Emma decided to skip the gym and went home early. It was the last easy decision she made because she found her roommate being raped by the boyfriend. She had two choices. Call the cops and be killed by his family’s mafia connections or kill him first and hope to survive. There was no choice to her. She killed the bastard first and went to the one person who could protect her. Carter Reed. He’s a weapon for the rivaling mafia family, but he’s also Emma’s secret. Not only was he best friends with her brother, but she’s the reason he became that weapon in the first place.

carter reed pic

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G – 5 Stars!! 

Jenny:  So this is the first time ever that we have marked a book to read based solely on a cover. Hey, don’t judge us. Have you seen that cover?  Yep, this was one book we were dying to read and it would be an understatement to say it didn’t let us down, wouldn’t it G?

I absolutely LOVED Carter Reed. I was hooked from the first page and my life pretty much went on hold until I turned that last page. I was completely absorbed in every word of this author’s wonderful story.  I adored her writing and she is definitely on my “to buy” list for the future!  And words completely fail me about the hero Carter Reed.

‘I felt like the prey being caught by the predator’ – Emma

Wow! I’m devoid of speech thinking about how utterly delicious and dangerous this man was!  He had such a presence and was such a force. What an amazing job this author did with this character. Every nuance, every word, every movement from this man could be felt through her prose. Needless to say I’ve met my new book boyfriend.  I know you loved this one too G!

Gitte: Oh, are we admitting to being fickle in public Jenny hahaha yes we did indeed mark this to be read, because ‘have you seen this cover??’ And then to find that the story went above and beyond that, well, wow what an absolute treat. I loved this book. I didn’t put it down unless I absolutely had to. I was completely addicted and this Author completed that fantastic hat trick with drama, passion and brilliant characters. Yeah…Carter Reed, what a man. I’m actually speechless as words fail me too when trying to describe just how perfect he is. No doubt Jenny, new book boyfriend alert!!!

“I would declare war for you.”Carter

Jenny:  We’ll only briefly touch on the story because we really don’t want to give a lot away. For us, the enjoyment of this book was being surprised along the way, having our hearts racing, experiencing the suspense, the emotion and I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve been so completely intoxicated with the sexual chemistry between two characters. Sizzling doesn’t even begin to describe it. Every look, every touch and every word between these two passionate characters made me want more!

God, how could I want this man? He was cold, detached. He killed others.’ – Emma

Emma is on the run. Something went down and she’s in all sorts of trouble. The type that could get her killed.  The only person she trusts is her brother’s best friend Carter Reed who has now risen through the ranks of the Mob to become one it’s most valued and dangerous members.  Emma fears Carter on some levels but her brothers last words keep ringing in her head…….

“You don’t trust anyone, no one except Carter. Go to Carter. He’ll take care of everything. He’ll take care of you, Ems. I promise.”  – AJ

Emma has had to learn to be resilient. She’s a survivor. Emma wasn’t afforded the most stable of lives and the vicious murder of her brother some years earlier still haunts her to this day. But Emma realises her only chance of survival rests in the hands of Carter Reed and so she seeks him out.

“I was going to die. It was a matter of time.’Emma

And wow! This story really does take off at that point. So much unfolds and you’re taken on a heart stopping roller coaster ride that’s for sure. Emma remembers Carter from her younger years but he has now become a force in the Mob. Carter Reed. Where to begin to describe the strikingly handsome, cool and calculated man?  Danger, sensuality and sex emanates from every pore of Carter Reed. This man is feared and respected, yet he does have one weakness and that is Emma.  Gitte, you really did feel every intense, passionate and emotional moment that passed between Emma and Carter didn’t you?

Gitte:  I agree Jenny, it would be such a shame for this story to be spoilt for readers as the build-up and pacing is brilliant. The seductive passion, angst, drama and intrigue is palpable. I was so invested from the start, and not having any idea where this story was going to go, had me inhaling every word. My emotions were so high on this journey that I enjoyed every second of it. The chemistry between Emma and Carter is quite frankly so intense I felt every ounce of it. My pulse raced when Emma’s did because Carter’s presence is just so all encompassing, I mean, how you could function when this hot, intense and dangerous man traps you with just a look? Well….I was a goner no doubt about it, my face flushed and I got all tingly, he only had to enter a room or give someone a look and I went all swoony! He was a killer. A ghost in the shadows who was trained to pure perfection. The cold killer. GAH!! I want to go re-read some scenes now!!!

“A different look settled over him, a cold mask covered his face. He was no longer the Carter I knew, the one who held me and kissed me. This was the one who killed, and as that sunk in, everything changed. Time slowed until every second passed in rhythm with my heartbeat.”Emma

As for Emma, I really loved her character too. She was so very vulnerable because of her childhood and what had happened to her brother. Then she goes and commits the ultimate crime but with the purest of intentions setting up the story when she runs to find Carter Reed afterwards.

 “I have been protecting you since you were a child, Emma. I’m not going to stop now.”Carter

Now, despite this vulnerability, Emma had pure strength, she’s a survivor. Yes she felt guilt and conflicted emotions over the sudden path her life has taken, but in a situation where a loved one is threatened, this girl does not hesitate. She pulls her big girlie knickers on and gets the job done. There was nothing weak, annoying or needy about her.   Brilliant heroine that’s for sure!

“Four days ago, I thought my life was ending. Everything had taken a 180 degree turn.” – Emma

“You’re different Ems. We can’t be normal. You’re not normal anymore. I think what you did changed you too…It’s like a part of you died.”Amanda

Jenny:  I agree. I could re-read some of those scenes in a heartbeat and Emma was indeed a kick ass heroine. I loved the storyline, I loved the characters, the secondary characters added so much to the story and I was completely bowled over by this authors writing style. I really don’t know what else I can say about this book without prattling on forever. Definitely a favourite of 2013.  You know that feeling when a book is coming to an end and you’re torn between racing to finish and trying to savour every single delicious, heart stomping moment?  Well, yeah, that me with Carter Reed. I was dreading coming to the end because I knew I would want more and I did! An absolute winner! I LOVED IT!  How would you sum this one up G?  Hmmm do you think we should include the text messages we were sending whilst we were reading?

“You’re mine, Emma. You always have been. I won’t let you go.  Carter

Gitte: Well, this book sure had us burning up our mobile line Jenny! I absolutely loved this story, everything about it. The storyline, the characters and the emotions that I felt whilst reading. The writing was spot on and I’ve got no complaints whatsoever except I just didn’t want it to end and I was gutted to leave Carter behind. Mind you there’s no chance of him ever leaving my heart because he sure made his mark on me!

“This,” he growled in a whisper against my lips. “This is what I wanted that night. I couldn’t contain myself and I had to taste you, but tonight is the night I really have you. You’re mine, Emma. You always have been.” – Carter

Without question this Author has become a one click for me. Carter Reed the book and Carter Reed the man…pure PERFECTION!

ARC Supplied by Author in exchange for an honest review  

Text messages between us throughout  Carter Reed

J:  I have the screaming hots for Carter Reed. This book is bloody awesome! Love it.

G: I’ve had a shit day. Thank God for Carter Reed! That man is seriously HOT. LOVE this book!!!

J: Me too!! Loving it. I can’t put it down. I haven’t moved since I started it. I really need to eat! This man is definitely a knickers changer.  Effing LOVE him and LOVE this book so much!

G:  You can eat later Jubs. This book is like an addiction…keep reading food can wait!! Where are you in Carter other than the obvious lol

J:  I know! I’m seriously addicted at 47%. Where are you?  Geez how hot is the sexual tension and sexual chemistry between Emma and Carter?

G:  I’m about 40%. OMG lucky Emma, the tension and chemistry is killing me but I LOVE it!

J:   Definitely hot and heavy and such a good story!  I’m so into this.

G:  Yeah wow FAB story! And that man is bloody delicious.

J:  He sure bloody is! Hellooo new book boyfriend.

G:  This book is just what I needed. Love this story so much!!!

J:  Me too. This book was perfectly timed. It’s awesome! I don’t want it to end. Did I say I loved Carter?

G:  Me neither, I don’t want to let go of Carter!!

J:  Okay, I haven’t eaten or moved since starting this book and just finished it.  I have to say it…….I fucking LOVE CARTER REED.  I want more!!

G:  I’m at 90% and fuck a duck I bloody love this man and wish I was being watched over by him all day and umm at night lmao

J:  Ha! That doesn’t even sound creepy lol  Oh geez, we’re going to be suffering a major book hangover after this!!  Debrief tomorrow at 5pm my G! Be sure to grab a coffee and I’ll call you because we need to discuss this book and this man!!!

G: It’s a date Jubs! Book hangover is an understatement!!


Carter Reed

Our Review
Amazon us || Amazon uk || Amazon au

Amazon us || Amazon uk || Amazon au


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