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Warning: This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content. It’s intended to be read by mature audiences.

Part one of a two part series.

There are three things Lily Evans immediately notices about her new neighbor, Jay Lincoln. The first is his monstrous size, the second is the malicious way he glares at her, and thirdly, but most importantly, the three scars that mark his right eye. She knows the smart thing to do is stay away, but she has never met or seen anyone like him. The more time she spends with this frightening yet captivating man, the harder it becomes. He can make her hairs stand on end but he also has a sweetness to him that tugs at her heart. Soon she finds herself merged into his world full of murder, revenge, and deceit.

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Jenny & Gitte: 4 Stars

Gitte: Oooh we found another good one didn’t we Jenny, this is so exciting! Granted the beginning was painfully slow at times and the heroine was kind of juvenile to begin with but, and this is a HUGE BUT, about halfway through it got so good I just couldn’t put it down! It got chock full of thrills, passion, suspense and emotion as well as a revelation written with such emotion it had me in floods of tears.

“…revenge is an ugly seed, and once it’s planted it soaks into your veins, feeding off your cells until they grow as black and dark as it is, eventually casting an ominous mask over your soul.”

The story, once it picked up and gained a frightening momentum, was brilliant and I actually had no idea at all where it was going. I LOVED that! There were also some seriously messed up characters in this story but they added to the mystery and intrigue for sure. It was a crazy ride once it got going!

Hmmm, also, should I be worried that I’m continuously falling in love with hit men and killers? As long as it’s for the greater good, right Jenny…right??!!

So yeah after a slow beginning Marked gets dark, disturbing and full of weapons and scary people with hot nookie thrown in. It had a hero I fell in love with, who made me go all tingly, and a heroine who was a bit blah and childish only to turn into a kick arse chick with a gun! Oh, and it had a character called Vault who I really really want more of, wow!! So, it doesn’t have a cliffy as such but it leaves you gagging for book #2 that’s for sure!

It got good didn’t it Jenny and I love how it has a warning saying “This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content. It’s intended to be read by mature audiences,” it totally sold us didn’t it and we can pretend to be mature, no?!

Jenny:  we can pretend G but no one would believe us hehe.   This did turn into a really good read heart thumping read after a bit of a bumpy start.  I must admit I nearly gave up at 25% because it wasn’t grabbing me and yes, the heroine sounds very juvenile and she kind of grated on me but you were a bit further along and told me I had to continue and well…I trust my book soul mate so I did.  And….I’m  thank god because once this hit its straps I couldn’t put it down.  Mind you, I think Jay had a lot to do with that *wink, wink*.  He was the triple D’s…. delicious, dangerous and divine – and just what how we like ’em! Hmmmm should I be worried that I’m falling for these dangers, with a capital D, men right along with you G?  What is it about them?  Oh that’s right….they’re deadly and HOT!!! And yeah…we’re taking one for the team girlfriend!   Hmmm now where were we?

“You destroyed me with that kiss, babe. Fucking destroyed me.” – Jay

Sigh……Oh yeah, this one certainly flummoxed me too. Every time we’d discuss this when we were reading it we’d start with “I have no idea where this is going” – it certainly led us on a merry dance and had our adrenaline pumping at times and fanning myself at others.

Gitte: I have to say I wasn’t too sure about the heroine Lily at first and I know you had the same issue didn’t you Jenny? I suppose her voice belied her age and she came across very childish or naïve even. However, she’s suffered through an abusive relationship followed by a horrific incident then she finds her true strength and toughens up. This girl really comes into her own and I loved her for it as I watched her character grow.

“With every passing day you look more like the loving kind-hearted Lily we love, and not the meek, docile girl who possessed you for the past two years.”

Jenny: No Gitte, I couldn’t warm to Lily at first. She was so irritating and I didn’t really find her naive, just childish but she had certainly had her fair share of pain and suffering and once she did grow and had the guidance of Jay I actually did warm to her and quite liked her by the end.

Gitte: Now, Jay…huge sigh…yes I sigh a lot…but SIGH!!! He’s an enigma, we know he’s big, scarred and scary but wow. He’s so much more. He’s a man with a past so wicked and tragic it’s no surprise he finds it difficult to show emotion and let Lily in. But when he does…again…SIGH!!!! This guy is HOT and I loved him!

‘Jay is a magnetic force that pulls me in, sucks me into a vortex. I want to know him, even the parts of him that frighten me, and God help me but I’ve never been more turned on at the sight of a man in my life, scars and all.’

Such a complex character, so intense and so bloody alpha and hard….yeah I said hard but in the masculine sense…oh…that didn’t sound much better really. He’s a killer with a past that would leave you scared of your own shadow!

“Do I scare you?” – Jay

‘What he’s capable of and the dark evil look in his eyes possess may frighten me, but I know without a doubt he would never harm me.’ – Lily

Jay’s world collides with Lily’s and a crazy arse journey of romance, violence and passion begins building up to a revelation that will leave you with goose-bumps and a hurting heart. To be continued……

Jenny: Jay, Jay ,Jay……wow! I did love this man and the scenes with Lily were certainly HOT! Just when I thought I knew him, I didn’t and I loved that he sent me on a merry chase and kept me wondering.  I really felt for him and the wall he had built around himself, how his heart was hardened until Lily came along.

“Don’t forget your promise from last night, okay?”
“I haven’t, and I won’t.”

The word fear doesn’t exist in this man vocabulary. He’s one cool customer and ummm knows his way around a woman’s body.  Not to mention bad arse alpha.  Pass the ice cubes please!

It was passionate and suspenseful and one hell of a ride….oh and that ending!!! I want more Marked and I want it NOW!





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One Comment:

  1. joanyb said:

    Totally agree with you guy on this book, can’t wait for the next part.


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