*Please note: This is not a full retelling of Flat-Out Love, but rather a companion piece with select FOL chapters, and it is meant for readers who know the story very well.*

You saw geeky, damaged, loveable Matt Watkins through Julie’s eyes in FLAT-OUT LOVE. Now go deeper into Matt’s world in this FLAT-OUT MATT novella. Live his side of the story, break when his heart breaks, and fall for the unlikely hero all over again.

Take an emotional skydive for two prequel chapters and seven FLAT-OUT LOVE chapters retold from his perspective, and then land with a brand-new steamy finale chapter from Julie.

Author’s Note: Two chapters, The Sleepover and Keep Going, contain more mature content than Flat-Out Love (Keep Going, in particular), and were written based on reader demand. They wouldn’t have fit in well with the original Flat-Out Love, but given that this is a fan-driven companion piece, I think they work. While the content here is upped a bit, the scenes are tastefully done. (So, you know sorry to those who wanted lewd and graphic.) 

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Reviewed by Jenny

I loved the quirky, wonderful characters and warm story in Flat Out Love and was over the moon when I heard we were going to be treated to more!.

For anyone who hasn’t read Flat Out Love, please don’t even think about reading Flat Out Matt before read that book.  Trust me! There is a major spoiler in Flat Out Matt so you need to read both to experience the story to its fullest. So…turn around now, go pick up a copy of Flat Out Love. Read, fall in love, then move straight onto Flat Out Matt.

I would class this more as a companion novella, and one which really does compliment Flat Out Love and I’m so glad Jessica Park took us there because I loved it.

This isn’t simply a retelling of Flat Out Love from Matt’s POV, it is selected chapters from Matt perspective together with a Prequel Chapter entitled “In This Together”  which, in my opinion, was worth the price of this book alone. The chapters selected really do give us another insight into Matt and his relationships and I fell even more in love with the beautiful, intelligent man and not only that, but we are treated to other bonus chapters as well.

I consumed every moment of that the prequel chapter.  I got the warm and fuzzies reading the exchanges between Matt and Finn and yep, I teared up as well.

“Matty, you’re amazing”

“You’re more than just the smart one”

It really did move me to witness the interaction and love between these two brothers. This chapter really did pull at my heart strings and feeling that interaction was something special.

“Let  your world as you know it be blown to bits because you fall heart-crushingly head-over-heels for someone”

Hearing Matty’s voice was absolutely wonderful and I really do recommend reading this one as an extension of FOL.  To witness his hurt over Celeste, to witness his doubt.  You really do get to know Matt on a different level.

The writing is smart, witty, warm and has that sharp humor we love this author for.

The last bonus chapter! Wow, things got heated up in that one and what a perfect way to end this book!

“Close your eyes, Matthew, and listen while I tell you how I feel about you”

Devoured it. Loved it.


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Flat-Out Matt


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