• ‘It was the kind of magic that comes after a lifetime of searching, when you stumble upon something so perfect, you stop looking, and you say: Yes. This. I know this. I feel this. I’ve heard its footsteps echo down the hallways of my soul.’

    Sometimes a book comes along that grabs your imagination by the very scruff and demands you to vividly experience, feel, see, scent and taste every single word conveyed by its Author. A story that burrows so deep into your heart that it finds a home.

    A reader lives a thousand lives and the life we led in the Mists of the Serengeti was quite simply spectacular. A masterpiece. A rich and fragrant life filled with beauty, heartbreak, tragedy, hope, suspense and ultimately a love story of grand proportion. A love story that convinced and compelled us to the point where we saw nothing else but two souls merging through fate and ultimate consequence. Love in picturesque multicolour where darkness seeps in, to scar and destroy. A love that rose out of rubble and dust. Despair and injustice walking hand in hand with hope, spirit, and inspiration.


    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘I’ve never felt more alone than I do right now, never longed more for the spot by the fence with Bear, his voice deep and comforting. Instead, I’m here – on the front line in one of the world’s most harsh and hostile environments – by choice.’

    We cannot begin to describe how breath-taking yet heart-breaking this book is, how utterly captivating it is in its ugly and tragic reality. The tremendous and detailed research Kate McCarthy clearly carried out massively showed, also it ensured that we felt like we were in the midst of war with the brave souls fighting for the freedom of others.

    Fighting Absolution will stay with us as we struggle to let this story go. The characters safe in our hearts for a long time to come. The emphasis on friendship, loyalty, hardship, compassion, and love was outstanding and gave us goosebumps at times. Without question, this will be a top favourite read of 2019, one we will never forget. We closed this book with tears rolling down our cheeks and a smile on our faces from the sheer intensity of emotions we experienced whilst reading.  You do not want to miss this epic read! Little Warrior and Bear, theirs was a story we never wanted to end…

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for Fighting Absolution »
  • ‘He was far too beautiful to be sitting in the middle of my mediocre world. He wasn’t meant to be here. This wasn’t the way things were meant to go.’

    Cherry Beats is the rock star romance we have been searching for to satisfy our need for the real world of rock music, the raw emotions, the feeling of being in a packed stadium audience reverently banging our heads and belting out much-loved rock songs…out of tune of course. Cherry Beats is everything and Vicki James nailed it. The rock scene isn’t pretty, it isn’t all fun and fluffy. Its highs can be equally matched with its low’s. It can be as dark as it can be bathed in a spotlight of adoration. It’s filled with as much angst and self-doubt as it is filled with overwhelming joy and self-satisfaction.

    In our opinion, the balance to get a rock star romance spot on is like walking a tightrope, this Author danced all over that tightrope and made it her bitch. She gave us everything and more. In Cherry Beats, Vicki James wrote one of our favourite rock star romances, one which will go on the list of never forget. The writing was outstanding and we must have highlighted half the book, as our hearts were pulled back and forth by truths, analogies, heartbreak, love, self-searching and the utter despair and exhilaration of achieving childhood dreams. And of course -the music- always the music.

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for Cherry Beats »
  • ‘Yearning. There it was again. Suddenly yearning had a flavor. It tasted like a king, a beautiful, frightening, infuriating man who flew into my life and began to free my words.’

    We love our paranormal reads, our fantasy and our otherworldly stories, they offer a complete escape into a magical and mysterious world where good and evil reside, wars are fought and loyalties tested. We do find though that they are few and far between or don’t quite hit the spot we crave to be filled.

    Well, this did not just simply fill it – it overflowed with stunning, breath-taking moments of pure magic as Amy Harmon’s world consumed us and her characters captivated us. We fell in love with absolutely everything in this flawless, thrilling and epic tale of cursed ones, greed, and magic as well as the ultimate, love.

    Creative with such stunning vivid imagery, we lived in a world of enchantment rapidly turning pages from start to finish inhaling every word spoken- or not.

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for The Bird and the Sword »
  • ‘If only he could slay her dragons. He’d stand over her like a lupine sentinel, snarling at whoever might approach. He’d sear the secrets from her eyes. Who could want to hurt someone like her? What could she possibly have done to warrant such violence?’

    How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne ticked every single box on the list of why we have such a deep love for historical romance. Not only was it brilliantly written, it had a dark, broody and mysterious hero and a heroine who encompassed both innocence and a will forged in steel. We love historical romances that showcase a time of traditions and societal rules; that keep to the time within which it is written yet highlights the strength of women in a time where the man is considered the dominant. Yes, we absolutely love the ruthlessness, the mysterious and almost aloof nature of the romantic ‘historical’ man, but what we love even more is the fierceness of the -anything but- demure heroine.

    A compelling story of intense sadness, secrets, murder, suspense and of course an enticing love story.

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for How to Love a Duke in Ten Days »
  • “I never thought I’d be standing here faced with a choice I can’t make, because I never.. I never imagined you would love me back.”

    OMG! We cannot wipe the grin off our faces! This book was exactly what we needed! A delightfully adorable, heartfelt, and uplifting enemies to lovers’ story that made us swoon like crazy. Our hearts are bursting with love for Alex and Henry’s beautiful, funny and meaningful romance that was tinged with moments of pure and deep emotion. So much so, we regularly found ourselves reduced to tears. Wow! The little touches to this story…..sincere, captivating and truly wonderful.

    If you’ve wanted to sample an MM book but have been a bit hesitant, this would be the perfect place to start. Seriously, your heart will thank you because Red, White, & Royal Blue relies heavily on character development, feelings, and sweetness, with the sex being present, but fade to black. And please…someone  TURN THIS BOOK INTO A MOVIE!


    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for Red, White & Royal Blue »

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“It’s Christmas, Ginger, and anything is possible at Christmas. Have a little faith in the magic.”

If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread is the second book in Jana Aston’s scrumptiously funny, sweet and sexy Christmas romp series. This novella features Ginger, the sister of Holly from The Boss Who Stole Christmas. These novellas are completely standalone, however, why only have one slice of Christmas cake when you can eat the whole damn thing and guarantee a complete Christmas indulgent satisfaction?!

We’ve completely fallen in love with this town, the setting, the people and the romance of it all. Jana Aston has completely wooed us and we’ve become addicted to everything Reindeer Falls. We just cannot get enough, and whilst we’re excited for the last book, The One Night Stand Before Christmas, which is the last sister, Noel’s story, we’re kind of gutted that this’ll be the end. We could keep reading these all the way through December!


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REVIEW: “It’s Christmas, Ginger, and anything is possible at Christmas. Have a little faith in the magic.”

GYPSY KING (Tin Gypsy Book #1) by DEVNEY PERRY

REVIEW: ‘She dared me, called me out on my bullshit. She shared her heart, her loyalty, her honesty – all things I’d had with the club, with my brothers.’



REVIEW: “I want a guy who wants to be with me. The one who will do anythin’ to make me happy. The man who puts me first before everythin’ and anyone. I want the fairytale, my own Prince Charmin’. I know my worth, and I won’t stop till I find him. I refuse to settle. It’s just not in me.”

WINTER TALES (The Original Sinners #8.7 – An Original Sinners Christmas Anthology) by TIFFANY REISZ

REVIEW: ‘What he remembered was the loneliness. The worst kind of loneliness. The loneliness of being in love with someone he couldn’t have.’

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