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Jenny:  Okay, I’m giggling just thinking back on some of the interactions and banter in Eternally North.  Natasha and her best friend (who I want to go out partying with by the way!) the completely gawwwjuss Tink aka John were hilarious.  What a pair they were. Constantly insulting one another…Tink for his over the top gay antics and Tash for her weight problem when she was younger.  Sarcasm and insults dripped from every vein, they were all done in good humor which resulted in a fun filled escapade

“…..he’s my best friend and a bit…different”. Hell different? Let’s say it how it is – he’s off his fucking tits.. – Tash

Eternally North takes the Hollywood tattooed bad boy hottie actor meets an everyday girl and turns it on its head! This was refreshing, fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just what I needed. It was oh so English and the wit displayed by this author through her characters was so warm and funny. This really was a contagious feel-good read!

Gitte: Wow so yeah Eternally North was a breath of fresh ‘bloody – hilarious’ air. This was one crazy and funny ride, with characters Natasha and Tink, who you might meet down the pub in real life, getting mixed up in the glitzy world of showbiz and family drama. I’m still laughing at this story, because the one-liners and sarcastic humour was spot on! The dialogue and inner monologue had me in stitches and I wanted to somehow be in this story to hang out with these characters. Especially Tink…I developed buddy envy! I want a Tink!!

This was classic Brit humour and I loved it. The story line is quite sweet and romantic for the most part. I’d go as far as to say, it’s the kind of dream we’ve all had at one stage in our young/er lives. A fresh start, where this hot tattooed famous guy falls crazy in love with us. Or was that just me?

Anyway, besides the laughter, the awkward hilarious moments and the cringing, there were many emotional currents running through it too. Enter Tudor. Wow, I am with Natasha on this one…just wow!

So much intrigue, mystery, romance as well as ‘split your sides’ laughs that this is definitely one to stick on your list for a fun, sexy and refreshing read! What a fab debut novel from this Author, brilliantly written, so very British and oh yeah….

“..If there’s a sure-fire way to stop the awe of meeting a celeb, it was for them to be a complete and utter twat….”

Jenny: Nope, not just you G! Tudor can knock on my door any day! Natasha is devastated when she finds her boyfriend “in the act”, so to speak and, having caught him in action is devastated when his idea of an apology is to ask her if she’d be interested in a threesome.  Tash is gutted and once again turns to her best friend and soul mate ( pity he’s gay), the effervescent Tink.  Together they decide to “seize the day” and go on quest to find happiness and live life!

“The world is ours for the taking. And of course, you know I’ll be the Dory to your Nemo in your quest for happiness.” Tink

A heavy drinking session sees them choose Calgary.  Well, it was better than the other option. We’ll let you find that out for yourselves.

Tash makes a stunning entrance (this had me in FITS) into the life of Tudor North. The hot as hell, tattooed movie star who is in hiding from Hollywood. He’s…..well, I’ll let Tash explain Tudor to you…

“He has stunningly beautiful green eyes: sometimes shaven, sometimes fair, cropped hair and a full body of tattoos, all of which are tribal. And he is fitter in person ….I can now testify to that.”

She is immediately drawn to him, or as Tink puts it…

“your sex-deprived Fu-Fu is gagging for him..”

Tash has all sorts of insecurities but she’s a go getter. She wants happiness  but she doubts this gorgeous hunk of a man could be interested in her. But Tudor finds her refreshing. A revelation as such, because she isn’t impressed by his success and continually calls him out on his crap. This man doesn’t get away with anything where Tash or Tink are concerned.

“You’re as hot as a menopausal woman at a Dream Boys concert and you’re famous: Pure. Pussy. Magnet”

Tudor is dealing with his own issues and is very secretive as to what they are and I have to say what we find out about Tudor’s life did shock me. It was emotional and it was terribly sad.

Tudor has had the one night stands, the endless supply of women and he hates the Hollywood scene so he is willing to make a go of it with Tash if she’s in but that’s easier said than done.

“I’m an all or nothing kind of guy.”

There are a lot of obstacles for these two to get over but boy is it fun watching them try!

“Tudor held it in a vice-like grip whilst straddling me, pinning down my body. Yep folks, I often repeat that visual in my head too, you know, on cold and lonely nights.”

“What is it with him? I am addicted. I, Natasha Munro, am a Tudaholic.”

You’re not alone there Natasha! My name is Jenny, and I too am a Tudaholic!  I have to say at times Tash’s constant chatter did become a bit repetitive but overall, this book was a fun escape. A good, fun read on that lazy weekend. Enjoy Tash, Tink, Tudor and Tate and the fabulous Brit humour dished out by this author.  I know I did


Natasha Munro is your typical twenty eight year old girl, well your typical twenty eight year old English loud ‘n’ proud Geordie; curvy, fun and a whole load of fab-u-lous. Her life is all going to plan – good job, great friends, close family and a loving boyfriend – until an unexpected event stands everything on its head.

Nursing a broken heart and decked head-to-toe in tasselled chaps and rhinestones, Natasha and her flamboyant fairy of a gay best friend, Tink, uproot from their North-Eastern nest, throw caution to the wind and embark on a new life together in Canada. Canada – Land of the Rocky Mountains, maple syrup; oh, and an ‘in-between movies’ Hollywood mega-star.

Enter infamous bad-boy of the big screen, Tudor North – Tudor ‘bloody’ North! Tudor is towering, brooding and gorgeous, and he is harbouring a deep secret. His outward demeanour is cold and intimidating, and with it he successfully keeps everyone at arm’s length; that is everyone except a certain Ms. Munro.
It soon becomes clear; what with her smart mouth and lusciously ample arse, that Natasha proves more than a match for our emotionally-distant mega-star.

Will Natasha settle into her new life in Canada? Will she ever find her fairytale happy ending? Can a movie star and an ordinary girl from England ever really make it work? Or will the secrets lurking in Tudor`s past scupper their chance of happiness?

Eternally North is addictive, funny and heart-warming; a fast paced comedic journey of self-discovery; an unyielding friendship and, of course, it would not be complete without a generous sprinkling of good old-fashioned British ‘slap-and-tickle’.

WARNING: contains a foul-mouthed voluptuous Brit; a self-confessed and self-promoted Friggin’ Fantastic Fairy; and an abundance of tattoo-smothered muscles nicely wrapped up in one gorgeous bad-boy package

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  1. DA said:

    Sounds like fun – I love British humor.


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    Thanks for the review! And for this awesome giveaway as well! ♥ I’m so excited to read this book! :””>


  3. Kassandra said:

    Thank you for the chance!


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    Would love to read this soon.


  5. kp said:

    Would love to read this book! Put it on my wish list!!


  6. dawnbushemail said:

    Great review! Thanks for the chance!


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    Thanks for the giveawaay!!!


  9. zitamartinlocklear said:

    I just love this teaser of this book! It is on my wish list books. Thank you for the giveaway. Can not wait to see what happens.


  10. dayub said:

    Can’t wait to read. Thanks for the givveaway.


  11. eahbalice said:

    Thank you for the chance to win! Looking forward to reading this book!


  12. aznangel_dd said:

    This author is new to me, but the book sounds really good. Thank you for the post and the giveaway!


  13. detours27 said:

    I’m totally interested. Thank you for the giveaway


  14. valshemi said:

    Such a great way to introduce yourself and book .. I’d never of know.. I’m excited..;))) Thanks for the giveaway opp!


  15. Mary Mooney said:

    Sounds good. Great giveaway!


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    Sounds like a good read! Thx for the giveaway!!


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