FateGitte: 4 Stars 

We first met Vince and Rose in the Moreno Brothers series, specifically in ‘Making you Mine’ (book #5). However, you can read Fate (Fate #1) the spin off as a stand-alone. In my personal opinion though I cannot recommend the Moreno Brother’s series highly enough and it will always be one of my favourite Mature YA series when I need that fix in between reading other genres. Elizabeth Reyes is without doubt one of the most talented Authors there is in this genre for that fix. So go pick the Moreno Brothers up then go get Fate and you will lose a piece of your heart to these characters…no question!

In Fate we get to hear both the voices of our main characters Vince and Rose. I thought they were very well written and the past and present changes were flawless and gave so much insight making re-connecting with all the old characters again instant and I had an immediate connection with Rose and Vince.

My only negative is that there wasn’t enough of Rose and Vince together in the present, too much of their relationship was handled through text messages and I felt the ending was rushed. I wanted more of them together especially after all the drama and everything they went through.

In Fate the message is clear from the outset. It’s a beautiful story of love, honesty, trust, forgiveness and wanting to change for the better for not only the person you love but ultimately yourself.

So we have our Rose. She is such an adorable, innocent and level headed girl. At no point did she annoy me, as her age was a huge factor in her actions, in my opinion. We are with her through her years of becoming an adult and experience all her first which was so romantic and sweet.

I loved Vince, he had me completely and because of this I thought he got a real bashing at times in this story which had me frustratingly annoyed with just about every character at one stage or another. He was gorgeous! Unfortunately, he was so misunderstood and almost written off by everyone. Yes he had a dodgy track record but nothing major yet he was first and foremost blamed or pointed at as a wrong doer. I have to say I almost wasn’t sure whether at the end, he got the redemption he was owed nor the respect he actually deserved and was entitled to. Yeah that’s how strongly I felt for this character!

Together Rose and Vince made sense. They evened each other out. They were meant to be!

Overall I really enjoyed this story, I thought the twists and turns it took were romantic, tense, and emotional also I loved that we got to catch up with all the Moreno’s.

I knew there was a reason for why I automatically one-click when this Author releases a new book! I cannot wait for the next one in this series or any other book for that matter by Elizabeth Reyes.


Purchase Fate here:

 Fate (Fate #1)

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One Comment:

  1. Casey Peeler said:

    I loved this book as well! Can’t wait until #2! I totally get the one click button! 🙂


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