• “I want you to know something,” he whispers, words barely there, his nose inches from mine. “You said nobody does but – I see you, Noelle. I do.”

    We loved the premise of Eight Perfect Hours; it was so deliciously swoony it made us melt into puddles. But this wasn’t just a meant-to-be romance, it was so much more. It was about friendships, grief, family, mental health, and second chances. All weaved together in such an insightful and emotional manner, we were fully invested and captured by this feel-good romance from the first page till the last. If you haven’t experienced Lia Louis’s work yet, you really must add her to your reading list, you won’t regret it!

    Eight Perfect Hours was a wonderful and emotional story of life, hope, dreams, and relationships. Of the sacrifices, we make for those we love, of pushing ourselves out of a stagnant rut, and of the risks, we’re willing to take. It was a story of love and kismet.


    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for Eight Perfect Hours »
  • ‘To live without her would be unbearable. No, not even that; it would be impossible.’

    Our hearts were pounding to the beat of the mood throughout, they beat with joy, passion, heartbreak, and anticipation.

    What a phenomenal love story! If we could, we would buy this book for every one of you to make sure it ended up in your hands, because this is one of the most romantic, exhilarating, intense, heartbreaking, emotionally torturous love stories and it deserves to be read by YOU ALL! We cried tears –so many tears- tears out of both love and hurt. This is pure untainted romance, written to perfection. This is romance in its purest and most beautiful definitions. This journey is wondrous and mesmerising. This is the epitome of the saying ‘without darkness you cannot see the light.’ Julianna and Henri stole our hearts, and we gladly gave them away.

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for The Last Kiss »
  •  ‘He was the sea. Rough. Dangerous. Dependable. No matter how far he travelled or how long he stayed away, he always returned to me.’

    An outstanding and epic tale, Sea of Ruin was stunning yet dark, passionate yet disturbing. A story we will think about in the days, even years to come and without question pick up again and again. Captured from the first word until the last, we lived and breathed the sea, pirate life, love, heartbreak, and misfortune.

    We cannot express the utter love we have for Sea of Ruin; it was incredible, it was more than we ever imagined. The vivid and emotive led depiction from Pam Godwin enthralled our senses as we fell in love with a historical pirate romance. We fell in love with the characters, we cried, we swooned, and it made us want to pick up a cutlass and board The Jade and sail into the deep waters. Searing chemistry, intense relationships, dramatic and dark we cannot recommend Sea of Ruin highly enough! You will go through hell and high waters, you will experience a poignant love affair so intense and soulful, you will feel despair and mortification, yet you will feel joy, hope, and magic too!

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for Sea of Ruin »
  • “Tell me your story…”
    “You don’t want to hear my story. It’s not a nice story.”
    That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be told.” 
    She whispers back.

    5 heartfelt stars, and what an introduction to Jennifer Hartmann’s storytelling! The Wrong Heart has left an indelible mark on our hearts, as we’re still living every moment of this unforgettable emotionally stirring story of love, grief, and second chances. What could have been cliché was anything but, thanks to the incredible talent of Jennifer Hartmann. This lady turned this theme on its head, delivering a unique and all-consuming love story that left us emotionally drained, yet so completely fulfilled. When we say we loved everything about this story, we mean everything!

    Jennifer Hartmann shredded our hearts to pieces, then stitched them back together with love, sincerity, and a whole lot of clever and insightful storytelling.

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for The Wrong Heart »
  • ‘Years of undying love, occasional jealousy, missed opportunities, bad timing, other relationships, building sexual tension, a fight and the silence afterward, and the pain of living life without him.’

    Stop what you’re doing and grab this book!!! You will love it! Our hearts are overflowing with love –we could sit and re-read this book all over again. It was beautiful, magical, funny, sincere, and written to perfection! People We Meet on Vacation is, without a doubt, one of the best friends to lovers romances we’ve ever read. Not only that, it’s one of our top reads this year. A funny and heartfelt emotion fest. You’ll need tissues!

    Just how do we tell you how special this book is? It’s complex and layered – it’s everything you could ask for in a romance. All we can do is tell you to grab this book and find out for yourself. We’re confident your heart will be bursting with love and it will become a favourite for you too!

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for People We Meet on Vacation »
  • “…love isn’t about who bought who the better birthday gift or how many carats her diamond ring is. It’s that you can look at this woman on a regular ole Tuesday night and know you’d make the same decision to be with her as the day you asked her to marry you.”

    When we picked up Time Stamps by K.L. Kreig we had no idea about the journey we were about to embark on. The synopsis grabbed us the moment we read it, but in no way did it prepare us for the utter devastation and emotional heartbreak we’d feel. Pulling at our heartstrings yet making us melt into deep swoons, it became a rollercoaster of before and now, divided into unrestrained joy then overwhelming sadness.

    Laurel and Roth’s love story was intense, it was filled with realism and unguarded honesty. It was adorably awkward and at times hilariously eccentric. It was incredibly poignant and inspirational too. If it wasn’t slow trickle tears, it was full-on ugly cry tears, all the way through!

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for TIme Stamps »

October Reviews


If you’re looking for a fabulous weekend read, look no further! We read some fantastic books last with such a variety! Swoon, emotion, stories that melted our hearts! We loved them all!
Check out our reviews, and be sure to give us a shout if you have any questions. Happy Reading!<3


ATTACHMENT THEORY (Brodie Brothers #2) by KAYLEY LORINGSee our review
INDIGO RIDGE (The Edens Book #1) by DEVNEY PERRYSee our review

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‘I don’t know what exactly she is to me or where we’ll go from here. But I know one thing for sure. Gwyneth is now mine.’

It started with a kiss and exploded from there. We do love a good age gap, forbidden romance, and Empire of Desire was certainly that. An age gap of 18 years to be exact between thirty-eight-year-old Nate Weaver, and his best friend’s daughter, twenty-year-old Gwen Shaw. Talk about passion…. these two ignited once their attraction took hold.

Told mostly in dual POV from Gwen and Nate, we also loved the sporadic POV’s from Kingsley. This book certainly delivered what it said on the tin – Empire of Desire is a sexy, passionate, crazy forbidden age-gap romance.



EMPIRE OF DESIRE (Empire Series #1) by RINA KENT

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EMPIRE OF DESIRE (Empire Series #1) by RINA KENT

REVIEW: ‘I don’t know what exactly she is to me or where we’ll go from here. But I know one thing for sure. Gwyneth is now mine.’


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“Thank you for coming to mine.”


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REVIEW: ‘Our fathers are enemies. Our lives are predestined – doomed from the start.’
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