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The consequences of a moment can last a lifetime.

Gabriella Ross suffered every bride’s worst nightmare: a no-show groom. Now summer stretches before her with nowhere to go but home, at least until it’s time to go back to medical school.

Determined to prove she might be down but definitely not out, she chucks all her old plans in favor of having a good time—starting with giving herself a pair of wings. Tattooed wings, that is, in the form of a phoenix on her back.

When everyone else at Dermamania chickens out at the prospect of putting the gorgeous, perfect skin of the boss’s big sister under the needle, Ian Rhodes finds himself stepping up. Then unexpectedly connecting with her through tears that have nothing to do with the pain of getting inked.

Attraction flares into one hot night that was supposed to stay that way—single, and secret. But best laid plans have a way of getting blown out of the water. Now two perfect strangers must plan for a very different future…beginning with whether there’s enough common ground to spend it together.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, Ross family drama, reuniting with beloved old friends…and a hot tattooed, Harley-riding hero who doesn’t mind being robbed from the cradle.

take me

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G ~ 4 Stars

Jenny:  Gitte, we’re such huge fans of Cherrie Lynn and this series and were eagerly awaiting the release of Gabriella Ross’s story and we have to say this one didn’t disappoint.

“You’re the phoenix rising from the ashes. I’m honoured I could be the one to let you express that.” – Ian

36 year old Gabriella’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to move home to her parents after being jilted at the alter by her ex fiancé Mark.  After picking up the pieces following such a humiliating and painful experience, Gabriella decides to move forward with her life, pursue her career of becoming a doctor and to rely only on herself.  But…..life has different plans for Gabriella in the form of the smoking hot, sex on legs Ian Rhodes. This young, tattooed Harley riding bad boy with a heart of gold might just put a spanner in the works in a BIG way after a one night stand ends up with complications neither expected.  This was one hot, passionate and escape inducing read wasn’t it Gitte?

Gitte: Oh wow was it ever Jenny! I absolutely love Cherrie Lynn, she can do no wrong in my eyes. Her writing is class, her characters are always completely lovable and H.O.T indeed. There’s always so much display of strength, passion and humour which makes this series such a compelling and addictive read.

“The pain is cathartic. So I’ll shut the door if you want, and you can cry, or cuss him or scream, do whatever. I’m cool with any of it. And we’ll get this done, and it’ll be this beautiful testament to some very harsh shit you went through only to come out stronger on the other side.” – Ian

I have to say this one was no exception and I really loved being back with everyone whilst getting Gabriella and Ian’s story. I fell in love with them both and…..wow Ian…..Enough said!!!!

Jenny:  I loved Gabriella.  I loved her feistiness as much as I loved her softness and my heart went out to her time and again throughout Take Me On. Her story was told with humor, passion and love and these two were sizzling and once again Cherrie Lynn delivered in the hotness stakes!

“God, that’s hot,”…..”Seeing it. Wanting It. Knowing I can have it.” – Gabriella
“Take it, Gabriella. You can have it. You can have it whenever and however you want it. Fuck it, baby. Fuck it good. Make it yours.” – Ian

Gulp! See what we mean”?

Gabriella has the love of her sometimes overbearing but always supportive and loving family and she has the love of Ian. What I really loved apart from the relationship with Gabriella and Ian was spending more time with the other Ross family.  Watching the interactions and seeing the different perspective were shown by Evan, Brian, Candace and Kelsey.  Brian in particular cracked me up in this book and we saw such a development of his character from when we first met him in Rock Me.

“What are you, a fuckin’ vampire? You’re my guest. Enter.” – Brian

We’ve been through so much with these characters and in Take Me On we got to see them in a different light and I particularly enjoyed that aspect of this story.  Ian Rhodes!! Dear lord. Was this guy gorgeous! Cherrie never fails to deliver us another book boyfriend does she Gitte and Ian was no exception!

Gitte: She sure doesn’t Jenny. I fell in complete lust and love with Ian. He hasn’t had it easy but his heart is pure gold and well….he’s pretty good at dirty talking too!!

“I’d love to take you home and fuck you senseless, if that’s what you’re after.” – Ian

The journey this gorgeous man took Gabriella on was enticing, sweet and wow so passionate. And I agree Jenny. The heavy presence of Evan, Brian, Candace and Kelsey made it so much more than it could have been. The friendships, family ties and honest and basic love was brilliant to experience. I laugh and swooned all the way through. Though I wouldn’t mind having a few stern words with Mr. & Mrs. Ross!!!

Yeah, so as I mentioned earlier, I especially loved Gabriella. She was an older heroine and they are few and far between at the moment and I loved that, so refreshing. Especially considering Ian is a good few years younger than her. She’s a bit of a perfectionist set on achieving goals and being responsible. Though, you can’t force a life that needs the spontaneity and the passion too in order to get the most out of living.  Gabriella needs to feel, she needs excitement and to ‘let her hair get messed up’. She needs to proper live again. Though trust Brian to explain it so bloke-ishly:

“She’s kind of going through this….thing. I think it’s an early midlife crisis.” – Brian

J&G:  Take On Me was another great addition to the Ross Siblings series and it’s a series we never tire of reading. We’re always excited when a new book is in the works because we know we’ll be treated to a sexy, fun and romantic read with characters that will steal our hearts and have us fanning ourselves in equal measures.

The Ross family are a strong and overbearing bunch but they all love deeply and share a loyalty beyond reproach and it’s portrayed so beautifully in this book.

‘Gabby looked around at her family with absolute love and happiness. They got on her nerves. They pissed her off. But damn if they didn’t rally when one of them was threatened or in trouble…..’

Another winner from Cherrie Lynn. We loved it. We lived it and we couldn’t put it down.

*ARC received for an honest review*


(Each can be read as standalone’s)


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