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Anika “Inky” Redding is passionate about two things; her love of painting and her fiancé Evan. While working as a bartender to pay her bills, she meets Cole, a sexy divorcee. She denies their mutual attraction and tries to put him out of her mind.

When an abusive person from her childhood makes an unexpected visit, Inky’s world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and truths are exposed leaving Inky devastated and questioning what she thought was love. As she picks up the pieces and tries to move on, she finds her path crosses with Cole once again and this time, she cannot deny the passion between them.

Once she opens her heart again, will she be able to move forward or will her past find a way to stop her?

This is book one, the conclusion, Cole is available now!

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Jenny Once again we go into a book completely blind and once again I really enjoyed it. The title and synopsis of this book intrigued us and so we took a plunge into Inky’s world and what an intense, passionate, heartbreaking, sad and yet witty world it was.

We meet Inky (Anika) as she in the throes of love with her fiancée Evan. He’s everything she’s always wanted and Inky has been there, waiting in the wings, until Evan was ready to finish sewing his wild oats and settle down.  She is in seventh heaven until the day the gorgeous Cole walks into her life and that’s where the story starts to take off. Her past comes back to haunt her at this time and I couldn’t wait to delve deeper and find out all the nitty gritty about Inky’s secrets, to uncover what lay beneath the surface.

“I won’t tell him. That’s your story to tell. But Ink? You should let him in. He loves you. This is part of who you are.”  Aimes

How about you Gitte, did you enjoy this story?

Gitte: I absolutely loved this story Jenny. Classic example of finding a gem and knowing nothing about it. It was intriguing, so very heart-breaking and emotional yet funny and sweet too. I loved all the characters well except for Joe, Inky’s Mum and Cole’s Dad of course. I wanted to pull out a baseball bat on them! The story of Inky swept me away and I loved pretty much every minute of it. Should really mention the cliffy though…..it’s a tough one!!!!

“I’m sweet which can also give the impression that I’m weak. I’m not. I’m sweetness with a potty mouth and an attitude.” – Inky

Jenny: Well, book two is out in a few weeks so we don’t have to wait too long thank goodness! This story was so much more than a story of healing and finding love, finding that soul mate, finding that person who makes you whole. I also loved the friendship side of this story between Inky and Aimes. These two BFF’s were a crack up.  I found myself laughing along with them and I loved how Inky had someone like Aimes in her corner, someone who never judged her, who never pitied her and who always encouraged her.

“Feel whatever you need to feel and get it the fuck out of you. It’s all poison my friend.”Aimes

Aimes shared Inky’s pain and was fiercely protective of her. Aimes was Inky’s rock, her voice of reason and her light relief when life got her down.  I loved the pragmatic, witty Aimes, in fact  I loved them both and I loved their friendship.

Well, ain’t that a pickle?”  –Aimes
“How am I supposed to respond to that?”
– Inky

The electricity between Cole and Inky is intense and you feel the palpable chemistry from that first meeting. As we peel back the layers and discover the horrific past Inky has endured, as we learn the significance of her unique tattoo and the stories behind her art, your heart really does break for Inky, but this girl, despite her hurt and sadness does not let life get her down.

“Everyone asked why I was called Inky or Ink instead of Anika. The meaning behind it though was a different story.”

No siree, she picks herself up, she deals and she attempts to move on as best she can.  I found Inky such a refreshing character and loved how she always seemed to find humour in even the direst of situations. This girl was hiding so much pain behind her carefully constructed façade. What about you Gitte?

Gitte: I loved Inky, she was strong and passionate. After everything she has been through she really is a survivor and at no stage did she annoy me. She is real, a great friend and has a fab sense of humour.

“You’re just, you’re just so, matter of fact about it. It’s like you’re talking about something that happened to someone else.” – Aimes

She dealt so well with her past which comes back to haunt her in a really dramatic and emotional way. I loved the meaning behind her tattoo…a talisman of her pain and her being hurt and degraded. The way this Author described her art and the moments of pain and heart ache was truly beautiful in its ugliness.

“I’d always been guarded emotionally, knowing I was the only person I could depend on.” – Inky

As for her friendship with Aimes, well I just loved these two together.  A true friendship that can never be tested by others. They are there for each other in every way and I laughed and cried with them. Aimes really was the light to Inky’s dark. And on that note….Cole.

Cole was a mystery that I loved to unravel. He was lush! He has his own demons just like Inky, but together, they just worked.

“And plain as day, I saw it; such a terrible loneliness. Maybe he was just as fucked up as I was. What a team.” – Inky

Their chemistry was definitely tangible and they each gave the other what they needed. They were soul mates, no doubt about it. So much drama and pain, so much hurt, yet ultimately amongst the laughter and passion came the healing. I really did love their story!

“I want you to trust me. I want to be your destination, not your distraction.” – Cole

My only complaint is the pet peeve I have. It wouldn’t be fair not to mention it in this review, as I do in all other reviews when this issue crops up. I wish Authors would leave 50 Shades references out of their books. Or any other book characters for that matter now we’re on this topic. This is your book; your characters. I want to enjoy your book without being reminded of others, it takes me out the moment and away from your story. I wish that scene hadn’t been in there, it was unnecessary and it annoyed me sadly.

Overall though I thought the writing was fab, the characters all played a part and I cried, laughed and swooned with them. Now, I can’t wait for the sequel because wow, as I said, what a cliff-hanger!!!

“Then let’s be scared together, Anika. Let me love you the way you should be loved. We’ll take each day as it comes but we have to talk. You have to promise me that if you start to feel panicky at all, you tell me. Don’t walk away. I want to help. I mean it.” – Cole

Jenny:  I completely agree Gitte. I too don’t want to be thinking about another book while I’m deep in the throes of a particular book.  It really is a pet peeve of ours that’s for sure. But it was a tiny blimp and we were soon back on track. Whilst I was swept away with the passion and romance in this story, I certainly also experienced the pain on both sides with Cole carrying his own demons.  Inky and Cole are both such tortured souls, each dealing in their own way but in each other they might have just found an adversary who may be the key to unlocking that pain, and putting it behind them.  Can these two damaged people find a way to heal each other and themselves?

“I want to be with you, even with all the fucked up stuff, because I’m equally fucked. I assure you.”Cole

I really enjoyed this story and I just adored Inky, Cole and the secondary characters. Each added humour and love to this story and each was a breath of fresh air when the sadness of Inky’s story overwhelmed you.  Aimee, Gus, Trish, Anthony and who can forget Abe. I adored him!!

“Abe, I kind of want to kiss you right now, tongue and all.”  Inky
“Ah, well, I’m flattered but you know that’s not how I roll.”

This was a story of friendship, love, soul mates, hurt, pain, healing and finding that one person who knows you, the real you.  It’s about letting go of your past and treasuring your future and it’s all handled with equal doses of emotion and humour.

“Oh I’m sorry I woke you. It’s kind of like waking up next to Chris Isaak. You really don’t want to waste a single minute of the experience.” Inky

We’re glad we found Inky and we certainly enjoyed every minute of that experience and recommend adding this one to your TBR’s. . It does end on a cliffy but Cole, Book Two is due for release on 21st September and we are DYING o get stuck into that one!!

Jenny: 4 Stars
Gitte: 4 Stars

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  1. Jackie P said:

    Thanks so much for this contest! I love series and this one looks perfect:)


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