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Disinherited and disenchanted, photojournalist Hill Deveraux has returned to his hometown and to Sarah James. A quick tumble in her bed and things usually look better for him. However, the Sarah he’s come back to has changed from the girl he walked away from five years ago. There are secrets in her sad eyes and she’s doing everything in her power to push him away. Hill is going to have man up and figure out what she means to him, because every time she tells him to go he’s unable to stay away. When he learns Sarah’s secrets his life and heart will never be the same

sarah mine

Reviewed by Jenny

What started out as a quick read to “fill in a gap” soon turned into a book I’m still thinking about long after turning that last page. Sarah Mine was a beautifully written story that gripped me from the very first page.  It shook me, broke me and had me hanging on every word.

I’ll say this. What this book lacks in length (around 100 pages) it most certainly makes up for in character development and the emotion which seeped from every page. Gritty and raw, this book contained more emotion in 100 pages than some 300+ page reads I’ve picked up.

William Hilton Deveraux (Hill) and Sarah James have been having casual hook-ups over the years that, on first glance, appears to be a toxic arrangement for both concerned.

“But she wasn’t the Sarah I knew. She wasn’t so used up, strung out and gutted by demons I couldn’t even imagine.’ Hill

Sarah and Hill are two very broken individuals, both carrying demons, secrets and heartache.  Sarah especially is weighted down by a past that threatens to shatter her as she sometimes hangs on by a mere thread.

“You aren’t the only lost soul in this house.”

We meet both characters when Hill once again turns up on Sarah’s doorstep after a 4 year absence. This isn’t out of the ordinary as Hill has been seeking out Sarah on his return to his home town of Pierce Point in between Photography assignments on and off over the years, why he returns to a place that appears to hold nothing but painful memories is a mystery.

“She had the biggest, saddest eyes. They gutted me. Slashed through my own crap. They showed me every hit she’d ever taken, every drink to forget her life. Sarah.’Hill

Hill and Sarah seek solace in one another’s bodies as a way to forget their demons, if only for a short time, and each is so devastatingly broken they don’t realise the pain these hook-ups and absences cause. Memories and pain can stay buried for so long.

“Take me, Sarah,” he whispered. “take me where I need to be.” – Hill

Each character had a story to tell and the unravelling of their pasts and the pain contained therein came slowly, painfully and emotionally.  Told in aching alternative POV’s between Hill and Sarah which only added to the intensity of the story,  my heart broke completely for these two lost souls, though it was Sarah who would decimate my heart.

‘Because he had the power to hurt me in ways no one could.’ – Sarah

Sarah really hasn’t known love or kindness in her life. Abused by her father and treated poorly by others, Sarah has had lived most of her life suffering hurt and pain.  Hill makes her forget her pain for the short time he meets up with her but each time he leaves, he shatters her heart once again.

‘After, I would regret. Now, I wanted him. Needed him.’ – Sarah

But Hill has his own baggage – and not just the camera bag and backpack that are the one constant in his life – this man wears the scars of the horrors he’s witnessed through his lens and family issues that have plagued him for some time.

“The things he had seen through his lens had left their mark on him.”Sarah

Yep, these two are pretty effed up that’s for sure and the compassion I felt for both was beyond words. Each left their mark on me and I felt every ounce of pain these characters felt as they dredged up the memories and the secrets which had come to define them.

‘Sometimes you just had to try to outrun your demons’

Jax, as a secondary character was a breath of fresh air between the intensity of Jax and Sarah, and what an amazing brother he was to Hill and I loved how this author wove him intrinsically through the story.

You have to remember the light after you see the dark. It’s why you go back to Sarah. She’s alive, she’s living.” – Jax

Working my way through this Sarah Mine, discovering what triggered the pain for both Hill and Sarah…..Sarah especially, was deeply emotional and reduced me to tears.

I was so moved by this story and nothing was spared in its telling and the only reason I didn’t afford Sarah Mine a higher rating was due to the length.  After getting to know Hill and Sarah, after sharing their conflict and pain and feeling such a connection to them both, I found myself wanting more.  Don’t get me wrong, this was such a well developed story and I was more than satisfied with how the author brought me closure, but I needed more because I was so completely invested in this story.  I didn’t want it to end. I truly hope the author will revisit at some point as these characters stole my heart and I would love to follow their journey further.

I would absolutely recommend adding Sarah Mine to your reading lists.  This book was an intense, gritty, raw, riveting, emotional, passionate, and beautiful.  The chemistry between Hill and Sarah was off the charts.  The tender moments will sear your soul and with every breath you are willing these two to find peace and love within one another.  What an amazing read and I thank the book gods for sending this one my way.

Jenny: 4.0 + stars

  Check out and purchase Sarah Mine by Riann Colton 

Sarah Mine

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