clubJenny: 3.5 Stars
Gitte: 3.5 Stars

Jenny:  It’s difficult to know what to put this one under because it pretty much had it all didn’t Gitte? Crime, suspense, drama, romance all rolled into a bikie book about Zeke, Ginny and the Lords of Mayhem Motorcycle Club.

The story centres on Zeke and Ginny and their family…their blood family and the family within the MC.  Zeke and Ginny was such a fabulous, kick ass couple.  I loved them. They’ve been married 20 years and have gone through crap, survived and come through it as a very tight unit.  Theirs is a happy marriage built on respect, love and passion for one another of which produced two sons, Rhys, Garrett and Mox, Rhys’ friend who they treat as one of their own.

Zeke is caught up in an Internal Affairs investigation over the murder of a child rapist.  Internal Affairs are hell bent on bringing Zeke down and will employ every rotten trick in the book to see that happen, including raking up secrets from Zeke and Ginny’s past.

Gitte: Yeah, I picked this one up having no clue what to expect. I was immediately hooked and loved the writing style. It definitely had everything you’d want though dare I say it..*cough* I wish the physical romance had been turned up a notch or two (*runs to hide*).

You are spot on Jenny, the dynamics in this story were fab and I liked our main couple Zeke and Ginny. I actually think Ginny stole the scenes a lot in this story making her one of the top heroines for me.

So absolutely, I really liked this one. I was intrigued and found it hard to put down.

Jenny:    No need to hide there Gitte….I was hoping for a little more steam as well!  I did enjoy this one Gitte.  There was plenty of drama, I loved the family unit and the brethren of the MC club and I loved that the characters were, for a change, a bit older.  For me though it sort of lacked the grittiness of other books I’ve read with bikie themes.   Don’t get me wrong, this book is definitely gritty and has some pretty full on scenes, and as much as I did enjoy, I found I didn’t love it.

Ginny completely won me over though.  Here was such a gutsy, protective, strong, sassy heroine who took no crap, yet wasn’t so hard that you couldn’t warm to her.  I really did love this woman.   Don’t cross this woman or mess with her family!  She is one protective Mumma and she will spare no pain or sympathy to anyone who hurts her boys or her man.  This woman is fiercely protective, to the point of her own detriment.

“A mother is supposed to protect her children.  I would die for mine” Ginny

Ginny is a loyal friend, a loving mother and loving, supportive and giving wife who really does hold everything together.

Zeke.  Well, I certainly did this love this Detective/MC Prez.  What strength this man showed.  This alpha man had so much love and compassion. He was stoic and protective and whilst he may have kept his emotions in check, he makes sure his ol’ lady is in no doubt that she is his reason for living and he makes sure she knows it.  He really does love her without question and would lay down his life for her.

“You don’t shield me” he snapped.  “I protect you. Protect, provide, and procreate. Got it?” Zeke

These two are dealing with drama from every angle.  It seems that everyone is out to get them and they both try so hard to shield the other from hurt and pain while taking on so much of that themselves.

Gitte: Yes, we love our biker books don’t we Jenny. These hot alpha protective males that preach family and love and guard each other fiercely and wholeheartedly. This book certainly had them, and I liked too that our main characters were older and settled, secure in their love for one another.

So Ginny, as I said, I thought she was great. She loved with passion and dedication. She stands up for what she believes no matter whom or what she is up against. Family comes first and she is like a lion in the wild protecting her cubs. She has had a pretty horrible life up until Zeke rescued her and since that day she has been there for her man in any way she can with an unwavering love. She is proper bad-arse!

As for Zeke, he is just an all-rounder. He is the MC President as well as a detective in the police. He is not really a vocal man in my opinion more like he shows his love, loyalty, protection and fierceness through his actions. Nor is he an outwardly emotional or physical man, but no one would be in any doubt of his love. His presence is so intense that at times he comes across as the calm seconds before the storm.

Ginny and Zeke was a great couple and the secondary characters were really well written too. The way the Author gave the reader an insight into their world was spot on and I watched it play out in front of me as I read.

I only had a few issues with this story which were the sudden alternating POV’s; they were very confusing at times. I had no idea who was talking and had to re-read passages. This affected the flow of the story and took me away from it. Also, despite how much I loved Ginny, I did have a problem with how she spoke about her sons sex life, this is personal to me, but as a Mum of two sons these scenes made me cringe. I would have liked more grit and “ugly” and definitely more steam too.

However, overall I thought it was a really enjoyable read and I can definitely recommend it for fans of biker books!

Jenny:  Yep, we sure do love these biker books!  I love alternating POV’s.  I love to get inside characters heads, but I have to say with this one, I agree with you.  I found the transition between some scenes/chapters and POV’s to be a bit disjointed and choppy, affecting the flow of story.  At times the story stilted because I had to get my head around who was talking and if the events being described were past or present.  It just didn’t flow that well.

I did enjoy this book.  It certainly kept you on your toes with everything that was going on around you, and although I can’t say it was one of my favourite bikie books, I still found myself invested in the story of Zeke and Ginny. Great characters who absolutely enthralled me.  This book did really did have a SOA type feel and heaven knows I do love my SOA.  Even though there was a lot going on, the story did drag at times for me. Whilst you did feel the passion between Zeke and Ginny, the steam factor wasn’t as explosive as I hoped it would be in a book in this genre.


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