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Release Date:  24th April 2013

Delilah Palmer has control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth just below the surface. A façade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood. She’s made a good life for herself, became a lawyer, and is free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks open the cracks.
Nathan Thorne has a past of his own. On the surface he is loved by all, personable, extroverted; everything Delilah isn’t. Hidden beneath is a dark and tormented man that only Delilah has to power to unveil.
Crammed in a small office together they see through each other’s masks, and the draw becomes too much, igniting an explosive relationship. Holloway and Holloway Law has a strict non-fraternization policy, forcing them to conceal their breach. Despite their efforts, separation becomes impossible, deceptions escalate, and Nathan has trouble coping; teetering on the edge of being overtaken by his past demons.
What secrets does he harbor that could keep him from giving in? What keeps him from healing and moving forward? And Delilah, where does she fit into all this turmoil?
Can they accept love and deal with all the trials that come their way when secrets are exposed? Or will they fall through the cracks of their pasts and be consumed by all that haunts them?

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Review by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte: So wow, Jenny, I had no idea what to expect from this story. It was intense, shocking, raw, absolutely filthy, frustrating and even peeved me off. Yeah I was going crazy trying to figure out what was going on at times.

I’d say that this is an unusual read and quite different. So I have to give props to this Author for adding something new to the mix by giving us Nathan and Delilah’s story albeit not finished yet, I haven’t read a story with such a dysfunctional couple and so many secrets in a long while, the pain portrayed by aggression is quite pronounced.

The pair of them just had this unbelievable attraction to each other, or perhaps it’s better quantified as an absolute need and addiction. Neither wants it for so many reasons but they can’t deny it. Trust doesn’t come easy for Delilah or Nathan who must be one of the most lonely people out there and when you use sex as a means to an end it’s bound to go wrong right?!

“Fuck!” he yelled, breaking our trance and pacing again. What the fuck is it about you?” His tortured expression indicating his mood was shifting, once again….”I. Don’t. Want. You”Nathan

I have to say that at times it was a bit dragged out and I thought to myself that I wish they’d just get on with it and let each other in on their pasts and give up some secrets to each other and me. Then the last 20% or so…wow…way to bring the reader to attention and sucked right back in! We do have to mention there’s a bit of a cliff-hanger here unfortunately, but it’s not a horrible one.

Jenny:  This book really sucker punches the reader from the very beginning and drags you in kicking and screaming into the tortured lives of Nathan and Delilah, two lawyers working in close proximity at Holloway & Holloway where staff fraternization is frowned upon quite severely.  And ummm yeah, what a ride this was!  It was most definitely intense, gritty, raw and yes…most definitely an addictive, filthy, passionate and intriguing read, which even managed to have slight smatterings of humor.

“That’s it, baby. That’s what I like to hear.”  He was pushing me to the edge again. “Scream for me. I want everyone to hear what I do to you.” – Nathan

This couple really do put the “dys” in dysfunctional that’s for sure!  Nathan and Delilah are certainly two very troubled souls who find something in one another – kindred spirits of sorts who are drawn like magnets despite all the warning signs saying they should avoid each other not only because of their work policy, but because they each bring past demons to the table.

“We were the same”

You witness their relationship with mixed feelings. On one part you are cheering them on because you see that on some level Nathan is able to bring some semblance acceptance to Lila of herself,  but in another breath you question your sanity for thinking these two misfits may be right for each other. Two damaged souls who seem to be unable to avoid this….yes, Gitte…addiction is the word.  They share a raw and intoxicating need for one another that is based on a primal sexual need and sex is how Nathan and Lila express themselves.  Their sex is twisted, rough and neither can deny this intense raw sexual desire they feel for each other.

“Sex was where we felt safe; where we knew each other. Nothing else seemed to matter when we took hold of each other that way” – Delilah

I agree that there were the odd times when the story did drag, especially when I was anticipating the revelations to come to the fore. I was getting a bit inpatient and testy as we were fed tiny scraps of Nathan and Delilah’s past demons here and there but there is so much I need not know! That last 20% and THAT cliffhanger! OMG! Give me more of that!!!!

Gitte:  Nathan is an absolute arse, there I said it. A frustrating sexy and arrogant arse. His fits of rages, his rough hands and harsh words are compelling. I needed and wanted to know what the hell caused this man to be who he is and do and say what he does. I still can’t get over his language during those steamy moments. However, this guy has a past, he has tragedy and intrigue written all over him and is so emotionally messed up that quite frankly he is so lost I do wonder if Delilah will ever get truly underneath that wall of aggression and self – contempt. Will she unravel the mystery?

“I’m not worried about you being hurt by me, Lila. I’m worried about you being hurt because of me.”Nathan

This man has obviously experienced something that has him shouldering burden and blame, even guilt.  Our hero Nathan has an extremely filthy and offensive mouth so this guy needs to come with a warning right Jenny?!

Jenny: We do love a dirty talker Gitte, but possessive, volatile and very much, alpha Nathan takes it to a whole new level.  His needs are so primal.  He is raw, gritty and well….yeah, his mouth really does need a warning label, but darn it if I wasn’t attracted to this man!  Nathan is indeed severely troubled, arrogant, he is blessed with looks that drive women crazy, he’s mysterious, hiding something quite tragic from his past and is able to maintain control except when around Lila. She brings his needs to the surface and he tries very hard to deny the overwhelming urges he feels for her. Nathan’s controlled façade seems to crumble around the equally troubled Lila.  He sees through this sad, haunting woman. For Nathan, sex with Lila becomes his outlet.

Gitte: Then we have our Delilah…and umm yeah I have to Jenny, sorry, but in the words of Welsh boy Tom Jones: “why…why…why Delilah…???” She has such issues due to her traumatic childhood and then she goes and falls for Nathan and thinks he is the one to heal her. Yet between the pair of them they have packed so much baggage it includes the kitchen sink. Does f**ked up attract f**ked up?

Delilah is broken but determined. She is confident yet sensitive, a workaholic, strives to succeed but on her terms.  She has no idea what love really is, nor how it feels to receive it yet she is in no way naïve. She clocks Nathan and knows exactly what he is all about, but not why, and she is desperate to find out what his secrets are.

“Whatever plagued him was hidden well under his charismatic personality and good looks.” – Delilah

She knows her own issues that stems back to the abuse and abandonment she suffered at the hands of her family; she lives with them every day and understands the irrational behavior  wants and needs. She also knows that the fragility of the glass that embraces her heart only needs one more hairline of a fracture and she will lose everything including herself. Delilah has literally no self-worth to speak off and knows her limitations yet goes for what she knows could break her.

“Please don’t leave me….” – Delilah

“Not enough. I’m not enough. Not strong enough. Now…I’m nothing. Nothing. Just like they always said.” – Delilah

Jenny: Ah Geez Gitte, you had to go there with the Tom Jones song didn’t you! haha! But yes, I agree…why indeed Delila?  I have to say, she was a lot more controlled than I would have been. I would have been delving deep to find out just what Nathan’s past issues were…if for no other reason than she could have passed them onto me, because I was DYING to find out!
This was a classic example of the f***ed up attracting the f***ed up because these two damaged souls certainly couldn’t avoid each other. Their attraction was so powerful, the sexual chemistry so palpable you couldn’t help but feel it.

“Push me away; you have to!” he demanded
“I can’t !” I cried out
“Why?…Tell me why….say it”
“Because I want you! I want you so much it hurts! I need all of you and I can’t deny it anymore

My heart went out to Lila at times. This outwardly confident woman, carrying so many scars from her past, really didn’t have a clue about love, yet Nathan provides something…..a security she has never felt before.  She had been dealt a rough hand and this beautiful woman with no self –esteem, on the brink of losing the last thread of herself, finds solace in a man with as many issues as she has. Can they overcome their demons and  find a future together?

Gitte: So Nathan was confused and hurt, Delilah was confused and hurt….I was just confused. It was painful…but it was oh so good! I cannot wait for the next book in this series. Loved it, but Jenny I’m trying to sort out why did I love it as much as I did!

Oh and we have 4 words of advice for Delilah don’t we Jenny: Google Is Your Friend!

Jenny:  Haha! Yes!!! How many times did we shout…..Lila!!! Google!! Just bloody Google! when chatting about this book!

Yes, there’s a lot to be confused about in this story, but it made for compelling reading and we’re both looking forward to some answers! As for why we loved it? I’ll tell you why we loved it Gitte. It was different. It was raw. It was gritty. It wasn’t always pretty and once in a while although it dragged, we were absolutely consumed with wanting to know about these damaged souls. We needed to know what drove Nathan.  What is he hiding? Where did his demons derive from?  There was an intense desire to know all facets of this mysterious man.  We were invested in Delilah and need to find out more about her.  In other words, these two imperfect people got right under our skin.  We need Book #2 right now!!!!

Gitte: 4 Stars
Jenny: 4 Stars

ARC supplied by the author for an honest review









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One Comment:

  1. Adrienne said:

    For such a serious sounding book you two had me cracking up with your review.

    This couple really do put the “dys” in dysfunctional that’s for sure!

    Our hero Nathan has an extremely filthy and offensive mouth so this guy needs to come with a warning right Jenny?!

    LOL those two sentences alone have me wanting to read this book! Thanks so much!


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