Gitte:     4.5 *naughty and nice and all things spice* stars!

Jenny:     4.5 delicious stars!!

Gitte:   Oh how I have waited for this book Jenny. I love this Author, her stories and characters are LUSH! I have LOVED Brian Ross since Rock Me and I was looking forward to catching up with him and to hear Ghosts’ story. Well move over Brian Ross and ummm…HELLO Ghost!!!! HOT!!! Fickle…me?? Hell yeah!

Jenny:    Hell yeah! It seemed to take forever for this one to arrive didn’t it Gitte?   Have to agree with you …..move over Brian indeed! There’s a new tattooed hottie in town and his name is Ghost! It’s not fickle at all GG, it’s a woman’s prerogative and all that…’s a good excuse so let’s run with it!

Gitte:  Leave Me Breathless is Book 3 in Cherrie Lynn’s Ross Siblings series and tells the story of Macy and Ghost and it has everything that makes for a fab un-put-down-able book.  So quick re-cap: Macy is best friends with Candace. In Rock me they went to a tattoo parlour owned by Brian Ross. Rock Me was the story of Brian and Candace. Ghost (Seth) is best friends with Brian and is a tattoo artist in Brian’s parlour. Macy met Ghost for the first time in Rock Me for one night of passion and to say these two are like night and day is an understatement. It’s been a while since they last saw each other when they end up together again on Valentine’s day.

Jenny:    I loved how this book was quite separate from the last one, yet we still had all our favourite characters so were able to charter their journey as we read.  Geez…..that one night of passion! Holy hell, you’d definitely be hitting him up for more of that!

Gitte:   Macy is a country girl at heart; she is very straight and narrow, not into “the crazy and loud”, the tattoos nor the bad boys. (yeah…what the H is wrong with her lol). She has a real hang up about how different her world is from the one Candace is in now, but more importantly Ghost’s. She can’t see herself in Ghost’s world or him in hers so she believes that nothing can ever come of how he makes her feel.

Jenny:  Yes, Macy definitely had a lot to say about Candace and Brian’s relationship and although she knows Candace adapted to it because of her love for Brian, she can’t see how anything could alter her view on how she feels about not fitting in in Ghost’s  world.

Gitte:    Macy has a screwed opinion of herself. She believes herself to be boring, straight laced and not interesting enough. Yet she is drawn to Ghost. He brings excitement to her dull life; he makes her feel alive despite it being wrong in her opinion. Ghost is the “spice she craves”.  Macy believes that the only kind of relationship she can have with Ghost is one based on hot sex….and seriously this Author knows how to write that huh Jenny?!

Jenny:   Whoa Gitte, that is an understatement!!  The sex was soooo hot!  Yes, Macy certainly sees herself very differently from how Ghost sees her and it’s wonderful to watch how Ghost tries to alter her view and have he see what he sees when he looks at her.  Oh yeah, and she certainly picked a “master” to teach her about all that spicy stuff!  Yummmmy

Gitte:   Macy also over-analyses every possible guy as the possibility to be “the one” trying to fit him into her categorized box of must have attributes…almost a test of endurance. She is judgemental and she knows it. At times I was shouting at her to lighten up it was almost too much!

Jenny:   I really liked Macy, but yes, at times I wanted to shake her and tell her to get a grip.  Ghost was amazing and she was a bit judgemental.

Gitte:   She comes across as a bit of a bitch; a snob with an attitude. However, deep inside Macy is scared and insecure. She went through a traumatic incident which caused her to erect walls in order to protect herself and she over compensates for it. Ghost sees the real Macy though. Underneath her armour he knows there’s a passionate and sexual woman and he likes what he sees and what is underneath. He realizes her self-esteem is virtually rock bottom and makes it his mission to show her what she really is. Not what her accident made her into. Ghost takes Macy out of her comfort zone.

Jenny:   Yes, her upbringing and her past relationships have been a bit stifled and Ghost is so far out of her comfort zone which makes for a great story!  She doesn’t have a great opinion of herself and it’s up to Ghost to bring out the sexy, passionate, funny woman that he sees in there somewhere.  Ghost is absolutely outside her comfort zone and oh so naughty!

Gitte:     Now Ghost/Seth…*sigh*. I am almost speechless! He is a tattooed, heavy metal, bald alpha rocker. Yeah I said bald…I have never found a bald head attractive before…but Ghost yeah he totally made bald sexy and I want to do all kinds of naughty with that one!

Jenny:   I’m speechless right along with you GG and yes! Never have I been attracted to a bald head hero…..well, not that I can remember and definitely not one as sexy and naughty as Seth/Ghost.  Geez…..speechless is right!

Gitte:    He comes across confident and self-assured. However, he too has had a traumatic past and was dealt a pretty bad hand which makes him think he is not good enough for Macy or anyone long-term. The only constant in his life has been his Nana which shows his caring soft side. He has this tough and sexy exterior but at the same time this endearing vulnerability. He is pretty perfect. Ghost is loyal and protective of those he cares about, he also has a great sense of humor  Oh and he is a filthy talker…the way we like them right Jenny, though Macy is not convinced at first.

“Macy, queen of my universe, I beseechingly request you place your sweetest lips upon my manhood and make it your lollipop.” – Ghost trying not to cuss…loved this quote!!

Jenny:   Seth was such a wonderful character.  He had it all.  He was funny, sexy…..definitely knew how to pleasure a woman (wow…again…hot sex scenes…bravo Cherrie Lynn!) had so much emotion, was deeply scarred, compassionate, even romantic yet with a tough exterior……yep, how can you not fall hard for this man!   Oh yes GG,  EXACTLY the way we like them.  Darn it…are we shallow?  Hehe

I absolutely loved the camaraderie and humor between Ghost and Brian – these two had so much presence together that I found myself looking forward to their interactions.

Ghost to Brian, claiming he’s pussy whipped:   “Aw, I’m sorry.  Do you need a hug, emo boy?  You know, you might want to cross your legs.  Your vagina is showing

Gitte:    My heart broke at Ghost thinking he didn’t deserve “the good”.

“You’re just going to leave me too” – Ghost

Jenny:   I really did feel so much for Ghost, his demons and what he had to go through emotionally with his family and with Macy.  It was heart-breaking and I really did love how Ghost’s back-story was unraveled – I was totally immersed in their story.

Gitte:      Oh Jenny I completely felt these characters. They were written so vividly and the emotions involved between these characters, I felt it and lived it with them. I actually ended up loving Ghost and Macy’s story more than Rock Me….which is saying something for how fabulous this Author is. It was an addictive, sexy and emotional read and I loved Ghost and Macy’s journey!

Jenny:    I was right there with you Gitte!  This story never lost me.  I felt everything these characters felt and I was absolutely consumed by them.   I have to agree.  Definitely my favorite book so far.  I loved their journey…..from the highs to the lows and back again and from the humor and emotion to the absolutely off the charts smoking sex!

We were given an ARC by the author for an honest review.


(Each can be read as standalone’s)


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  1. Nancy L.R said:

    Gah!! I’d forgotten this one will be released soon! Thank you for reminding me. I just pre-ordered it! Loved the review! I loved the first two books, specially “Rock Me” 😉 And cannot wait for this one!


  2. Camille said:

    I can’t wait for this book!!! It’s really saying something if you guys think it’s better than Rock Me! I can tell already from your review that I’m going to love Ghost!


    1. totallybookedblog said:

      Oh trust us Camille…you REALLY will lol J&G 🙂


  3. Bia said:

    Ok. I loved this review, and will def read it..but I’m says book #3, and I always thought Rock Me was book 1.. So, which one is book ?? Lol…I must read that one too…
    Thank you


    1. Bethany said:

      Unleashed is book #1


    2. totallybookedblog said:

      Book #1 was Unleashed, Rock Me was Book 2 this is book 3 J&G 🙂


  4. Autumn @TheAutumnReview said:

    I didn’t read the full review, but I’m TOTALLY jealous that you girls got to read this already! *pouts* From what I skimmed it looks like you liked it! Can’t wait!


  5. Clista said:

    November 6th is too many days away. Great review, can’t wait!


  6. Lisa said:

    @Bia, the book you are asking about is Unleashed. It’s about Brian’s brother Evan and how him and his wife Kelsey get together.


  7. Valerie said:

    Loved the review…Loved Rock me so i’m excited to read book #3… Can’t wait for 11/6… 🙂


  8. Lisa said:

    Cant wait! Loved your review


  9. Kay said:

    Great review ladies! I adore this series (I’m a huge Evan fan!) and cannot wait to get this book on 6th Nov. so glad to hear you enjoyed it! x


  10. Sara said:

    I’m really looking forward to this one! I have loved the other two books in this series! Woot-woot, I can’t wait!!!


  11. Diane Italiano said:

    Jenny I was wondering if you could help me please?? As You are in Perth (WA) also I was wondering where you order your books from please?? Most time I get mine from Amazon but a lot of times I find when books come out I still have to wait to get them.
    As I want to get this book (Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings #3) but it still comes up as Pre-Order.
    I hope you dont mind me asking this as I dont know anyone else who lives in Perth(WA) who loves books most of my book friends live in the USA.

    (P.S. Did you get my message I sent you on Goodreads a while back??)


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