The Proposition introduces us to Emma Harrison – she’s heading towards 30, single and her biological clock isn’t just ticking – this thing is clanging!

She’s sick and tired of waiting for Mr Right to come along and desperately wants a child of her own. The time is right and she’s decided it’s now or never.

Emma had  a plan – to have her best friend Connor, who is gay, be her sperm donor.  He was the perfect candidate and all was going well until Connors partner took exception to the idea.

She’s devastated and angry at Connor,  but little did she know there was a “solution”  just around the corner.

Enter Aiden Fitzgerald (no pun intended!).  Aiden is the love ’em and leave ’em type.  He’s great in the sack, good looking, cocky, arrogant and is a complete commitment phobe!  Perfect for Emma who just needs his sperm, not a commitment as she’s given hope of ever meeting “the one”.

Aidan had previously made a move on Emma but was knocked back.  Not something our Aidan is quite used to so Emma became a bit of a challenge for him.  He offers up somewhat of a win, win solution for Emma’s predicament but did either of them really think past the actual act of sex and the consequences and emotions this “solution” would cause?  That would be a no!

I have to say I quite enjoyed The Proposition.   It was a fun, light, sexy read that I found easy to get lost in and sometimes that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Emma our MC is sweet, one would say somewhat a bit naïve about how this situation would eventuate and there were times my heart went out to her in this story.  I really liked Emma though I did question her decisions at times.

She has a heartbreaking past and although she has a loving family, she really wants a baby of her own to have her “own” family.

Now onto Aidan.  Our hero was hot, cocky and had it all but for some reason I didn’t love him.  He didn’t become book boyfriend material for me because there was just something missing and I found him a bit  hard to warm to.  He confused me.  He came from a loving, stable family yet he had real issues with relationships and commitment  I wanted to know more about him – to understand his thought processes.  I wanted to “know”  Aidan and and would have liked to have seen his story fleshed out so that I could really connect with him.

I did like seeing their relationship develop.  Aiden and Emma’s families were a pleasant addition to the story and seeing them interact with each other’s families was something I really did enjoy.

Aiden and Emma’s relationship development was sweet and I was swept along until……………………..

Oh boy I won’t go any further because I hate spoilers, but I will say, mate you are  a douche! Even though I didn’t view what happened the way others did,  I still think Aidan was way out of order with his actions.

As for the cliffhanger that everyone mentions……. I must be in a minority here.  I have cliffhanger phobia.  They drive me crazy. In fact a lot of times I won’t read a book until the series is complete if it has a major CH.  I have to say that this one didn’t bother me all that much.  I sort of saw it coming so I wasn’t surprised and I’m quite okay to wait for book two.

Hmmmm Book Two……….like to see how you get out of this one buddy!!!!!


3.5  stars Reviewed by Jenny



For consistency in reviewing I feel I need to make mention that there were some misused words, grammatical errors and typos in this book and whilst they didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book, it can sometimes be an issue for others.



Book #2 The Proposal is scheduled for release on 5th January 2013



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