hotGitte: 5 stars
Jenny: 4.5 stars

Gitte: I have to say that I didn’t know what to expect from Jace’s story, he has been a bit of a quiet mystery’ the “little man” in the background. I also worried that having read what should have originally been the last book in the series before this one may have spoilt Jace and Aggie’s story. To say I was surprised that it did not matter one bit is an understatement. I LOVE Olivia Cunning, there I said it; I have come completely out of my Olivia ‘girl crush’ closet!!

I actually now feel like I am cheating on Trey, who has always been my favourite Sinner since I started this series, because my heart is full of Jace right now.

The journey with the Sinners started as a bit of a hot and fun ride. Nothing to heavy, but each story since has gotten more and more emotional and Jace’s is by far the one who touched me most. I sat and cried for 2 hours whilst reading it unable to put it down. The emotion in this story leaps of the pages and into your heart and Jace stole mine!

Hot Ticket; was just that, HOT, it was emotional, it was funny and yeah squeezed my heart. I also loved how we were taken back to the timeline of Rock Hard. It actually made me appreciate everything even more and I have to say it makes me want to re-read so I can pay more attention to Jace!

Jenny:  The first Sinner’s books – Backstage Pass and Rock Hard were a naughty bit of fun for me and I had come to expect the remaining books would be the same.  The emotional side of the band members started surfacing in Trey’s book, Double Time and if I thought Treys book evoked emotion, then to say I was unprepared for the depth of feeling I would have for Jace’s story is a bit of an understatement.

I really can’t say what I was expecting from Jace’s book, but what I didn’t expect was to discover the heartache and pain buried in this beautiful, sensitive soul.

Jace for me has always been the unassuming member of the Sinners.  Jace was the newest Sinners member with the face of an angel, who always seemed to hover in the background.
Jaces’ story was something else.  First off I agree about the timeline.  Being set around the time of Rock Hard it afforded me the opportunity to fill in some missing pieces and once again reconnect with other band members.

You can’t help but fall in love with Jace and Aggie.  Two misfits who fit so well. The sex is trademark Olivia Cunning…’s HOT and the story passionate and emotional.  Sinner’s fans will devour this book.

Gitte:  Jace is by no means a “little man”, for so many reasons, this tough gorgeous guy packs a punch! Jace leads a pretty solitary life, even amongst company and within the band. He lives in the shadows on and off stage and with a sense of guilt he guards his inner turmoil by withdrawing and controlling his place in the world. His sole joy being music and his aim being to give back to the man he knows saved him.

As I said I completely fell in love with him.

Now, as for Aggie, I loved her. One of my favourite Sinners girls; by far.  Aggie sees and understands what other’s do not.  She is persistent and adamant that beneath Jace’s quiet façade is a vibrant, intelligent, extremely talented yet vulnerable soul. She wants to peel off the layers to get to the core where she knows tragedy lies. She does not want to change Jace in any way by giving him what he needs which is why Aggie is exactly the right woman for Jace. She understands and she wants him in any way she can, she is patient and loves fiercely.

Jace doesn’t understand the meaning of love, he doesn’t recognise it nor does he believe that someone could possibly love him, his past saw to that and shaped him. This is where Aggie completely stood out as a heroine for me. There were no irrational or frustrating behaviour from her. She was strong, devoted and level headed. She saw the man behind the façade and really I’d say this made for one emotional ride as it became all about Aggie saving Jace and him realising who he really was and understand that he was loved and could love in return.

Jenny: Gitte, I found getting inside Jace’s head to be moving, emotional, painful and well…at times, just so sad.  This beautiful, quiet, unassuming man really has completely and utterly stolen my heart.  Sorry Sed….it’s been fun and I’ve loved your company, but I was completely enamoured by this sensitive soul.

Jace always seemed to be in the background while his more gregarious Sinners members took front and centre. Little did we know the torment and suffering that had burdened him for so long, nor fully understand the acceptance he so badly craved.  The slow unravelling of his story allowed us to connect with him and really feel the depth of despair he felt at times.

Oh without a doubt Gitte, Aggie is by far my favourite Sinners girl.  She was perfect for Jace.  She would give him just enough space when he needed it but press him when she felt the situation warranted it.  Her support and commitment to him never wavered and her devotion to him was beyond question.

They are both dealing with demons and both damaged in some way, but together they make a whole and the developing relationship was felt real, it also felt very raw, and the pair of them just stole my heart.

Gitte:  I realise that some readers may have an issue with the pain for pleasure aspect and the easily banded around word of BDSM. However, go with it, it’s real, it exists and the theme of it in this story is mild and not used as per its strictest definition. This is not about the lifestyle; this is about one tortured man who finds it helps him find his release as well as a means to deal with his hidden vulnerability caused by his tragic past.

The sex in this story, well this is Olivia Cunning so of course it was HOT. The scenes where *cough* we may have had more than 2 people well, umm wow…yeah just wow!!

I loved the Sinners camaraderie and dynamics in this story. I felt their togetherness so much more and they made me laugh out loud so many times.

I always wondered why Eric was such a bastard at times to Jace so I was pleasantly surprised that I loved the connection and relationship of Jace & Eric in this story. The reasons for the why’s of Jace’s involvement with the Sinners and discovering the truth of their relationship. I cannot wait for Eric’s book now because I am intrigued after seeing a completely different side to him in.

Hot Ticket is definitely my favourite Sinners book now!

Jenny:   I must admit I’m a bit of a BDSM novice, but from what I understand, this book was more about external pain being used as a means to draw out and deal with the internal pain Jace was suffering.  I felt it was handled well and it served as a way for Jace to confront and deal with his past.  Aggie could see through him and was able to ascertain his needs and Jace had to learn to let go….to trust.

Whatever it is that’s eating you alive, you have to let it go,“, she murmured.  “Let it go, Jace”
He shook his head slighty. “I’d rather be gutted alive”

I love these Sinners men and the camaraderie they share.  The warmth, the humour, the obvious love they show one another keeps surfacing more and more with each book and they are like a big crazy family.

This book was a hard read for me at times.  Olivia Cunning did such a good job of writing Jace that at times I felt forlorn.  My heart ached for him and like you Gitte, there were times Jace’s story brought me to tears.

Eric definitely has me intrigued.  I loved the relationship between Jace and Eric.  Eric’s story, I’m sure, is going to be one we’ll no doubt love. I can only imagine where this author will take us with that book.

Hot Ticket was hot, emotional, heartbreaking, not always an easy read, but one that left me with emotions I was reeling from for days after finishing the book.


ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review 

(Please note below is the correct reading order in sequence of events)

sinners on tour

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