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It is 1963. Being gay is a sin against God. And twenty-eight year old mechanic Will meets Bran for the first time.

Over the years a close bond forms between them despite the seventeen year age difference. Will teaches Bran to swim and helps him with homework. The years pass, Bran drops out of school and moves away.

Then Bran comes home. Can Will move past their age difference? And if he does, how can he keep Bran in 1970 America?

A beautifully told tale of love and loss told from the viewpoint of a deeply closeted gay man at the very beginning of the American Gay and Lesbian Rights movement.


Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

Gitte & Jenny : 5 Stars 

Gitte: One More Soldier is one of those stories, that despite being so short, every word counts and packs a punch. It was hard hitting, it touched upon a sensitive topic and it has incredible heart. I fell in complete book love, and reading it in one sitting, my emotions spiralled so quickly, I may have forgotten to breathe followed by the flood gates opening. Seriously Jenny, I think we just cried on the phone to each other when we finished, we couldn’t even talk right? An absolutely beautiful and heart felt story that leaves you thinking about the characters for days after, wanting to re-read it to see if anything has changed, hoping it has….GAH I’m sobbing writing this!

“I wished I was brave like him. I wished I was strong. I wished I could make a difference.” – Will

Jenny: The phrase “quality over quantity” couldn’t be more apt than in this story.  What it lacks in numerous pages, it more than makes up for in execution and emotion.  This story is told with so much realness and feeling that yes Gitte, talking about it afterwards on the phone was indeed emotional. The story is so flawlessly told and elicited such a high level of emotion from me. What an experience this story was.

“I worked with a black guy on the ranch. He was always talking about a ‘race war’. Well our people are fighting a war too….. There are men like us living their lives out in the open. Not hiding at all. Every single one of them is a soldier in our war.” -Bran

Gitte: Marie Sexton writes outstanding characters. They have such depth and you really feel you know them. I have to say I’m in awe at just what this Author can manage to convey in such few words. It truly was inspirational. I love this Author’s writing!! Don’t you agree Jenny?

Jenny: Absolutely Gitte. I admire any author who can draw a reader in, have you feel part of a story and have you experience such an intense level of feeling, awe is most definitely a perfect description of Marie Sexton’s writing talent.

Gitte: I actually don’t feel like there’s much we can say about this story without spoiling it other than the fact that it’s a must read for m/m readers. The emotion is intense and heartfelt as you’re taken on a journey with two brilliant characters that show love, devotion and courage in the face of so many social obstacles. It truly was beautiful, Bran and Will stole my heart!!

“It’s okay to be scared…” – Will

JennyThere really isn’t anything we can add except to say this is an absolutel MUST READ for lovers of this genre. Intense, emotional, beautiful and heartbreaking with a message that bears repeating time and time again.  So much emotion and richness in such a short story.  Bran and Will. Special characters in a truly special story.


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one more soldier

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