• “Feel it?”
    “What, Liv?”
    “Wanting something so much it hurts.”

    Jewel E. Ann wrote one of our favourite series in Jack and Jill, so we cannot tell you how excited we were to read this standalone spin-off, which features Jackson’s daughter, Livy. This Author is a magnificent writer and this series is perfect proof of that. Jewel E. Ann manages to thread angst, heat, love and suspense into one hell of a fantastic story that has that underlying fierceness and sarcasm we love so much. Jack and Jill was an epic love story with Out of Love being the icing on top of an extremely emotionally layered cake of outstanding tastiness. We were gripped completely and emotionally invested from the first page ’till the last. Shedding so many tears, needing copious freezer time, and laughing out loud.

    We fell in love, deep deep love with Livy and with Wylder. Their story is compelling, dark, funny, sweet, hot! and so addictive.

    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘She was in pain. I knew that. But I was in pain too, so much of it that for once I couldn’t laugh or dance any measure of it away. I couldn’t even write myself a happy ending.’

    Beach Read by Emily Henry is one of our favourite books of 2020. The storyline is so much more than what the cover and synopsis imply. So much more. We’ll come back to the cover later. Beach Read had us sobbing, it had us questioning human relations. It had us compelled! The writing was outstanding. This is so much more than a romance. It is a plethora of stories entwined perfectly crafted and shaped into an all-encompassing story of life. Beach Read is also a truly wonderful love story which slowly builds across the chapters.

    You know those romance books where the romantic tension is so agonisingly slow that it builds and builds your anticipation into something so excruciatingly intense that you crave it so badly your anticipation is almost unbearable. The lingering touches the eye contact, the subtle body language and racing thoughts and hearts. The anticipation of that first kiss, the heated desire for what comes after. Emily Henry magnificently wrote this to perfection.


    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘It was the kind of magic that comes after a lifetime of searching, when you stumble upon something so perfect, you stop looking, and you say: Yes. This. I know this. I feel this. I’ve heard its footsteps echo down the hallways of my soul.’

    Sometimes a book comes along that grabs your imagination by the very scruff and demands you to vividly experience, feel, see, scent and taste every single word conveyed by its Author. A story that burrows so deep into your heart that it finds a home.

    A reader lives a thousand lives and the life we led in the Mists of the Serengeti was quite simply spectacular. A masterpiece. A rich and fragrant life filled with beauty, heartbreak, tragedy, hope, suspense and ultimately a love story of grand proportion. A love story that convinced and compelled us to the point where we saw nothing else but two souls merging through fate and ultimate consequence. Love in picturesque multicolour where darkness seeps in, to scar and destroy. A love that rose out of rubble and dust. Despair and injustice walking hand in hand with hope, spirit, and inspiration.


    TBB 5 Stars

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  •  ‘He was the sea. Rough. Dangerous. Dependable. No matter how far he travelled or how long he stayed away, he always returned to me.’

    An outstanding and epic tale, Sea of Ruin was stunning yet dark, passionate yet disturbing. A story we will think about in the days, even years to come and without question pick up again and again. Captured from the first word until the last, we lived and breathed the sea, pirate life, love, heartbreak, and misfortune.

    We cannot express the utter love we have for Sea of Ruin; it was incredible, it was more than we ever imagined. The vivid and emotive led depiction from Pam Godwin enthralled our senses as we fell in love with a historical pirate romance. We fell in love with the characters, we cried, we swooned, and it made us want to pick up a cutlass and board The Jade and sail into the deep waters. Searing chemistry, intense relationships, dramatic and dark we cannot recommend Sea of Ruin highly enough! You will go through hell and high waters, you will experience a poignant love affair so intense and soulful, you will feel despair and mortification, yet you will feel joy, hope, and magic too!

    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘I knew I loved him; had always loved him. And there was no way I could tell him.’

    Beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking! Our hearts are bursting, and we can’t stop thinking about the wonderful reading experience afforded to us by Lia Louis. We weren’t sure what to expect from Dear Emmie Blue, but whatever those expectations were, this incredibly emotional, witty and sentimental story of life, love and relationships exceeded them all! A top 2020 read!

    If you’re in need of a tender-hearted journey that hits every emotion, be it laughing, crying, swooning or simply filling your heart with engaging characters, we urge you to pick up this book and fall completely in love with every aspect of the exquisite romantic journey, just as we did. One thing; – Expect the unexpected and devour the surprises along the way! Dear Emmie Blue made us forget everything around us while we lost ourselves in this charming and beautifully woven story.

    There isn’t anything we didn’t love about this story! Every thread woven felt magical and beautiful, the way it played out was perfection! Perfection! The whole book from start to finish enthralled us and captivated us.

    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘He had saved me. He had avenged me. And he had killed for me.’

    Wicked and seductively dark, violent emotional and passionate. This is Tillie Cole at her very best. Then again, when is this Author not at her best? Honestly, it is not often we come across a writer like Tillie Cole. An Author who literally can write anything she puts her pen to. Every trope and genre, Tillie Cole nails it. She’s not scared of branching out, she literally has no limitations! Tillie Cole wows us again and again. Lord of London Town is one of THE BEST books we’ve read in 2020, no hesitation!

    Lord of London Town read like a movie; we saw it play out before our eyes as we inhaled the words unable to stop…unwilling to stop. It was wickedly brilliant. All the characters were compelling in their own unique way; the story like nothing we’ve read before. Unique and addictive. Violent and erotic. We couldn’t look away and we didn’t want to.

    TBB 5 Stars

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Our Latest Review

Our Latest Weekly RoundUp

“I don’t know how to love someone as much as I love you.”

Stop what you’re doing and grab this book!!! You’ll love it! Our hearts are overflowing with love –we could sit and re-read this book all over again. It was beautiful, magical, funny, sincere, and written to perfection! People We Meet on Vacation is, without a doubt, one of the best friends to lovers romances we’ve ever read. Not only that, it’s one of our top reads this year. Absolutely bloody brilliant! A funny and heartfelt emotion fest.

Just how do we tell you how special this book is? It’s complex and layered – it’s everything you could ask for in a romance. All we can do is tell you to grab this book and find out for yourself. We’re confident your heart will be bursting with love and it will become a favourite for you too!


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REVIEW: “I don’t know how to love someone as much as I love you.”


HERE WITH ME (The Adair Family Series Book #1) by SAMANTHA YOUNG

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REVIEW: “Because I love him. People don’t have to be perfect to be loved. They can be broken and sick and messed up and ugly. Everyone deserves love. And he makes me happy.”


REVIEW: ‘He stumbled as he caught me. Maybe if I held him tight enough, all those cracks and fissures in his heart would heal back up.’

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Emily Henry has written two of our favourite reads. Beach Read was a top TBBFave in 2020 and People We Me On Vacation (You and Me on Vacation in the UK/AUS) is shaping up as a firm top 2021 read. Emotional, hilarious and swoony romance with characters you’ll fall in love with!

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