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WARNING: STRINGS is not suitable for slut shamers, uptight stone throwers, Holier-Than-Thou prudes, humorless virgins, persons with chronic neck or back pain, pearl-clutching bitties, those who disparage crude humor or vulgarity in their many forms, closed-minded people with sticks up their asses, or anyone under the age of 18. The vile, base language and shocking, unholy sexual acts contained herein are not condoned by anyone with a lick of sense and should certainly not be reproduced without proper training and protection. The potty-mouthed and perpetually horny “heroine” (the term is used loosely) of this book does not resemble a normal, well-adjusted, or remotely believable person in any way, shape, or form. The author acknowledges that the characters in this book are shallow and two-dimensional; the plot is both ridiculous and insipid. She makes no apologies for any of it.

* Readers are strongly advised to wear latex gloves whilst reading to minimize contamination risks.

Free-spirited musician Letty Dillinger adheres to a strict, “no strings attached” policy when it comes to men. After a wild night of unabashed sex in a fancy hotel room, she never expects to see the adventurous stud she dubs “Shades” again. When her all-girl rock trio books a tour at the last minute as the opening act for their archenemies, Letty’s shocked to discover she knows the competition’s new lead singer. Intimately. Shades is no longer a one-night stand. Now he’s the guy she has to one-up on stage every night for the sake of her career.

Sharing close quarters on a bus with her sexy nemesis and his bad-boy buddies puts Letty’s Golden Rule to the test. On this tour, guitar strings aren’t the only things being played. And when heartstrings are pulled too hard, they’re bound to snap sooner or later.

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte: So Jenny, I thought nothing much could make me blush anymore but Strings did just that.  Between laughing till I had tears at the banter and one-liners to blushing from the extremely filthy scenes and vulgarity, this sure made for an addictive and refreshing Rock Star read.

Refreshing, because our heroine had the mouth of a sailor and she was so unlike our usual female leads, she was strong and fierce. She was a fighter and a true Rock Star. Not many of those about.

Nothing could prepare you for this story and I have to say I was gobsmacked as it hits you from the word go when Letty meets Shades and their journey begins.  Our hero and heroine DO NOT go gently into the night…they throw away the rule book on one night stands and if you googled it you’d be nowhere close!

Warning should definitely be given when picking this book up, not only for content, but absolutely also for where you are when you read it and in what kind of company! Don’t you agree Jenny?!

Jenny: Haha! Note to Gitte…beware of reading filth in public!  Well, talk about the old saying “be careful what we wish for”!  After our moan lately about the influx of books containing 20+ virgins, and saying how it would be refreshing to read about a heroine who is  gritty and a little more “experienced” shall we say, we certainly got that wish with Letty in Strings…and then some!!

“If I don’t get laid tonight, my cooter will go nuclear and wipe out a city block” Letty

Letty was something else! She was tenacious, sexy, funny, free spirited and absolutely epitomized the Rock Chick persona! The whole book was a walk on the rock star wild side with lots of hot and heavy sex, lots of humor, filth and lovable characters. Shades and Letty were such a lot of fun and very….HOT and yup, no flies on these two…they get straight in there!

The warning displayed on the synopsis of this book definitely pulled me in. It was hilarious and begged a reader to get in there!  In all honesty, even that warning didn’t prepare me for this.  This was definitely a blush inducing read. TB Warning: Do not leave Kindle unattended whilst reading lol

Gitte: So we have our heroine, Letty who is in a girl band with her mates Kate and Jinx called Cherry Buzz Float. These girls absolutely ROCKED and I LOVED that. I actually thought it was such a thrilling ride to experience a POV from a rocking female lead like Letty!

“My name is Letty Dillinger, and I’m a fucking star.”

The mouth on her though was pure crude filth. Yes it was funny and I was in hysterical laughter through a lot of the story because of her dialogue. However, I do have to admit that it did get a bit much towards the end because for me it did start to detract from an absolutely fabulous storyline.

Cherry Buzz Float are waiting for a breakthrough to get the fame and fortune they so deserve. Their music is honest and real but they need that break. This comes in the form of teaming up with Killer Dixon when their mutual manager Jillian sends them on tour together. The new front man for Killer Dixon is a familiar face, one that will make his way underneath her tough and cool exterior; Shades.

“I don’t know if it’s my heart, my soul, or both, but goddamn it, Shades has unearthed the music that makes me who I am and dragged it to the surface for inspection.” – Letty

So absolutely, Letty rocked but the emphasis on what came out of her mouth became a tad overwhelming. I did love her though because underneath that hard exterior laid a talented sensitive and artistic soul that was scared to love and be discovered for anything other than her music. When she’s on the stage rocking out that is when she’s in her element and she was fantastic.

“Some people find strength in religion. I believe in music, and I defend it with everything I’ve got, even when things don’t go my way.”

Jenny:   This book definitely starts as it means to go on from page one. I found it funny and refreshing to have a character such as Letty.  She was the polar opposite of just about any female character we’ve read lately and I loved that. I loved her. The bad ass exterior and the sensitive girl underneath, she was so likeable, so unique.

“My name is Letty Dillinger, and I was born to rock your face off” – Letty

This girl knew what she wanted and despite all the obstacles in her way, she was ballsy without arrogance, and she went for it. Nothing got in the way of Letty.  She was fun, irreverent and such a refreshing change but……

I have to agree with you and say the shock value of her dialogue did get a bit much.  I loved this storyline, loved the characters and found it so entertaining but at times the dialogue appeared to overtake the story.

It tended to become a little over the top and repetitive and I was beginning stray because of it, but at 80% it did calm down and we were able to move along nicely and really get stuck into what was a really good storyline and allow more of Letty’s emotions and deeper personality seep through, but she never lost who she was and I really liked that.

Gitte: Now Shades, yeah …Letty met her match there. Shades is beyond cool. He is quite naff at times but the cheesy lines coming from him makes him that much more attractive and gorgeously sexy. He has style and class and he is primal in his passion. Big swoon time for me and I was sold the minute he spoke to Letty in the bar when they first met.

I did sometimes wish I could have heard his voice though. I wanted his thoughts on Letty and her foul mouth and what he felt during certain scenes. Shades was intense, funny, hot, passionate, willing to umm try anything once and a Rock Star through and through. LOVED him!

Jenny: Oh god Gitte, talk about swaaaaooon. I LOVED Shades!  From the first minute we met him I knew I was going to love this guy. Oh, and his birthday is the same day as mine! Shades was rock star cool.  Hot, talented, doesn’t give a crap, extremely sexual, willing to try anything (oh dear god…THAT scene!)  – yep, this guy is so cool he can even pull off throwing out those goofy 70’s one liners which completely cracked me up by the way and absolutely endeared him to me even more, yet make no mistake, he was definitely all man!

It was like a force brought Letty and Shades together. What a perfect match they were.  I revelled in the fact there was no crap about these two. What you saw was what you got and together these two ignited the pages! Their banter was hilarious and I do agree with you Gitte in that I too would have liked to have heard Shades voice. There was a lot going on in that guy’s head and I for one would have loved to have known exactly what it was.

I lose track of my body, and my fingers take me where they want to go.
They lead me to Shades. Always back to Shades
– Letty

Does anyone cock an eyebrow quite like Shades?…sigh….

Gitte: I have to say Jenny; this book is not going to be for everyone is it? It was quite animalistic, quite crude and vulgar BUT it did have a FAB romantic storyline running through it, it was hilarious and it had the Rock Factor in abundance! Oh and I think I now know every word imaginable for sex and private parts. Seriously, so many great lines but I have no idea how to use them in a sentence in daily life, but I kind of want to!! This story should be read for what it is and in no way taken too seriously and I enjoyed it for just that!

“I’m going to fill up this sweet little box with hot Toddy.”

Oh and I am desperate for Toombs and Jinx’s story! Bring it on because I loved these two characters as well!

Jenny: You’re right there Gitte. This book definitely won’t be for everyone. It’s like The Sinners Series on crack with the lead character morphed into a female body haha.  It did read like a vaginal thesaurus and ummm I’m pretty sure you can’t use most of them in daily life, but knock yourself out and have fun trying……just don’t do it around the kiddlies, there’s a love 😉

This book was a fun, hot and filthy ride. Whilst it could, at times, be a little over the top and once in a while it did get bogged down with shock value dialogue, it was always entertaining, always fun and it most definitely satisfied my rock star fix and gave me a few good laughs along the way.

Yes readers,  Letty and friends pull no punches. If you go into this book with an open mind, a sense of humor and leave your judgement at the door, you’ll have a ball with Strings just as we did.

“Playing in front of crowds energizes me. It’s a shot of adrenaline right in the heart. The moment I mount the stage, I make the venue my bitch. I shove mighty womancock in the place and just fuck the living fuck out of it” – Letty

Oh yes Gitte! Bring on Toombs and Jinx’s story for sure! These two have me so intrigued I don’t know where to start!

“Jinx  – the female version of John Fucking Bonham on crack” – Letty

Yes indeed….bring on Jinx!!!!

Gitte: 4 Stars
Jenny: 4 Stars

Arc supplied by Author for an honest review


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  1. Debra Anastasia said:

    This review was wonderful ladies! I totally need to read this series. Thanks!


    1. admin said:

      Yes you do Debra!! You will LOVE it lol 🙂


  2. Michelle C said:

    I must buy and read this book!!!


  3. Debbie said:

    Whooo! bring out the fan. This sounds hot! There are so many books out there about hardass rock gods. It will be great to read one about about the ‘other side’, a no holds barred, rock chick.


  4. Karen said:

    Thank you for the reviews!! I already put on it on my need to read wish list!!!


  5. Jaclyn said:

    Looks like just the different type of read I am looking for. Thanks for the chance to win. This has been added to my ever growing TBR.


  6. kp said:

    Can’t wait to read this! Put it right on my TB list!!


  7. erin said:

    Great review and I am definitely going to check this one out. Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. Tammi G said:

    I loved your review for this book. The warning on this was enough for me to put it on my TBR list! Thanks for the giveaway.


  9. Lorie said:

    I have been hearing so much about this book. I definitely need to pick this one up — especially since it’s one of those books that isn’t for everyone. Great review!


  10. Mary Mooney said:

    What a great giveaway. Love to read about rocker. Can’t wait to read this one.


  11. Nicole Wright said:

    cant wait to read this book


  12. Stacy said:

    I love your reviews Gitte and Jenny! Woohoo! ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  13. Yvette Sharp said:

    Added to my TBR list; thanks it sounds hilariously filthy!


  14. Sónia Costa said:

    Oh it sounds HOT!


  15. Rach said:

    Gonna have to get this one! Great review ladies 🙂


  16. Karen G. said:

    Thanks for your review, loved it. I am looking forward to reading this!


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  18. Kim said:

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  19. Soreonne Spellman said:

    Sounds hilarious and hawwwt. I must read


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    I have seen the Warning that comes with this book a few times now and I’m dying to read it!!!


  22. Tina V. said:

    Looks amazing! On my wish list!


  23. Shanda said:

    This looks like a must read!! I hope I win


  24. Brittany V said:

    Sounds great! Would definitely like to read. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


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  62. Amy S said:

    Love the Warning – sounds great!


  63. Kelly Tannacore said:

    This book sounds amazing. Love the warning…totally have to check it out! Love your review ladies, thank you so much for the chance at winning 🙂


  64. Rosarita Reader said:

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    Loved your review ladies. I will be checking this book out for sure!!


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    Thanks for the giveaway!



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