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Gitte: I am almost speechless with surprise. I LOVE how you pick a book up not knowing anything about it and find yourself lost to the outside world as you devour it almost in one sitting. I got lost in this book completely and could not put it down! This Author is new to me and I fell in love with her writing and her characters. Reaper’s Property has got hot kick-arse bikers, action, suspense and it is HOT! Oh and we get to hear both our hero’s and our heroine’s voice and each were written flawlessly I thought. Yeah and we have a new book boyfriend don’t we Jenny and his name is *cough* Horse for yes obvious reasons!

“So why are you called Horse?” “’Cause I’m hung like one,” he replied, smirking.” 

Jenny:  Giddy up indeed!  What a coincidence….I highlighted that quote as well hehe.

You’re so right! When this one came up in my GR feed,  I saw the words “hot, tattooed, alpha biker” and that was enough to get our 1Click fingers springing into action! Going in sight unseen, knowing nothing about this book really did turn out to be an added bonus. We do love our hot bikers Gitte, and being an absolute sucker for anything SOA, this book certainly didn’t disappoint!  At all! I was the same as you; I couldn’t stop reading this and finished it in one sitting. Loved the heroine, Marie, and Horse…..good grief, do not get me started on that man! In fact all the characters in this book added so much to the story.  Oh and you are so right Gitte,  we most definitely do have a new book boyfriend and how! Hmmm did we mention his *ahem* attributes!

I felt his giant, erect penis poking my ass. “Horse” indeed.” Marie

Gitte:  This story is set in the biker world, but not a glorified prettified one, more like the ugly, gritty and yes pretty scary one.  It’s all about Marie and Horse (sigh) who meet through her brother’s dodgy dealings with The Reaper’s MC. There is an instant chemistry between them but not your standard insta love or attraction and their beginnings can’t really be classed as great either.

Jenny:  This was such a departure from the books we’ve read recently and for me it was the grittiness of this book that so appealed to me.  I had no idea what to expect going into it and found the raw reality of life among the Reaper’s MC, whilst it isn’t always pretty, sure did make compelling reading and……. I. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE! The dialogue is edgy and I was absolutely immersed in the world of these non conformist bikers, who live by their rules, live their way, together with the violence, sex and a turbulent love story between two characters had me absolutely gripped  from start to finish.

“This pussy is mine.  You are mine.  I’ll f**k you when and where I want, and you can either take it or get the f**k out.  Are we clear?” Horse

Gitte:  Hahaha I loved all the characters in this story Jenny, they sure didn’t mince their words! So we have our heroine, Marie. I actually really liked her. I thought she had a good head on her shoulders, there was nothing annoying about her and she was not a doormat in any sense of the word. Rather she questioned and she stood her ground. She hasn’t had a charmed life yet she makes the best of what she has and knows she is worth more and can make a better life for herself. Her only weakness is confusing to her but she cannot keep away from Horse, she is in awe, lust and fear of him, all at the same time. My favourite Marie scene is her “Kill Bill” moment…I had to re-read it as she was FIERCE!!!

Jenny:  Ummm no mincing words at all and didn’t we love that about it! Marie was such a great character.  Strong, loyal, pretty bad ass herself at times, with a vulnerable side that really endeared her to me.  She recently left her abusive creep of a husband and the last thing she wants is another man complicating her life.  Especially a man like Horse…sigh… who has “warning” written all over him.  She doesn’t know his real name or where he lives, she’s pretty sure he’s involved in some sort of criminal activity and she needs him out of her life.  But Horse is a hard man to deny, and he’s not an easy man to dissuade. Horse evokes feelings in Marie she certainly can’t deny.  Every look, every touch sets her on fire and provokes a lust in her beyond anything she could have imagined, not to mention the orgasms that are out of this world!

“I dropped my hands, accidentally grazing his erection.  I jerked my hand away, embarrassed, but he grabbed it and pulled it back, rubbing it up and down his length.
“Missed that babe” he said.

Gitte:  Sigh….now as for Horse…seriously I defy anyone not to fall in complete lust with this tall, tattooed arrogant, possessive, bad arse biker! When we are first introduced to Horse he is an enigma and I didn’t know whether to love him or hate him, but I knew I wanted him LOL! He is rough, tough and mean but he has this sweet (yeah he really does) side to him. And he absolutely knows what to do to make a woman scream his name that’s for sure! His methods of ‘wooing’ Marie are obnoxious and cave man like (for reasons we find out later) but the intentions honourable and fiercely protective. He loves with passion.

“Someday,” he whispered softly in my ear. “I don’t want to hurt you. Not until you’re ready for me… But someday I’m going to own all of you, Marie. You’re all mine, babe. Knew it the first time I saw you. Couldn’t give you up if I tried.”

However, I could see how Marie thought he had multiple personalities at times. One minute he scared the life out of me and would make me so angry the next I melted at his feet! Yeah I absolutely LOVED him!

“I want this,” he said softly, leaning over and kissing me between the shoulder blades. “I need to own you. All of you. Make you scream and realize that you belong to me and I belong to you and nothing else matters. I can’t let you slip away from me, babe.”

Oh there were so many hot scenes that I had to read more than once Jenny….I am sure you did too!! This man….seriously!!!

Jenny:   OMG! You can bet I did Gitte! Let’s face it, how can you NOT re-read some of those **fans self** scenes!  What did I feel for this man?  I really don’t know where to start with Horse. Words fail me.  As you said, how could you not fall in absolute lust with this 6ft plus tattooed, alpha, possessive, hot , dirty talking, sex on legs biker……Oh we do love a fictional boyfriend with a dirty mouth don’t we!

“Glad you like it”
“What?” I asked, confused.
“My body, he replied, smirking.  “It’s the only one you get to look at or f**k, so it’s good the package works for you”

Dare I say, I found Horse’s cave man ways pretty hot! I know, I know….everything screamed “obnoxious pig” and I should have hated that, but then he would show us sweet Horse and I found myself melting. I loved everything that came out of his mouth…..oh yes,  I loved everything about this guy …… his obnoxious side, his sweet side, his passionate side and even his fierce and violent side – they all made up the man that was Horse.

He did give Marie whiplash at times with his hot and cold behavior and he certainly gave her reason to question him.  He really could be like night and day, but Marie soon figured him out and I loved the humor between these two and how she tested him and stood up to him.  She knew her place, but she was certainly no pushover and Horse respected her for that.

“You’re a pig, I whispered back. “you know that, right?”
“So far bein’ a pig works for me babe”

Gitte:  So overall, I thought this was a FAB read. I enjoyed every word and I loved the characters. I loved the setting and gritty and raw atmosphere. Yes, I was shocked at times at the roughness in many aspects but I loved it nevertheless and found it thrilling and intensely addictive. I want more!!

Jenny: Couldn’t agree more.  I had no idea what to expect from this book,  the grittiness, whilst it did take me aback at times, was a real departure and only added to my overall enjoyment of this read.  I felt like I was living in the moment, I devoured everything about the world we were transported to and basically, I want more!  This was one gritty, erotic, sexy and nail-biting read! Loved every minute and yes…..completely addictive!


Marie doesn’t need a complication like Horse. The massive, tattooed, badass biker who shows up at her brother’s house one afternoon doesn’t agree. He wants Marie on his bike and in his bed. Now.

But Marie just left her abusive jerk of an ex-husband and she’s not looking for a new man. Especially one like Horse—she doesn’t know his real name or where he lives, she’s ninety percent certain he’s a criminal and that the “business” he talks with her brother isn’t website design. She needs him out of her life, which would be a snap if he’d just stop giving her mind-blowing orgasms.

Horse is part of the Reapers Motorcycle Club, and when he wants something, he takes it. What he wants is Marie, but she’s not interested in becoming “property of”.

Then her brother steals from the club. Marie can save him by giving Horse what he wants—at home, in public, on his bike… If she’s a very, very good girl, she’ll get lots more of those orgasms only he can offer, and he’ll let her brother live.

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  1. Sandy said:

    Wow. That just made my heart putter patter!


    1. admin said:

      Horse definitely made ours flutter 😉


  2. Tracey said:

    I didn’t think I would love another biker book after Motorcycle Man by this one was just as awesome. I was so surprised. I love it and I LOVE horse!!!!


    1. admin said:

      Yay! Another Horse lover. We agree! Who would have thought 🙂


  3. Jo Fergus said:

    I am so overwhelmed with what to read next argh! My kindle and kobo backlog is taunting me and my pile of paperbacks too, I can’t keep up and now I have gone and bought this thanks too you two 🙂 Keep it up cos you two are awesome 🙂


    1. admin said:

      Haha! Jo we are soooo sorry, but we have to share the love! 🙂 J&G xx


  4. Victoria said:

    I too am so overwhelmed with what to read next argh! My kindle is packed with books and then I read a review like this and here I go again. Yippee Ki Yay!!! Thanks for the awesome review – this is right up my alley 🙂


  5. Pamela Williams said:

    So loved Reaper’s Property. The author is new to me as well. Picked up a review from Maryse Book Blog. Read an excerpt and had to have it. The problem was it is an ebook. I purchase books. So, I had to load the ebook on phone so I could read it. Now I have to purchase a kindle because this book is the beginning of a series and I intend to get everyone she writes. I too found the writing wonderful. Ms, Wylde gave us both pov of the main characters and I love that. I read about 4 books a week. I always feel a pov of a character is lacking. I love these characters and I want more of them. I am only sad there will not be paperbacks because I feel this author is very deserving of having actual paper published with her work. I am a new fan, and I will be keeping a close eye on her work. Thank you


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