the end of games


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The words are still burning a hole in Evie Evans’ mind and undergarments. Not that she really has time to think about it. Not with the world ending, as always, and the kids’ school starting back up.
But when Evie and the team stumble upon something no one expected, her and Servario are reunited much sooner than anticipated. Only the reunion is not the one they had planned.
Once again she finds herself in the arms of the bad guy and making alliances with the wrong side.


Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

G&J: 4.5 Stars

Gitte: I love love love this series so bloody much. I may not understand what’s going on at times because of the speed at which it’s written, but the humour, the suspense and action, the characters and the passion. Well it’s overwhelmingly addictive and riveting. It’s a page turner I just couldn’t put down and I am D.Y.I.N.G for the next instalment. Seriously, I haven’t got much to say other than read this series and fall in love and become part of a continuing heart stopping journey with twists and turns at every corner. Tara Brown is a fantastic Author, her writing style is brilliant and her sense of humour is magical. My girl crush continues and quite frankly I can’t see me ever being disappointed! The sexual tension and the banter is perfection. The switching of affection gives you whiplash and at times I wish we could just make a nice tidy sandwich!

 ‘What if it was Servario trying to kill me, like he’d threatened to do tons of times? I had no answer that I could trust. I knew my vagina’s answer was a hearty no. But I couldn’t trust that slut.’ – Evie

You loved this one too right Jenny?

Jenny:  Yes I did!!!  We fell head over heels for the Single Lady Spy series in The End of Me and I think our love of this series only intensified with this installment. I have to say Evie became even more kick arse and funny in this one but still retained that down to earth Evie we know and love.

“I don’t know. That reckless girl I once was is gone. I have to be a mom, Coop. I have to live for my kids.” – Evie

The End of Games was funny, hot, suspenseful and action packed – these books are like a movie on paper.  Tara Brown has done such an excellent job with this book, and series so far, and her writing allows me to picture every piece of conflict, interaction and spine tingling suspense, crazy banter – all as if it’s unfolding in front of me like a movie. I need more!!!

Gitte:  Evie still floors me, she is proper kick arse and funny and so cool, once she is in her ‘spy mode’ bloody hell!!!! Coop….sigh….I love him, he’s one of my favourite book boyfriends no question, he’s so ‘tongue in cheek’ and sod the age difference this guy is all man and has a wicked sense of humour.

“You are that hot cougar who was able to land a stud like me. Clearly you can suck a watermelon through a garden hose.” – Coop

As for Servario, I hate him, hate him hate him hate him….but I also kind of love him GAH!!!!

“Dear God, why? Don’t do that. Why do you always have to let me see ALL the things you do? Why can’t there be a little mystery with you, Evie? You pass gas, burp, eat too fast and lick your fingers. You take all the covers and then kick them off and I’m freezing. You are like, like a…like a wife.” – Servario

Both blokes have compassion and vulnerability, yet one shows it more than the other. But it’s there, and I am gagging to find out how Tara Brown is going to sort this one out for her readers that’s for sure, because there are teams out there and one will be sorely disappointed!

Oh and I can’t forget to give props to Evie’s Mum…..SHE KICKS ARSE!!!

“Time to stop fucking around, Evie and end him the right way. None of this looking away like you’re a fragile little lamb. You hold the gun to his fucking head and splatter his face everywhere.”

The drama and mystery of the Burrow continues and people aren’t who they say they are and there’s so much going on, that yes at times, I was sat there thinking, I have NO clue what’s happening. BUT…..that’s okay because that’s probably just me. The thrilling suspense overrides, but the personal development aspect moves along flawlessly and effortlessly alongside the drama. NICE ONE!!!!

‘End of Games’ really blew my mind, you felt the same didn’t you Jenny?

Jenny:  I absolutely did G! No doubt about it.  Ohhhh…..Coop!! Well, it’s no secret we were on opposing teams in The End of Me. I was Team Coop and you were Team Sevario and I’m so happy you’ve come over to the Coop side because he bloody DIVINE in this book.  I needed to take a moment when Coop donned a cowboy hat and embraced the cowboy lifestyle.

‘He wore a white t-shirt that hugged his chest and arms, arms I wanted to bit. The belt buckle was the worst. I felt like a raven staring at the shiny object, entranced in its location and size. The tight jeans were too much….praying I didn’t just orgasm from sexy-guy overload.’ – Evie

Lord have mercy that man is one fine piece of……..aaaaagent.  His constant piss taking of Evie delights me and I just love him.

“You know the problem for me though? You make it too easy for me. I like the chase. I’m not like Servario. I don’t want you conflicted about me. I want you to admit you want me, as bad as you know I want you. We could have a fun time if you did, Evie.” -Coop

Say yes Evie….for the love of all women out there….say yes!!!!

Evie is still my girl.  She’s a mother/agent/daughter/lover who, as a mother, never stops worrying about her kids, as an agent she shows guts, determination and savvy but as a person, she has no qualms about acknowledging her downfalls.  She is so down to earth and has all the self-doubts women have, and she is one kick arse and fun heroine.

I love that she’s so down to earth even when she has no filter where “private” matters are concerned.  Haha, you can just visualise poor Coop and Sevario cringing at her forthrightness.

I have to say this series just gets better if that’s at all possible.  My heart was racing, my adrenaline was pumping, I was constantly fanning myself with the heat factor and my funny bone was aching by the end of this book yet there were times when my heart ached for Evie and the life thrust upon her. These books provide the perfect escape and if ever there was a story made for the big screen this is it!

“You are going to get it, Evie, and I guarantee you’re going to like it.”

I loved the way Tara Brown always kept us hanging by a thread. Just when we think we’ve solved the riddle she throws another curveball at us. Loved it. Can’t wait for more…..and… Team Coop all the way for me.  I’ll never be swayed!!



amazon us || amazon uk

amazon us || amazon uk

THE END OF TOMORROW – Releasing soon!


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  1. scseals said:

    As always, Love the review ladies. I have, The End of Me, on my ipad. Now, I must hurry up and read it. Will follow it with, The End of Games. Can’t wait.


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