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Patricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does, the ghosts won’t stay away. A childhood incident nearly ruined her life. A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to shreds. She isn’t the same feisty, fearless bitch she used to be… or is she?

What will happen when the person she screwed over storms back into her life? She freaks. Is it for the reason she’s always hoped for… that Tony Lopez, the breathtakingly sexy Latino love of her life, has finally decided to forgive her? Hell no. Will he demand her complete submission? Yes. Will he make her life hell? Double yes. Will she, in return, torture him? Hell-to-the-yes. Will her past come back to haunt her? Absolutely.

Author’s warning: Including, but not limited to: a deep, dark childhood, lots and lots of cussing (as in, A LOT), a ton of fighting, maybe hair pulling, a bitch with a vulnerable side, and last, but not least, über possessive, over obsessive, crazy hot alpha males on the verge of needing therapy… and maybe a tear or two.

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Reviewed by Gitte and Jenny

Gitte: So Jenny how much did we love the first book in this series, Lexi, Baby! Both characters had a perfect balance and the story was fast paced and addictive. I loved Trish and couldn’t wait to hear her story. So it hurts my heart to say this but I was disappointed. I felt Trish, Just Trish seemed very rushed and I just didn’t connect with Tony. I have to mention that there were also a lot of spelling errors and missing words in this book which should have been picked up.

Saying this though, The Trish, Just Trish story-line was a good one, it was suspenseful and addictive and I love this Authors writing style without a doubt and will always pick up anything she writes in future, it’ll be a one click for sure but this particular one just didn’t work for me.

Jenny: We certainly did love Lexi, Baby.  In fact that book was on our favourite reads list for 2012. I remember reading and devouring that book in one sitting and falling completely in love with the characters, so to say we were eagerly anticipating reading this book is an understatement.

Gitte, this review pains me, it truly does.  I so wanted to read and love this book because I love this authors writing style and would buy anything she puts pen to paper on, but I have to agree with you.  The story did feel rushed.  Trish seemed like a different character to the one we experienced in Lexi, Baby and Tony…well I didn’t connect with him either. 

Gitte: So Trish; we knew her as cheeky, fun loving and an extremely good friend to Lexi. We knew she had a vulnerability and a past that has scarred her. We also knew she loved Tony with a passion but due to an error in judgement trying to stand up for her best mate Lexi she ultimately lost him.

“Tony made me forget everything….His love and affection, his possessiveness and tenderness, his greediness of me…consumed me without even trying. I’d been madly in love with him. No it was more than love. It was an out-of-control, soul-stealing, life changing, world rocking, universe tilting feeling that dug itself so deep into my heart I was terrified I’d never manage to shovel it back out. I was still in love with him, but I couldn’t have him.” – Trish

So yeah she is still nursing a completely broken heart over Tony two years later and he has no idea. In this story Trish is broken, her spirit completely gone when you compare her to how we knew her. We get snippets of her past and it broke my heart and the façade she portrays does nothing to hint at how damaged she is. Her spirit always getting her through life and making her friend Lexi safe and happy, partly neglecting her own.  She tries to re-connect with him but have had no word from him in all this time. Tony knows nothing of her past or what really happened to spur on the separation. His leaving is based on assumptions. I felt so sorry for Trish Jenny but she really frustrated me too and I wanted to shake her when she gave away something so precious under the circumstances that she did.

Jenny:  Yes Gitte, to me the Trish in this book felt like a totally different character to the one I fell in love with previously.   I loved her humor, tenacity and spunk in Lexi, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of that Trish in this book.  She is indeed a loyal, true friend to Lexi.  I wanted to shake her at times too.  I felt so sorry for her too but yes, I’m pained to say, she did frustrate me at times.

Gitte: Now as for Tony. I don’t really know what to say Jenny. He should have been the type of male character that we loved. He is gorgeous, possessive and alpha male. However, the way he acts is not attractive in my opinion…at all. He was written quite well to a point, but then his arsehole behaviour was taken too far with no chance of redemption. Rather than coming across as a protector with a cocky attitude. He came across mean with an ugly personality and a foul mouth. No woman would surely put up with this and definitely not the Trish we know and love. He pushed her around, did as he wanted, took what he wanted expecting everyone to fall into line and the way he came to his conclusions just didn’t really make any sense. This is so frustrating for me to say and it pains me but I didn’t take to him at all Jenny. His character was taken too far and he tipped the scale for me. He had no clue what he had and he was very lucky in my opinion to get a HEA despite how he opened himself at the end!

Jenny:  Tony.  Like you, I don’t know what to say.  There is such a fine line between a hero being an alpha, possessive male we love and an alpha, possessive male we dislike, and I’m afraid Tony crossed that fine line and never redeemed himself for me either.  I know we spoke about this Gitte and tried to convince each other that we kind of liked him but we couldn’t do it.  We both agreed he wasn’t for us.  He definitely was lucky to get an HEA that’s for sure!

Gitte: So yeah, I love this Author, love her writing style, loved book #1 in this series and I cannot wait for Adam’s book which is next.  She writes with just the right amount of suspense and passion , this one just didn’t work for me for the reasons I have outlined above but it will not stop me from automatically buying this Authors books in the future.

Jenny:  I absolutely love this author and her writing style so writing this review really breaks my heart.  This author certainly does know how to write a good story and keep us engrossed; she proved that with Lexi, Baby and I believe she will do it again with Adam’s story.  It was my lack of connection with Tony which detracted from my enjoyment of this story and nothing to do with the authors writing.

I am HANGING OUT for Adam’s book.  I have every confidence this author will nail that his story.  There is no doubt whatsoever she will give us a book we’re going to love! In fact, I know I will be 1clicking it the minute it’s available because I have every faith she will deliver!


3.5 Stars

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One Comment:

  1. Amanda said:

    Thank you! I swear I can’t believe how many reviewers on Amazon loved Tony. His character had zero redeeming qualities. And what was with him not wanting to use condoms so he and Trish could start a family, but then refusing to say he loved her? I have no idea where the author went wrong on this one, but I am with you. I LOVED Lexi and Landon, but felt nothing but disdain for Trish and Tony’s relationship.


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