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“Sometimes there is a single moment that changes your life forever.”

Hadie Swinton is giving up on boys.

After a disastrous relationship, she is convinced that all males are the same—arrogant, self-assured, and complete jerks.

Lincoln Bracks is giving up on his old life.

After moving to a new town to escape the problems plaguing him, he is set against ever getting close to anyone again.

When Hadie and Lincoln’s worlds collide, their intrigue for one another leads them to open up to each other against their better judgment. Despite the attraction that is pulling them together, insecurities, secrets, and shattered hopes stand in the way of them ever being together.

At a time when darkness consumes their lives, Hadie and Lincoln learn that hope and love can still be found in the most unlikely place.

*Recommended for mature readers aged 17+ due to language and sexual content

**This is the second book in the With Me series but can be read as a stand-alone

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Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

Gitte: Wow Jenny, this one is going to be hard to review without spoiling it for readers! Can we just say: beautiful, emotional and brilliantly written story please go buy it, you won’t be disappointed? Oh and make sure you pick up a giant sized pack of tissues for those big fat tears and spontaneous nose drips? HA! Yeah let’s just do that! What do you say Jenny?

“You have a choice. You can stick to what you’re used to or you can try something new and different. You don’t have to love it, but change is inevitable no matter how hard you try to resist it.” – Lincoln

Jenny: I’ve thought and thought about how to review Falling For Hadie since finishing it because it would be so hard to spoil this one for readers and I think you pretty much summed it up there.  I cried like a baby – snotty crying at one point and yes, I most definitely did experience emotional turmoil throughout with dread in my stomach at times.

‘Hadie had become my everything.’ – Lincoln

‘Loving him was like taking a leap into the unknown…….’- Hadie

I agree in that I simply just want to say…  “buy this book” and leave it at that but I guess we should elaborate further G.

Gitte: We didn’t actually know much going into this story did we Jenny? Never mind that it’s a series! The rest have been added to our kindles because this Author sure can write! If you pick it up start from the beginning. Even though we were fine, we’re anal about reading order, so if you’re like us you’re going to want to start with book one.

This story is about Hadie and Lincoln and wow….it was beautiful, so honest and real with a real important message. Both were such amazing characters and I loved them.  Hadie, because she was straight down the line. She was a clued up sweet girl with a sense of humour, she wasn’t whiney or annoying.

“At first you didn’t tell me because you didn’t know me well enough. And then you couldn’t tell me because you knew me too well.” – Hadie

Her actions and reactions were understandable and her feelings made sense in the great divide of high school cliques.

“I was a boring book nerd and he was the popular jock. I should’ve known better.” – Hadie

As for Lincoln….GAH! This boy sure was special. He had me laughing till it hurt….

“Wow no wonder the poor girl was in such a bad mood. If my parents had named me Hadassah, I would’ve sued them.” – Lincoln

….crying till I couldn’t see anything out of my puffy eyes….

“Sometimes there is a single moment that changes your life forever. After that moment, nothing feels the same anymore. You try to get back into your normal routine, but something is different, something’s changed. Finally, you realize that everything is just the same as it always was. The only thing different is you. Hadie, you are that moment…and you have changed me forever.” – Lincoln

…..and swooning till I was a puddle on the floor…..

“You’re not pathetic. You are beautiful and you are confident and you know what you want in life. Everything you do amazes me. Everything you say resonates with me. Don’t ever tell yourself that you’re not good enough. You are better than good enough; you are perfect.” – Lincoln

You loved these characters too right Jenny?!

Jenny: All we knew about this book is someone said we would cry buckets and well….we’re kind of gluttons for punishment in the emotional stakes so we thought we’d give it a go and what an amazing albeit heart wrenching story it turned out to be.  It definitely put us through the wringer and I know our text messages (which we can’t show for fear of spoilers) were mostly made up of consoling one another.

“There’s nothing wrong with what you’re feeling. It just shows that you care, and that’s a good thing. It’s better than being cold and unfeeling, or treating others badly because you don’t give a damn.” – Eddie

Hadie and Lincoln were both such truly inspirational characters. Each possessing a beauty both outside and inside – two people who had suffered hurt and rejection who found a healing in each other but this story goes far, far deeper than that.

‘She had this way of affecting every part of me, like she understood me without having to explain a thing.’ – Lincoln

I have to say G I had NO IDEA early on what the secret was that Lincoln was hiding – I was clueless. I know you picked it earlier on but I was left wondering – or should that say…hoping that it would all turn out for Lincoln and Hadie as I genuinely loved and felt for these two character.

‘Hadie had found her way into my heart. At a time when I thought the world was cruel and hopeless, she had entered it. Now, I didn’t want her to leave.’ – Lincoln

I was gutted when we realised we had started on book two but as you say, we didn’t miss a lot by not reading the first one…it’s just our nervous tic about reading in order that suffered.

“I nodded, amazed that this girl, who hadn’t been a part of my life up until two months ago, understood me so well.’ – Lincoln

There was so much to Lincoln and experiencing the story unfold in dual POV’s really did have you on the edge of your seat and your heart hitting your toes at times when his story began unravelling. Wow, this author certainly gave us an emotional ride. Linoln’s secret crushed me. Hadie and Lincoln’s love consumed me and their story is one I won’t forget in a hurry.  It was poignant, touching, beautiful and shredded my heart but I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world.

“You should never regret the things that make you happy.” – Lincoln

Falling for Hadie is a book I recommend picking up if you’re looking for something real, something emotional. Beautifully written, beautifully moving.

Gitte: I loved so much about Falling for Hadie. I loved the build-up of a special friendship, the humour, tension and silliness as well as the ‘getting to know you’ stage before it became so much more than that, overwhelmingly so.  Two hurt and vulnerable people who found each other and saw past their strong defensive exterior.

“Where’s the pole?” – Lincoln

“What pole?” – Hadie

“The one that’s stuck up your ass.” – Lincoln

I loved the POV changes, it made this stunning YA contemporary so complete, an intriguing mystery, and it was almost perfect. I say almost because I thought an aspect of a couple of ‘story lines’ were overwritten and unrealistically taken too far in the face of the crux of the story. Namely Lincoln’s Mum and sister. I just didn’t believe that their behaviour would have been that extreme. That’s all I’m going to say about that though because really, this story is a must read for its beauty, its characters and it’s poignant messages.

“When you love someone, you would do anything for them, not anything to destroy them.”

 Gitte and Jenny: 4.5 Stars

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falling for hadie cover


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