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What happens when two broken men collide? And one of them disappears? Marcus Prater has already lost one man to senseless violence. He won’t lose another. Calling in all his resources, former blue knights on the Atlanta Police Department, and his own experience as a Vice cop, Marcus desperately searches for the new man in his life, college student and rent boy Ben Danvers. Can love survive in the wake of Marcus’s worst nightmare? Warning. This is the second in a three book series. It is filled with angst, gruff men, and just maybe some hot man-on-man action. Be aware, there IS a third story coming, so don’t piss and moan if there is a cliff hanger in your future. You HAVE been warned..

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Our Review by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte:  So ‘Knightmare’ is the much anticipated book #2 in this series for me, seeing as ‘Working It’ ended on such a horrible cliff-hanger.  It begins right where book #1 ended so we haven’t missed anything.  As this is yet another short read we are very mindful as to not say anything about the story as it would be most unfair to ruin this series for any new readers or those waiting to hit it on their to-be-read pile. I fell in love with the brilliant writing talent of this Author in book #1 so I inhaled every single word and it did not disappoint, well except for being too short.  How this Author manages to pack so much into such a short book is mind boggling.

He draws every emotion from you as you read through the thrilling suspense, the mysterious cloak and dagger but most of all, for me, the revelling in the beauty that is Marcus. Sigh…Marcus, so strong and passionate with an absolutely huge heart that beats out of the pages of this story.  I have to say I completely lost my heart to him in the previous book and this still remains the case.

Now as for Ben, despite me wanting to give him a good talking to for what he *did*, yeah that really peeved me off, I still fear for him, for what broke and scarred him, and I just want them to get their much deserved happy ending…but who knows, because yet again we are left hanging over the edge of a huge cliff and I may have shouted at my kindle…not a-bloody-gain!!!!” I have to say that for readers who enjoy the M/M genre this Author is a must read. His writing is so addictive that you get lost in his story; his words are beautiful and burrow deep into your heart. Then there are the times where they make your pulse race, your heart beat out of your chest from fear, anger and passion. The evidence is right here…now go get lost in his words! Don’t you agree Jenny?

Jenny:  Absolutely GitteI am in love with this authors writing style, it’s hypnotic and he really does have us hanging on his every word, to the degree that we feel and live each and every moment. I felt it deep in Working It and Knightmare certainly didn’t disappoint. That same intensity, the sizzling sexual chemistry, that knot you get in your gut as you read with anxiety and dread and the aching feeling in your heart during the passionate, the tender and sorrowful moments, they were all there.  

I have to agree with you and ask myself, how does this author pack so much into so few pages! It’s testament to the talent of his writing that he can draw us in so quickly and leave us spellbound right up to the end! Gah…the end….another cliffhanger! Is T.A. Webb trying to finish me off? Roll on book #3!

I have to say, the cliffhanger in Working It nearly killed me. I didn’t think I’d last this long waiting for this book and eagerly devoured every single word in Knightmare. Gitte, it is indeed difficult to review Knightmare as you have to be mindful to not spoil anything for readers who may not have discovered this unbelievably addictive series as yet, because you really do need to experience every heart stopping and indeed every heart wrenching moment as it happens.

As you said, this story picks up immediately following the cliffhanger in book one and we’re plunged head first into the anticipation, drama, passion and complete despair as we follow the journey of Marcus and Ben.  There’s isn’t an easy relationship, with obstacles, tragedy, past demons and differences to confront but you hope within your heart that life will hand these two happiness, but every step you take with them leads you through an absolute gauntlet of emotions. 

“The world was quiet and everything was right and peaceful, and his last thought before he allowed sleep to claim him was Mine.  His.”

As I was being swept along by this story, as I was invested in every single moment, and just as I was hanging on for dear life, it all ended too quickly.  I needed more! I wasn’t ready for it to end and I can’t wait to enter the world of Marcus and Ben in Book #3, my heart is already in my mouth anticipating that one!

This was a short read, but make no mistake.  What it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in content.  Once again this author gave me so much and I loved every minute.  And yes readers! As Gitte said….go now….get lost in the characters and the story and immerse yourselves in these intoxicating reads.

 Gitte: 4 stars
Jenny: 4 stars

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