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Be still my beating heart because I am being inundated with hot sexy mysterious alpha males this week. Oh yes girls, you are going to want to meet This Man…Mr Jesse Ward!!! Gorgeous!!! New book-boyfriend alert!! A must read for sure!

This story is set round London and it is written by a FAB-U-LUSH British indie Author who keeps it real by keeping British slang and words, making it true to its roots, right for the story and above all authentic!!  For our non-British audience don’t forget Google is our friend for words we may not have in our daily vocabulary!

The writing is spot on and flawless, it had me hooked from page one and I immediately knew I had a gem of a story in my hands. This Man is the first book by Jodi Malpas (first in a trilogy), but you wouldn’t know it. It’s pure class and right up there in my top reads for the year so far.

This Man is not only SEXY; it has a great story. It is hilarious at times, sarcastically funny at others; it has a sweet, intelligent and relatable heroine; Ava and yes our very own mysterious, domineering gorgeously hot Jesse Ward; who actually is slightly crazy too…*sigh*….

Ava is an interior designer who is sent to ‘The Mansion’ where she has been requested by the owner for a project. She is not happy about it and dreading meeting this pompous and batty ‘Lord of the Manor’.  So yeah, she’s not expecting much and just wants it done and dusted. Enter Jesse Ward…batty?…pompous? No not so much; more like cocky, domineering and oh so sexy. The attraction is instant and the build-up is one of the best I have read in a long while.

Jesse and Ava have a powerful chemistry which I felt right from the beginning and the sex factor is off the charts passionate, however this Author got the balance of story and yumminess spot on! Their relationship is very much like an assault course of obstacles and a fast and crazy ride you kind of want to get off at times but know you wouldn’t possibly want to miss the thrill of. It gave me tingles and yeah I came over all unnecessary…a lot! Jessie sure knows how to stalk…umm I mean pursue the object of his attention and affection! But then again, he is a man in control, he knows what he wants and when he, in this case surprisingly, finds it he is like a dog with a bone (yeah kind of literally). But oh my…his overwhelming need to protect, to keep safe, to love what he deems his…took my breath away at times.  My heart also broke for him…but I am not going to say why, just that vulnerability in a strong man like this makes me all teary!

Don’t get me wrong this guy is a complete arse at times, infuriatingly so…but isn’t that what we love from our fictional (that word should be banned) characters?! There were also a few high 5’s or fist bumps (whatever is cool right now, don’t want to show my age here lol) between Ava and me as their story unfolded because she gave right back at times, good girl!!

It is so easy yet again here to spoil a great story so I didn’t want to give too much away, there’s quite a few twists and revelations, a couple are predictable yet most are not. The whole “how old are you?” became frustrating to the point where even I was shouting it at my kindle, (I may have actually sent a message to the Author asking her that very question…may have done…not confirming that.. (*hanging my head in shame*).

Now, what do we dread more than anything when we hear the word Trilogy….yeah we think cliff-hanger don’t we. So this has one…..but it is not bad…not much. The second book in this trilogy; Beneath This Man is set to be released around or after Christmas, no date set, but I know I for one will be picking that one up the minute it gets released! Cannot wait.


 Young interior designer Ava O’Shea has an appointment for a first consultation at The Manor with the owner, Mr Jesse Ward.

She is expecting nothing more than an overweight, cravat wearing, well-to-do countryman, and on arrival, nothing would suggest otherwise. How wrong could she be? This Man is devastatingly handsome, charming and confident. He is also a conceited, hedonistic playboy, who knows no boundaries.

Ava desperately does not want to be attracted to him, but she can’t control the overwhelming effect he has on her. Every instinct is telling her to run, so she does, but Jesse Ward is not so willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her. She knows she is heading for heartbreak, but how can she run when he won’t let her? 

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  1. Marivett Villafane said:

    I bought this book, now I’m gonna have to move it up on my reading list… Have heard only great things about it 😉


    1. eileen said:

      hey can i please ask were you got the book i dont have a kindle and thats all i can seem to get it on and im dying to read it


    2. Jan said:

      Read it !! I just finished and I give it 5 stars !!!!


  2. Bobbie said:

    Thanks for the review. I just sent you a comment wondering if you were going to review it since I had heard so much about it. It is #1 on my TBR list!


  3. bookbug55 said:

    Oh great! Another book about a sexy, alpha male to add to my every growing TBR……..thank you so much!!!


  4. Jessy said:

    I need to get this one and see how it is 🙂


  5. montgomeryk said:

    Loved this BOOK…. 5 STARS for me…….Hurry and get the book and read it!!!


  6. soloqt78 said:

    Do you guys know HARD you make it for me to keep to my book budget??!!! Aaaarghhhh…lol ok with that said I have NOOOO will power (most of the time) so i hit the one-click button (damn button) but I’m a sucker for alpha males, you guys ROCK!


    1. totallybookedblog said:

      Enjoy…and thank you! Oh and book budget??? What is that LOL 😉


  7. lvcgrey said:

    O.K., you had me at “hot, sexy mysterious alpha male”, but throw British into the mix and my eyes have glazed over as I rush to buy this book…….lol


  8. Shana said:

    Oh my god…..this book was pure bliss!!! Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse…..I love you. He is right up there with Gideon. What a fantastic read! Please tell me you girls know the release date for “beneath this man?”.
    Also, thank you again for another great book find! You girls never disappoint!


    1. totallybookedblog said:

      Thank you 🙂 Can’t wait for Beneath This Man either..it’s out Jan 2013 🙂


  9. Julie P said:

    I started this last night after reading your review and holy hell I was hooked from the first page! I think I have a permanent ipad indentation in my forehead from falling asleep reading until some ungodly hour. Sitting at work now with ‘the book twitch’….not so patiently waiting to devour the rest of it tonight. ;p


  10. tracy alexander said:

    Loved this book!!!! Cant wait for the next one!! *****


  11. Lori said:

    Loved this book! Look forward to the continuation!


  12. Susie said:

    Loved it! Tags for the recommendation.


  13. Khudson said:

    WOW!!! I have been on vacation this week and to get my Christmas up have I gotten it done NO but I have read 2 books!!!! 🙂


  14. Linda said:

    I absolutely loved this book and have recommended it to all my friends. 5 STARS for sure! I agree with your review with her writing style and story was one of the best I have read! Can not wait for next book to see how things unfold. I hope she releases it early.


  15. Dawn Gloss-Ivory said:

    THIS MAN completely made me forget my obsession for Fifty Shades of Grey. How to describe it, perfection. The characters are so believable, so real… You fall in love with them immediently! The story line, will have you in just a few sentences. The relationship between the hero and heroin, the friendship, the antogonistic relationships with ex’s. All these will have you forgetting the world you live in, and you become completely involved with the world of Jesse and Ava. This is a new author, however she knows what a woman wants, in all aspects of the book. The storyline is fresh, new… Not just the millionaire bad boy… But a fresh storyline. The love story is exceptional. Dementional. My heart ached, I laughed, I felt the aw of the passion. One word for this book… Perfect!! A must read… 10 stars if it were possible.


  16. Valerie hatzipetrakos said:

    Loved this book, great review can’t wait for beneath this man!!!


  17. Kate said:

    Hi! Im new here:)
    Can somebody give me a link to download this book as an ebook for Free? Please!
    Or a link to read it online!!
    I would be SO thankful PLEASEE HELP! I NEED TO FINISH READING IT! But I started reading it in my iPhone, and now I have a Samsung Galaxy:(



  18. Katherine said:

    I love this series. Once I start reading it I can’t put it down. Jodi has one active mind and I’m glad she shares it with all of us. Love ya Jodi.


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