troubles and treatsGitte: 4 stars
Jenny 4 Stars

Jenny:    We originally met Jenny and Drew in the first two books in Tara Sivec’s Chocolate series and at the end of Futures and Frostings and GG we both said….these two have to get their own book and lucky for us they did.

Gitte:     Drew and Jenny are the kinky couple whose story I was really looking forward to! Drew with his crude sense of humour, extreme sexual appetite and statement T-Shirts and Jenny with her rubber moulded vagina and crazy grasp of words and sayings.

Jenny:    These two are crazy.  Funny crazy and I love them.  They are a match made in kink heaven with matching sexual appetites and an off the wall relationship that just works so well.  They have no shame and doesn’t that make for a great story!

Gitte:   So the story is basically a simple one, one everyone with kids can relate to….

Children = Death of spontaneous and adventurous sex life!

“I love you too, vagina. I miss you like a hooker misses her virginity. True story. Why have you done me wrong, Boo? Why is there such a distance between us? Remember when we used to hang out every day? Now I barely see you once a month. You’ve changed, vagina. I hate to say this, but you have. You’re a different person now, and it’s like I don’t even know you. I thought maybe you were hanging around with a different crowd of people and they influenced you against me. Maybe we’re just growing apart. I don’t want to lose you, vagina! I need you like I need air to breathe and football on Sundays. I just can’t quit you, vagina!” – Drew

Drew is confused; he wants Juicy Jenny back but has no clue how to go about this or even why little Drew has been exiled.  Jenny thinks she has a deformed vagina that may just swallow Drew up upon insertion added to the fact that she is bloody knackered! Cue the story of just about any new parents!

“When was the last time you guys had sex?” Claire asks Jenny

“Um, what day is it today?”

“It’s Saturday,” Claire answers.

“Last year.”

In Troubles and Treats we have jumped six years since our last visit with Drew and Jenny to a few months after the birth of their second child, Billy and we join them mid sexual shenanigans drought. Drew’s means for ham shanks were hilarious!

“Aside from the fact that I’ve watched every single YouPorn video ever made twice, I’ve also read every story on Erotica dot com and when I started reading the stories just to see how they ended instead of for the sex scenes, I knew I was in deep shit” – Drew

Jenny:  Oh GG to see these two cope with a post children dry spell really is so funny – even though you feel sorry for them, my god they cope with it in the most entertaining way.  Don’t think I’ll ever think of a sex swing in the same light again!  There is miscommunication, mispronounced words….oh Jenny I do love your mispronunciations!  And in typical Tara Sivec way, it is all dealt with in a very  funny typical Drew and Jenny manner.

Gitte: I have to say my two favourite scenes were the stalking and the vibrator race. I literally laughed till it became painful, ugly and quite frankly embarrassing. Drew and Jenny’s story told through situational comedy with no frills or dressing!

“I pooped on the police and killed an ambulance. Bring Handcuffs” – Jenny

“Uh, honey. I think we may have gotten the rules of the race a little mixed up.” – Drew

Jenny:  The vibrator scene cracked us up didn’t it?  It was a classic. Loved it and we definitely had a good laugh about it.  For me though the scene that floored me was the tent scene at the concert for reasons that you know GG – because that scene really happened during an Avett Bros concert in Chicago.  I can neither confirm nor deny that I was the Australian girl in question.  I have to say that I was impressed with how Tara wove that into the story like it was meant to be there.

Gitte:  I thought everyone played a fab role yet again and it was like being amongst friends…bloody crazy ones that you wish you had in your life on a daily basis! So yeah I absolutely thought Drew and Jenny’s story was the Dog’s Bollox!!

Jenny:   You’re so right Gitte.  Every character plays each other off so well and they really are people we’d love to meet and party with aren’t they?  I have to say that whilst Seductions & Snacks will always be my favourite in this series this book did give me some good laughs and I really did enjoy it.

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