love and relativityGitte: 4 stars
Jenny:  4 stars

Gitte:  Love and Relativity is an emotional story of heartbreak, tragedy, love and letting go of the past.  Everything life throws at you leaves a mark no matter how young you are. Unresolved emotion and tragedy can stay with us; leaving unhealed scars and can determine our future actions and feelings. This story is about Emma and Jackson; their story will take you on an emotional ride that will have you in tears, leave you frustrated at times yet have your heart melt the next.

I have to say Jenny, that I strongly urge every reader of this story to listen to ‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlile before starting the story. The Author says: “If you want to get to know Emma and Jackson, everything you need to know is there.” I agree completely, it set the mood for me, brought emotions to the surface and I think it made me connect to these characters and feel all the angst, the emotions, the love and frustration so much more strongly.

Jenny:  I hadn’t read Preservation and didn’t know the characters, but this in no way deterred from my enjoyment of this book.  I was still able to follow the story, connect with the characters and it certainly has made me want to pick up a copy of Preservation (Book 1) and Reservation (Book 2) straight away!

Gitte, I totally agree with you.  The author urges us to listen to “The Story” before starting this book and it was indeed an emotional experience.  First time I’ve cried BEFORE I’ve even started the book and that song certainly make you eager to read and explore the story of Emma and Jackson.  It made me desperate to know about them in fact.

Emma and Jackson share a bond which is so beautiful, so desperate and so fragile. You certainly feel every emotion spending time with these two characters – anger, frustration, love, heartbreak and happiness.  The author certainly puts us through our paces.

Gitte: Emma and Jackson have had a poignant moment. A moment resulting from a tragedy; a moment both of them withdraw from only to be reminded by issues left unresolved.  How long can you let yourself drift until the past catches up with you and sets you on a different path to which you were intended to walk? How well do you truly know someone until you have seen the rawness of the worst moment in that person’s life? The moment they either hit rock bottom or you become their saviour…their inspiration.

Jackson, seriously, what can I say? I fell for him completely. Yes he was a bad boy, a gorgeous one. Yes he has a reputation for his bad behaviour with the girls on the island. He is cocky, self-assured with buckets full of charm, who wouldn’t fall for him? Then, when you get to the vulnerability and the un-requited feelings, well, I defy everyone’s heart not to melt into a puddle on the floor.

Now for Emma; she was quite a complex character; timid yet strong, assertive yet unsure of herself, quite a contradiction at times. She seemed strong and confident on the surface; she knew where she was going in life, she had her path planned, in some respects she was wise beyond her years I thought.

This sweet girl has seen tragedy in her life; its consequences deeply scarred her. Her inability to come to terms with her own actions and what happened marring her and distorting her plans and decisions and the reasons for making them. Scared to give her heart, only for it to be returned to her broken.

Jenny: Jackson! Wow! Exactly Gitte, what can you say.  I loved him.  I loved who he was, who he wanted to be and I loved how he was with Emma.  It was in these moments that we saw such a beautiful, soulful side to Jackson, rather than the persona he showed to everyone else.  There were times I questioned him and his decisions, but overall, here was a guy ……an absolutely gorgeous guy, who, against the odds was trying to better himself to prove his worthiness to the girl who had completely stolen his heart.

“My problem is, I can’t do this shit anymore, Emma. The girl I fucking love is sitting across from me, and I can’t have her. I can never have her because all I seem to do is hurt her, and it’s killing me, alright?” 

Jackson tries to stay away, to give Emma space but there is an invisible connection and a bond they shared from a tragedy and unbelievably strong chemistry whichwas felt in every scene they shared.  Wow! Talk about chemistry in abundance….these two definitely had it!

Emma was sweet, and yes Gitte, she was a complex character.  Emma thought her life was all mapped out for.  I must admit there were a couple of times I despaired at the things she said and the way she treated Jackson, but at the end of the day, he certainly wasn’t faultless, so I was able to give Emma a bit of leeway .  Emma was dealing with a lot… the death of her sister, an cheating, awful ex and a secret that was eating her up.  She swept her issues under the carpet, thought they were buried , until the moment she is forced to face her past head on.

I must admit some of the to-ing and fro-ing between Emma and Jackson did drive me a bit crazy and I wanted to slap the pair of them at times, but their tender and even sensual moments brought them back to me.

Gitte: I loved this story of how one moment in time can bring two people together and how the poignancy of it determines their later actions yet how life, emotions and time gets in the way only to be what is needed in order to heal, understand and find the true meaning of forgiveness and love.

Jenny:  I really did like this story too Gitte.  It was a good friends to lovers story of two people, very opposite in some ways who, even though at times bring out the worst in each other, are like two halves of one whole.  Just getting them to sort their issues out and see that is the hard part.  I really did enjoy this one and can’t wait to get stuck into Preservation and Reservation.


Be sure to listen to ‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlile before reading Love and Relativity


You can check out the Preservation Series by Rachael Wade here 

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Love and Relativity

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Book #3 Declaration – no release date as yet

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One Comment:

  1. Dawn said:

    I was lucky to come across L&R as a freebie earlier this year and couldn’t put it down. I really loved this book and the characters and had no idea it was associated with the Preservation series. Hadn’t looked into the series itself, but will definitely need to now! Thanks!


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