Jenny 4 Stars
Gitte 4 Stars

Jenny:    First off Gitte, we better let people know that when we rate a book it’s based on how we enjoyed the book in its specific genre and we don’t compare it to books outside of that.

Jenny:   That said, what a delicious and engrossing read this was Gitte!  I really did enjoy it!  The anticipation kept me eagerly flicking the pages (well, clicking the Kindle anyway) and it kept me riveted until the end!

Gitte:    It sure was Jenny.  I was really excited to read this one as I LOVED Chasing Nikki and I really enjoy Lacey Weatherford’s writing style. She absolutely has a knack for creating storylines with depth and her characters are real, credible and relevant. I got sucked in right away again and couldn’t put it down.  This was a FAB YA story, it had pretty much everything, betrayal, obsession, love, suspense and drama.

Jenny:  I have to be honest, this is my first Lacey Weatherford read and you can bet I will be moving Chasing Nikki up my TBR pile quick smart.  I loved her writing style and can’t wait to explore more from this Author.

Gitte:  Oh Jenny you will love Chasing Nikki…but stock up on the tissues, it’s one hell of an emotional ride! I can’t wait for the second book in that series ‘Finding Chase’.  But yeah back to CRUSH, I loved how the Author managed to keep the suspense and intrigue going with clues dotted here and there tied up with Cami and Hunter’s relationship storyline.

Jenny:  I loved the dual POV’s between Cami and Hunter as well and felt it really did add to the story and pulled you in from the very beginning. This really was a tale of first love, friendships, intrigue, and it definitely scored well on the suspense and drama angle for me as well.

Gitte:  The instant connection between Hunter and Cami pulled me into their love story and I was really hoping the secrets and drama wasn’t going to stand in their way. And yes, the way this Author writes the story in both Hunter’s and Cami’s POV came across effortless and smooth.

Jenny:  The Author nailed the dual POV that’s for sure! Loved it. The characters had a lot of depth and even though Hunter had his secrets I did feel like I really knew him and absolutely loved his character.  He had that bad boy with a heart and boy did I love the build-up and chemistry between these two.  The passion was something you really felt!  Hunter doesn’t want a girlfriend – he has a secret that must remain hidden and having a girlfriend would complicate his plans and is not something he is looking for until the day beautiful Cami enters his life. Even though I did guess the reveal early on it in no way detracted from my enjoyment of this book.

Gitte:  I really liked Cami. She never once annoyed me as a heroine. She was mature for her age, intelligent, completely clued up and dare I say it; normal. She also stood for what she believed in and knew her own value and morals.   She knows who she is and what she wants despite knowing this makes her almost invincible in the student life of high-school. That is until bad boy Hunter appears in her life.  Oh and Hunter is that bad boy we all love isn’t he Jenny. He has the bad boy charm, charisma and gorgeousness that make him irresistible. He is full of secrets yet he is always honest about his feelings. As a reader the mystery surrounding him made him that much more appealing and I needed to know what he was all about!

Jenny:  Cami was a really good heroine for me too.  She was trusting, a bit naïve and innocent, but instead of this annoying me I found this endeared her to me. Cami is a senior and has a plan – she is focused, intelligent and her future plan does not include partying and boys……until Hunter comes along that is.  Let’s face it….how can you resist this guy?

Gitte: Passionate, Mysterious, Intense, and Smooth-talking……Ummm you can’t…LOL!!!

Jenny:  Hmmm you make a great point there GG!  I loved the interaction between Hunter and Cami.  I loved their tender moments, their passionate moments and I absolutely loved the teasing innuendos between these two – you could almost see Cami blush (and trust me, it’s not that annoying type of blush!) when Hunter was teasing her.

Gitte: These two are almost like polar opposites – the best kind of attraction.

Jenny:  Overall I loved this book Gitte.  There were times my heart was in my mouth at the suspense and there was a time or two my heart broke for Hunter.  Geez the scene where he is pleading with Cami ……tore my heart out – I felt I was there and wanted to reach in the book and give him a hug.  Good story, lot of depth of character and I can only say that I enjoyed this one immensely.

Gitte:  Oh I agree Jenny, completely! I thought it was a great read. This story was not only about the romance. It had the drama and suspense and actually it also puts a great message out there.


An ARC was provided by the author to for a fair and honest review.

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  1. icu2au said:

    It sends me crazy when I read what you say about a book and then find out it is not out yet 🙁 as you make them sound awesome & I just want to get my hands on them 🙂 Well not long till the 20th Oct


    1. totallybookedblog said:

      Not too long to wait though! The 20th will be here before you know it 😉 J&G


  2. JessyJ said:

    First time visiting your blog here! I just love it! Great way to review! I loved this book so much! I can’t wait until it releases for everyone, I’m boiling over with anticipation for Lacey! Plus it’s really hard not to talk tons and tons about it!!


    1. totallybookedblog said:

      Thank you so much Jessy! It was a good book. Loved it. J&G 😉


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