A short novella of a portion of Breach from Nathan’s point of view.

Delve into what was going on in Nathan’s head, and see what was missed from Lila’s perspective.

b. separation into component parts
c. decay, disintegration, death
d. termination or destruction by breaking down, disrupting, or dispersing

 Our Review by Jenny & Gitte

Dissolution pic

Jenny: I was chomping at the bit to read this and garner some sort of insight into what was going through Nathan’s head in Breach. Well, in Dissolution so much clicked into place. Albeit, in a very painful way. For a short story this sure did pack a punch.

I felt inexplicably drawn to Nathan and his internal conflict and boy was he ever conflicted! From Breach we knew Nathan was a troubled individual. He was intense, prone to mood swings and though you experienced through Lila how unpredictable he could be, nothing could prepare you for the intensity you would experience in hearing from Nathan exactly what was going through his mind at that time.

“Across a sea of asphalt and cars, was where I caught my first glimpse of the woman who would do the impossible and awaken a long dead part of me.”

Dissolution leaves you with NO doubt. This man is troubled and he has suffered. In fact he has suffered a great deal and he is still suffering.  What this short story lacks in length, it most certainly makes up in emotion and grit.  No we don’t get the hot, raw sex that was so much a part of Breach and it’s not needed because what we got instead was a detailed  insight into Nathan and his feelings for Lila and why he acted the way he did.  The author has lent Nathan a potent voice, making this book a must read for fans of Breach.

“Because I was angry at her for making me feel for her.”

This was a short but powerful read. It was an intense, painful and heartbreaking read about a man who is so torn apart by tragedy, so conflicted in his feelings your heart will ache for him.  Nathan indeed had some questionable behaviour in Breach. Well, a lot of it is explained in Dissolution. Bring on Infraction I say! What about you Gitte? How did you find Nathan’s voice in this book?

Gitte:  I literally hurt through the whole short story; the pain in my heart was overwhelming. Nathan’s voice is incredibly broken and oh so very dark and twisted.

Yes, absolutely we knew Nathan had a lot of issues, but to hear his voice, getting into his head, just wow. This man is INTENSE!!!  He’s been through some real gut wrenching trauma that has without a doubt cut him so deep without a chance of healing. So far…..

“We can give her what is best, what she deserves. We used to be that man, we can be him again.”

I have to say that this Author has, through such a short story, managed to achieve something brilliant. Her words pack a punch and leave you breathless and gobsmacked from the pure emotional and harrowing scenes depicted so effortlessly. The impact is instant. It’s hard hitting and makes me desperate for Infraction, book #3!!

Jenny:  4 Stars
Gitte: 4 Stars


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Book #2 Infraction Release Date: September 2013
Book #3 Reciprocity 2014

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