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The exciting continuation of Breach!

Waking up in the hospital after a terrible car crash, Lila has a long road of recovery ahead of her. More than just her body, she must recover her heart after an altering declaration by Nathan.

With all that happened between them she must chose to forgive him and take him back, or sever all ties. Nathan has a hard road ahead of him to earn back her trust, and doing so will open her up to the possibility of being hurt again. A possibility Lila doesn’t think she can survive.

The secrets Nathan keeps buried, hidden from the world, of the life he used to lead are revealed. They tell the horror of what caused the scars on his body, mind, and heart.

Can Lila and Nathan push through all of the obstacles in front of them? Will the journey be their healing, or their destruction?

infraction collage

 Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

Gitte: So we finally got it; the next instalment in the journey of Lila and Nathan and wow did it make for an emotional and compulsive read. Infraction is about Lila and Nathan primarily healing themselves before they can heal their love for one another and embark on a more stable relationship that’s a little less frantic and intense. Well, for them anyway because you’d be hard pressed to find two more broken souls.

“I once said he was a contradiction, and I was beginning to see I was becoming one myself….” – Lila

We learnt so much about them both individually, through them working out their issues which re-affirmed why I loved them so much in the first place. Sure, we had the steam factor and that filthy mouth of Nathan’s which I LOVE, but there was such added depth and emotion in Infraction that it surpassed my expectations of a sequel.

“This was not the Nathan I knew. The mask was gone, and for the first time I was seeing the true Nathan without any inhibitions. He was raw and lay bare before me. He was stunning. More beautiful than usual in his agony.” – Lila

Lila has to overcome the fear from her past and the threats still invading her life and Nathan has to forgive himself and work through the immense guilt complex he carries around. It’s still gritty, raw and intense but this time we have healing and self – discovery added in, making for a fabulous balanced sequel. Don’t you agree Jenny?

“I’m so sorry. This wouldn’t have happened if I…..” – Nathan

“If you what? Hadn’t left me? Broken me? Left me a shell of the paper thin person I already was before you? If that’s even possible.” – Lila

Jenny:  Oh Honeybear I am in love with this series. It messes with my head, it gives me whiplash and I love every single conflicted minute of it!!!  In Infraction we were treated to a different side of Nathan. We got to scratch the surface of this very troubled and complex man.  Wow, to say Lila and Nate are messed up is an understatement.  What these two have experienced in their pasts is unfathomable.

“Broken heart, broken body, and broken soul. Not sure I can get more broken than that.”

How they deal, mentally and physically may seem foreign to others but to them it’s their abnormal normality.

I loved getting this different perspective of Nathan and I admired Lila for the resolve she held throughout even though inside she wanted to crumble.  These two very damaged souls really do become whole when they are together. Each completes a part of the other that no one can decipher their wants and needs other than them.

We saw so much growth in these characters in Infraction and yes, it exceeded my expectations too Gitte.

Gitte:  We start off where we left off with Lila in the hospital after having been in a car accident. Lila is broken both physically and psychologically and has to learn to trust Nathan, trust love and let go of the ledge of self – protection and independence she clings to. She has to learn to place herself in the hands of others. She has to open her heart, learn to not only believe she is worthy of love but also forgive and learn to trust Nathan too.

“…it’s hard to fight for someone you never thought you deserved…” – Lila

The chemistry is still there, their love such a powerful and tangible emotion, yet we find them trying to learn how to reach each other, work through the stumbling blocks without it turning to a ‘fight’ in the bedroom. The tension and angst is tremendous but so beautiful and honest that when it came to the passion it was off the charts because they are so much more now and we saw and felt their struggle to work at it. Their relationship grew as did my love for these characters.

Possession, obsession and passion … yeah I loved it, it made me tear up several times too! I need lovey hugs Jenny!!

Jenny:  The chemistry is there in spades G, but I was captivated with the way KI Lynn executed this story.  She slowly built us up to a point when the anticipation was so raw and unforgiving! K I Lynn fed us little tidbits, she slowly teased us cruelly and deliciously, allowing us to see the man beneath the filthy mouth and intense, aggressive sexual urges.  We were treated to so much emotion in this Infraction

“He needs to know you love him.” Darren
“I do need to know that, so much.”

For Lila and Nathan, the aggressiveness , the pure animalistic act of their sexual encounters is their key to their communication, it’s their lifeline. To an outsider this may seem foreign, uncomfortable and even wrong, but to the reader the author has you believing, she has you salivating at every expressive, intense and very passionate moment between these two characters.

But in Infraction we experience the other side to this couple as they make headway into moving forward in their relationship, how they learn to deal with their own and each other’s emotional as well as physical needs.

“I’m not much, but I’m all yours.” Everything that I am. I know I’ll fuck up, but I promise you will never feel unloved or unwanted again.”Nathan

I was completely and utterly invested in Nathan and Lila and this book was such a progression in their relationship. Even though opening up, trusting and dealing with their issues is extremely painful  and raw for them, they take that leap and the author really does set the scene for a passionate, gripping and very, very raw instalment.

Gitte: Oh Nathan, you made my heart melt this time, with your patience, your perseverance, your vulnerability and your honesty. The way you looked after Lila…..sigh!! I loved Nathan even more, although we don’t see as much of ‘filthy mouthed Nathan’ in Infraction, we see a side of him that just….well yeah, melts you into a puddle on your kindle. This man is GORGEOUS!!!! Nathan has to put all his cards on the table and let Lila in. His story is heart-breaking and no man could ever not carry demons after the tragedy he’s seen and experienced. He has a lot to learn and let go and he has to work at it. But Nathan knows what he wants so he steps up and goes about achieving just that. He wants Lila!

So yeah I loved Infraction and despite there not being a cliff-hanger, I can’t wait for the third instalment; Reciprocity!!

“Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are, and we can accept all feelings no matter what they are. Remember that. Feelings aren’t wrong. If you can take that in, it will free you up.” – Darren

Jenny:  I absolutely loved this instalment.  He completely melted me and my heart ached for him. Nathan, so lost, so full of pain and Lila, who has never experienced the love and protection every child, every human deserves , sees in Nathan everything she has been denied until this point.

“He was angry for me. I’d never had anyone that passionate about protecting and keeping me happy and safe”

In Lila, Nathan has found his reason for living. This broken woman who has so much to give. Both must open their hearts and minds to the possibilities,  to a future, but it will take work. You can’t undo years of mental and emotional abuse and these two have a long road ahead of them.

“I’m yours. All that I am, if you want it. I’m not much, but I know I can be so much more with you.”

I completely devoured Infraction. I had no idea where the story was going nor where the author was taking us with these characters and I loved twits and turns that ensued. This was another heart-breaking journey of two lost and damaged people trying to heal, trying to love, trying to find happiness and facing their pasts and fighting their demons. It’s painful. It’s intense . It’s honest and raw, It’s passionate, but it’s also injected with humor and warmth and when” Honeybear” come out of that extremely filthy mouth….well….thud!

“I’ve been bad. I need a time out.”

Oh you’ve been bad Nathan. Very, very bad and we wouldn’t change a thing!  I definitely need lovey hugs Honeybear! Bring on Reciprocity I say!

“I want to live again…with you. You’ve changed my world. I’m altered, no longer stuck in purgatory.”

 Gitte: 4.5 Stars
Jenny: 4.5 Stars

ARC Provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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