action/reaction can change our lives.

“No past. No guilt. Just you and me. Let’s top thinking so much about the past or the future. Stop thinking or talking or wondering what we deserve.”

Emma Scott has written a warm, beautifully textured uplifting and slow building love story whose foundation is the depth of characters and emotion rather than shock tactics or overabundance of angst. Through her words, we are made to feel Zelda and Beckett’s pain and loneliness, and in turn, we care deeply about their healing process. The Butterfly Project is sweet, heart-warming, moving and wonderfully romantic.  It’s a story that made us believe in fate and second chances, redemption and forgiveness……but most of all how love can be the most powerful healer of them all.

‘I felt sleep settle over us both, as if we’d exorcised some of the ghosts that haunted us and now could get a little bit of rest.’



Full Tilt Book One


All In Book Two



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