• ‘I hugged her. I was holding her with every part of me, every piece of my flesh that could reach her.
    And I didn’t let go.
    Not even when she fell asleep.’

    As we wipe away our tears, we declare this to be one of our favourite reads this year. This is one of those books we feel the need to grab every fellow reader who appreciates an extraordinarily well written and heartfelt story, one that relies on raw human emotion rather than unnecessary drama or theatrics and yell, read this book. The feelings you’ll experience from this story will leave you breathless, cherishing every moment, and remembering Alix, Dylan and Smith’s story as though you lived it.

    There is something almost spiritual about this story, a story about the empowerment of love, its strength, its resilience, and its pain, and didn’t Marni Mann just give her whole heart to these characters. Her convincing, sincere and heart-rending story showcased her incredible writing talent, in a story that affected us deeply; one that will forever live within us.

    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘Yearning. There it was again. Suddenly yearning had a flavor. It tasted like a king, a beautiful, frightening, infuriating man who flew into my life and began to free my words.’

    We love our paranormal reads, our fantasy and our otherworldly stories, they offer a complete escape into a magical and mysterious world where good and evil reside, wars are fought and loyalties tested. We do find though that they are few and far between or don’t quite hit the spot we crave to be filled.

    Well, this did not just simply fill it – it overflowed with stunning, breath-taking moments of pure magic as Amy Harmon’s world consumed us and her characters captivated us. We fell in love with absolutely everything in this flawless, thrilling and epic tale of cursed ones, greed, and magic as well as the ultimate, love.

    Creative with such stunning vivid imagery, we lived in a world of enchantment rapidly turning pages from start to finish inhaling every word spoken- or not.

    TBB 5 Stars

    The Bird and the Sword »
  • ‘It was the kind of magic that comes after a lifetime of searching, when you stumble upon something so perfect, you stop looking, and you say: Yes. This. I know this. I feel this. I’ve heard its footsteps echo down the hallways of my soul.’

    Sometimes a book comes along that grabs your imagination by the very scruff and demands you to vividly experience, feel, see, scent and taste every single word conveyed by its Author. A story that burrows so deep into your heart that it finds a home.

    A reader lives a thousand lives and the life we led in the Mists of the Serengeti was quite simply spectacular. A masterpiece. A rich and fragrant life filled with beauty, heartbreak, tragedy, hope, suspense and ultimately a love story of grand proportion. A love story that convinced and compelled us to the point where we saw nothing else but two souls merging through fate and ultimate consequence. Love in picturesque multicolour where darkness seeps in, to scar and destroy. A love that rose out of rubble and dust. Despair and injustice walking hand in hand with hope, spirit, and inspiration.


    TBB 5 Stars

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  • “I never thought I’d be standing here faced with a choice I can’t make, because I never.. I never imagined you would love me back.”

    OMG! We cannot wipe the grin off our faces! This book was exactly what we needed! A delightfully adorable, heartfelt, and uplifting enemies to lovers’ story that made us swoon like crazy. Our hearts are bursting with love for Alex and Henry’s beautiful, funny and meaningful romance that was tinged with moments of pure and deep emotion. So much so, we regularly found ourselves reduced to tears. Wow! The little touches to this story…..sincere, captivating and truly wonderful.

    If you’ve wanted to sample an MM book but have been a bit hesitant, this would be the perfect place to start. Seriously, your heart will thank you because Red, White, & Royal Blue relies heavily on character development, feelings, and sweetness, with the sex being present, but fade to black. And please…someone  TURN THIS BOOK INTO A MOVIE!


    TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘This felt much like trying to find my way in the dark. But it was Rose. I didn’t mind if I crashed into everything as I tried to find my way, the only thing that mattered was being there for her. She had me now.’

    Marriage for One is a wonderfully slow burn love story that has so many romantic touches and actions that will melt not only your heart but your knickers off too. We were puddles on the floor and you could’ve scooped us up with a spoon. A romance full of twists, heartbreak and angst. A slow burn romance full of heat and laughter. This would make a swoon-worthy film and we’d be first in line to see it come alive.

    Seriously, get ready to fall head over heels in love with a man named, Jack Hawthorne! Oh wow, we love him. LOVE HIM. He’s a tense and grumpy arse but what a romantic arse he is. He’s rude, brutally honest, silent, arrogant and infuriating. But no question, this enigmatic –no smile- behaviour hides a vulnerable unsure heart that’s fallen in love and has no idea what to do with that.

    TBB 5 Stars

    Read our Review for Marriage For One »

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‘The moment I sat across him in that booth last night, I had him pegged. Tormented and broody, secrets running amok in his head, angry at the world, but willing to give it a shot regardless. In a way, Niyol and I were kind of alike. I, too, wanted a new shot at life. A shot where I could just be me, forgoing my past and my pains for a chance at reinventing myself. Who I was as a woman, most of all. No longer would I be someone’s second in life.’

Her Wild Ride by Heather Van Fleet is our first book by this Author and we fell in love with her writing and her characters. This story really is a story of two halves. The first half is a slow burn romance between two people from very different walks of life. They are placed in a situation of close proximity, over a lengthy road trip, where the author does a stellar job of establishing a growing connection by fleshing out her characters. Their past, present and their need for new beginnings.

This wasn’t a typical MC romance, well, not like one we’ve read before. Rather than jumping straight into the MC life, Her Wild Ride is all about the characters, with the MC world set as a background until the latter part of the story. We loved this story-telling and truly connected with both Niyol and Summer, individually and as a couple. We wholeheartedly believed in their ‘opposites attract’ romance, so when the MC world caught up with them we felt all the angst and emotion.

HER WILD RIDE (Red Dragons MC Series Book #1) by HEATHER VAN FLEET

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HER WILD RIDE (Red Dragons MC Series Book #1) by HEATHER VAN FLEET

REVIEW: “I was falling in love with her. But was it too late?”


REVIEW: “Do you hate me?
“Not anymore.”
“But you did?”
“A little.”


REVIEW: “Why did you turn me down thirteen times?”
“Because you’re Joel Moreno.”


REVIEW: ‘Falling in love is easy. Holding on to that love – well, that’s the real bitch. There are two sides to every love story.’


REVIEW: “The truth is, you can never have the right feelings at the wrong time because there is never a wrong time for the right person.”

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