groundedGitte: 4 stars
Jenny: 4 Stars

Gitte:  For anyone who enjoyed In Flight and Mile High and loved James and Bianca as well as Stephan this third and last instalment is a fabulous conclusion. Grounded had my heart in my throat; it made me laugh, swoon, and yes cringe a couple of times. This series is HOT, kinky and had me hooked with complex characters and a thrilling story line.

Jenny:  Totally agree Gitte.  This has been one hot series that has kept us absolutely hooked and entertained throughout.  Grounded was such a perfect ending and you can’t help but devour every minute of it. Not to mention we were introduced to the gorgeous Mr. Cavendish.  I love the chapter headings.  They add to the anticipation of what’s to come and give us an idea of which Mr Cavendish we’re about to encounter on the subsequent pages.

Gitte:  Mr. Cavendish is still a bit of a mystery but what is obvious is that no matter what, he is obsessively in LOVE with Bianca. Love is not something he has ever felt or really experienced so his way to deal is by being extremely possessive and overly protective. He is absolutely petrified of losing her or anything happening to her. He gives himself a 100% to Bianca which considering his “man-whore” days and lack of emotional bonds manifests as a desire to dominate and devour.

Jenny:  Oh yes Gitte, now Mr Cavendish found the love of his life, he loves her with abandon and as this man never does anything by halves, he loves possessively and fiercely.  His past is never far behind him and although Bianca knows of his insatiable appetite, he is desperate to keep his past indiscretions just that, in the past.

Gitte: Bianca is still like the ice queen, her childhood ruling the way in which she lives her life in regards to trust and love. The only man who has her completely being Stephan due to the bond they forged on the streets. However, we see her finally opening up to James and breaking through the ice to let love in and love in return. James’ love, perseverance, sensitivity and patience with Bianca as well as the dominance being just what Bianca needs and wants and gets her to finally admit her own in return.

Jenny:  I have loved watching Bianca evolve through the series. She has thawed somewhat and in Grounded we finally see her letting down her barriers. Can she truly let this possessive, insatiable, controlling and beautiful man into her heart?  Even though James is persistent and relentless with Bianca, she seems to be the one person who can bring out the vulnerability in this man. She has the ability to bring him to his knees.   As hot as this man is (and he’s definitely that!) it was the tender moments that had James stealing my heart, in particular the scenes in which he tended to her during her nightmares.  The absolute love, devotion and understanding he showed her during these times was what endeared me to him. Yes, he’s still crazy, over the top James, but these moments really grounded him for me.

Gitte: Oh Jenny I am still so madly in love with Stephan…I want a best friend like him…where can I get one? I loved when we got to hear his voice; I ADORED him and loved his relationships and what he gave; which was his heart, completely. His love and devotion to Bianca his kindred spirit, he was her saviour. Their love is pretty special and James’ understanding and his respect for the love Stephan and Bianca shared melted my heart.

Jenny:   Stephan.  Where do I start with Stephan?  I adore this character and I agree, who wouldn’t want a best friend like him.  He loves Bianca implicitly, no judgement, no question.  His love is unfailing and Bianca’s for him.  This truly is a beautiful bond that is unshakable and I loved how Stephan was considered part of the relationship between James and Bianca.  He was accepted, he was needed and he was cherished in return for the never ending devotion he showed Bianca. I loved hearing Stephan’s voice in this book, that only added to my adoration of him.

Gitte: I have to say Jenny, in the scene where Bianca finally opens up and declares her feeling; James’ reaction completely melted my heart. I thought this was such a poignant and tender moment and showed his heart and vulnerability. The scars of his past finally healing fully in this moment.

Also, the scenes of Bianca’s nightmares and the consequent comfort and actions of James…sigh…this man really gave me goose bumps at times…in a good way!!

The final crescendo at the end of this story had my heart beating and I thought the Author wrote it perfectly from the different pov’s. It felt even more real and the tension was immense to the point where I got worried that this beautiful, romantic and slightly unorthodox story would not have a HEA. But phew… did!!

Lastly I want to say how much I enjoyed the secondary characters. I am hoping they all get their turn and we get to hear their stories! I am not ready to let them all go yet!

Jenny:   Bianca didn’t give her heart easily at all, Stephan being the exception, so when she did finally let James in, as you said Gitte,  it really was a beautiful, moving and poignant moment in the book in which you really felt every single moment between the two of them and the emotion could be felt in every word.

The final stages of this book had me gasping.  The way it was done, through alternating POV’s made you live every moment, EVERY detail and you felt it.  It was excruciating reading through those pages and like you, I had a moments of dread because I loved and cared for every one of these characters and I didn’t want to see them hurt further.  What a way to finish this series!

I can’t wait to hear more from this author and from the characters we’ve met and like you, I’m not ready to let them go just yet!

ARC provided by the author for an honest review



amazon us || amazon uk || our review

amazon us || amazon uk || our review

amazon us || amazon uk || our review

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