breathe me in


Their worlds collided in Leave Me Breathless. Now see how the sparks first flew for Ghost and Macy…

She knew he was trouble from the moment she first laid eyes on him, but that doesn’t stop Macy from taking a wild ride with Ghost when he invites her along. Something about him intrigues her. Just by hanging out with him, though, she’s drawn into a scandal she doesn’t see coming and faces a decision that might alienate him and several people she holds dear.

Timing is everything…and theirs couldn’t be more off.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a short prequel to Leave Me Breathless that takes place during the events of Rock Me. It’s not meant to stand alone

breathe me in

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Jenny:  So THAT’S what happened in the back of the GTO ’69!  Ghost and Macy have sexual chemistry in spades and it was awesome to get the opportunity to spend more time with them, and not only that, we got to go back in time and witness the shenanigans in the back of that car.

“When a girl like Macy gives you a shot, you step the fuck up.”

Once again Cherrie Lynn delivers in the steam factor, though I have to be honest and say the actual getting down to the nitty and gritty wasn’t as explosive as I expected but it still did warrant digging that fan out!  Getting a bit of background into that time in Rock Me, one of my favourite books, was an added bonus.

There’s not much else to say except…..if you’re a fan of this series, read this one! If you haven’t checked out the Ross Siblings series yet then Go, Go, Go and add them to your reading lists.

What about you Gitte?  Did this one get that pulse rate up?

Gitte: I think this series by Cherrie Lynn is one of my favourites, so any new instalment gets me excited and yeah she writes real passionate characters so that pulse gets going for sure!

I love the characters, stories and her flawless writing. I’m a huge fan of Ghost so I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.

Even though I did really enjoy it, I was also back to the old place of frustration and annoyance at Macy. I kept having to remind myself how I did end up connecting with her, even loving her character at the end of Leave Me Breathless.  It was tough though as she really grated on my nerves again.

The chemistry between Ghost and Macy sure is off the charts and Ghost is just a pretty amazing guy all round. This story is all about him for me, which is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. I love this guy. Truly.

I enjoyed getting back to the story from Rock Me, it was a fab re-visit and I was reminded again how much I LOVE this series! It was short, sweet and very sexy! And yes, absolutely, this is definitely one to stick on the ‘to be read’ list!

“I’ve never been in the backseat of my own car before. Interesting.”

So now we know…just what happened!

“It’s okay killjoy. See you down the road.”


(Each can be read as standalone’s)


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