• Every now and then we’re blessed to read a book that reaches into our soul, touching us in ways we know we’ll never forget. A story that leaves us in complete awe of an author’s phenomenal talent, pondering how we can ever do justice to the words we’ve been so privileged to read.  A story where the words, the feelings, the characters and the journey the author took us on are indelibly etched into our hearts, constantly reliving all the heart-warming, heartbreaking and memorable moments over and over again. The Ribbon Duet by Pepper Winters is that book.  We experienced the complete sphere of emotions in Ren and Della’s unforgettable soulmate love story.

    ‘I’m a living proof that a heart can be broken a thousand times and still function, still keep you alive— desperately hoping that it won’t happen again, all the while knowing it will.’

    -TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘Griffin has defined love for me in ways I never imagined. I’m not sure I realized his real role in my life until I was faced with the possibility of not having him in my life at all. The day I chased him down the hall to his bathroom, I was chasing the part of my heart that broke off and gave me the middle finger while saying, “I belong to him, not you.”

    Transcend was everything we love about Jewel E Ann. Her writing is sublime, perfection to the optimum level which meant we could not put it down for love nor money. It was addictive and compelling with characters that are trademark to this Author. We fell in complete book love and the characters immediately stole our hearts. Especially Griffin. Oh dear, that man is luscious; the perfect balance of sexy, cocky, romantic and passionate.  We love our grocery store guy! Transcend is everything we love. It had intrigue, romance, and an otherworldly feel to it; ultimately it was full of high emotion, tension, humour, angst and passion..

    - TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘I never saw him coming, but I knew he had quickly become an addiction that would be impossible to quit.’

    Oh gosh, we LOVED this book! Everything about it left with a warm and giddy feeling of happiness. The feverish chemistry, by text and in person, the witty, flirty, fun and sexy banter, the emotional pull of two people afraid to let their hearts fly, and especially the beautifully sweet, sincere and wonderful way in which Natasha Boyd delivered Trystan and Emmy’s story. It was perfection, and we soon found ourselves falling head over heels for this fabulous romantic comedy, wanting to shout about it from the rooftops!


    -TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘He’s the man who sets the bar unbelievably high so no one will ever reach it. He’s the man who makes an indelible impression on your heart. An everlasting impact on your life.’

    Meghan Quinn wowed us with a perfect balance of chemistry, romance, angst, sweetness, passion, banter and humour. We’re pretty sure, if you looked up the word ‘swoon‘ in the dictionary, it would read: Beck Wilder! What a romantic and beautiful man! And the epilogue…..hearts on the floor…..turn us over, we’re done! We cannot stress how brilliant this series is for the romance and the laughs. It’s definitely one of the best feel good series we’ve read in a while and we highly recommend it.

    -TBB 5 Stars

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  • ‘I’d seen him play a piece so sad it brought me to tears. Now, I was watching him up close, experiencing this beside him. And it felt like a taste of the divine. There was no other way to put it.’

    With A Wish for Us, Tillie has done it again with a story that’s heartbreaking, hopeful, sincere and honest. Tillie tackles some very tough and sensitive subject matter in her new standalone, but she handles Bonnie and Cromwell’s story with utmost care, whilst playing with our hearts in the process.

    The marrying of emotion and music works particularly well, making us feel, taste and experience the music and heightening the intensity of the emotional pull through the creation of Cromwell’s music. It moved us to tears.

    -TBB 5 Stars

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“Hold on to me and I’ll take it from there. Don’t let me go, Thea.”

Devney Perry writes a beautiful sweet, sexy and heartfelt story in Tattered. Her writing style is hers alone and we always recognise it as well as her passion for her characters. Less is more and this Author is a perfect example of how simplicity can outshine in its beauty. A wonderful romantic easy read that showcases character with such genuine emotions and passions without being unrealistic nor pretentious.

Tattered was romance at heart, and what a big heart it was. It was a life-story of heartbreak, overcoming misfortune and personal survival. A story of love and understanding as well as joy and hope. Whilst it also had some drama, this seemed a tad unnecessary in what was a true love story. We only wish Tattered had included an epilogue as we do love our epilogues. A beautiful romance for all us hopeless romantics.


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REVIEW : “Hold on to me and I’ll take it from there. Don’t let me go, Thea.”




REVIEW: “I sold my soul to the devil to save an angel.”


REVIEW: ‘He watched her and felt something he didn’t understand. Vulnerability with a side of fear. Want eclipsed by need. Intrigue overshadowed by jealousy…This girl would be the death of him.’




REVIEW: ‘Our eyes locked. And in that thunderous split second, my life as I knew it changed course forever.’

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