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I have honestly run out of new and original accolades and praise. I have thrown every positive and gushing word there is in the dictionary out there, I think, describing the ‘genius of’ and my powerful love for Tiffany Reisz. Now, don’t worry I’m not admitting to being a stalker here, rather I love and worship her talent from afar ? Though in the words of Søren:

“There is nothing I don’t want to know about you.” ~ Søren

I’ve described her amazing stories and characters in English, French and Danish trying to do her and them justice, trying to be as original as the lady herself. That’s right I bloody love her. I love every single word she has written as it finds a home in my heart.  She never fails to impress me, astound me and make me feel. She makes me cry, laugh, clench and bow at her feet all at once. Such is her talent and power over me through her words. There is no doubt that this series has been placed on a pedestal in my heart.  An absolute favourite series that has just about every human emotion you could wish for and then some. Tiffany Reisz is one talented Lady to be able to invoke extreme laughter till your sides hurt, and then in one breath, one word, have your eyes brimming with tears and your heart aching with pain.

So, I would absolutely hate for anyone to have their reading experience ruined by spoilers. It happens I know, but not here. If I had one wish it’s for every reader to go into this series blind and be as wowed as I was by the utter brilliance and the beautiful words. Because this series truly is, just that, beautiful.

“There is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect you, Eleanor. Nothing I wouldn’t do to help you. And nothing I wouldn’t do to save you. Nothing.” ~ Søren

The theme is not easy to read at times, neither are the harrowing and disturbing images that play in your mind as you read. But the beauty with which it is written will sweep you away and you will be living amongst the characters feeling everything. Each and every one of the characters finds a way under your skin and never leave. I will never forget them. Their story from start to finish is a work of pure art which weaves magic; spellbinding.

“….I only ask that you do what I tell you to do from now on.” ~ Søren

“Do what you tell me to do?” ~ Nora

“Yes. I want you to obey me.” ~ Søren

“From now on? Like…how long?” ~ Nora

And he smiled then and she knew she should have been afraid but something in that smile…It was the first time that night she felt safe.

“Forever.” ~ Søren

Never has a series made me as crazy obsessive as this one has. Made me so desperate to shut the world off so I can sit and inhale every word through sheer addiction. The words wrapping themselves around me unable to let me go. Like being caught in a web of pure intensity and emotion. Reading every word afraid to miss anything as every word counts, creating a world that scares the bloody crap out of me but that I wish to be part of just so I can be in the same room as these fucked up beautiful characters. The amazing thing about the writing though, is that this is exactly what happens. I was part of it. Every bloody step of the way and I will never forget this journey.

“Owning Nora sounded as dangerous as owning a nuclear bomb.”

So, what to expect from The Mistress. I’m not regurgitating the storyline. I don’t need to nor do I want to. If you’ve read the previous books you know what to expect and you’ll be reading The Mistress right now not wanting to read my paltry attempt at doing this book justice and if you haven’t read this series yet, well I’ll say it again, what are you waiting for? Go buy it and see for yourselves what this Authors words can do to your mind and body. She provokes, challenges and makes you question as you laugh, ‘ugly cry’ and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up; the goose bumps lining your arms as you clutch that kindle or paperback to your heart.

The Mistress is, as the previous books, amazingly brilliant, gruesome and harrowing. It’s revealing, passionate and so bloody emotional that I cried for hours….seriously I have never cried so much before from written words on a page.

“They kissed like the world was about to end. Perhaps it was. Perhaps they should all find someone to kiss like that if only to remember they were still alive.” – Grace

Nora had me laughing hysterically one minute then violently crying the next, and re-affirmed her as my favourite heroine bar none. I love her for everything she is.

“Say what one would about Nora Sutherlin, but the woman was a survivor, strong and resilient…She’d been born strong and iron had sharpened iron.”

Søren, be still my pounding heart. No man has ever had such an effect on me as his character. Complex with such power, and a strong façade that hides a genuinely kind heart that loves.  Søren is mesmerising and I am in awe of his all-encompassing beauty.

“He’s the most beautiful man on earth, he’s got an inner drive and power that I’m drawn to, he can scare the shit out of someone with a glance, he can put someone on their knees with a word, he can see into your soul if you make a mistake of looking into his eyes. And it is a mistake because you will never want to look away again no matter how bare and naked he lays your most private self.” – Nora

This series is like no other. It’s erotic and uniquely passionate and romantic, thought provoking and so very clever. The sarcasm, the banter, the lust and obsessive love. It bleeds off the pages.

Yes, I sound like a reader possessed and obsessed even, but I honestly am. I own it, and Tiffany Reisz and her characters own a huge part of my heart, my admiration, respect and love. Always.

They have ALL become my family. Nora, Søren, Kingsley, Griffin, Michael, Wesley, Zack, Grace and Laila. Even Gitte (to be immortalised in the arms of Søren. My life is now complete!)

Everything about this book, the whole series, is breath-taking. I have no more words……

 “Love versus love. King, you’re comparing infinities. There is no ‘more.’ That’s not how love works. If it’s love, it’s infinite. You can’t count it.” – Nora



The final book in The Original Sinners Series – The Red Years.

There’s punishment-and then there’s vengeance.

Nora Sutherlin is being held, bound and naked. Under different circumstances, she would enjoy the situation immensely, but her captor isn’t interested in play. Or pity.

As the reality of her impending peril unfolds, Nora becomes Scheherazade, buying each hour of her life with stories-sensual tales of Søren, Kingsley and Wesley, each of whom has tempted and tested and tortured her in his own way. This, Nora realizes, is her life: nothing so simple, so vanilla, as a mere love triangle for her. It’s a knot in a silken cord, a tangled mass of longings of the body and the heart and the mind. And it may unravel at any moment.

But in Nora’s world, no one is ever truly powerless-a cadre of her friends, protectors and lovers stands ready to do anything to save her, even when the only certainty seems to be sacrifice and heartbreak….

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