seasons of sorrow


Just a few short months after her son’s birth, Charlotte Fallon faces a parent’s worst nightmare. In her darkest hour, she finds herself abandoned by her husband, Derek,left to deal with her heartbreak alone. Jobless and with very little money, she fights to regain her footing.

As the months pass, secrets her husband managed to bury are unearthed and she wonders if she ever truly knew him. As the truth continues to come to light, Derek’s business partner and Charlotte’s friend, Gregory Swift, steps in to help her deal with the repercussions of her husband’s betrayal.

Seasons come and go, and, as Charlotte begins to return to life, she realizes that she is much stronger than she believed. And while a pain this deep can never be forgotten, Charlotte learns there is room for joy in the future as the wounds heal. Even a winter of sorrow can eventually warm into a summer of sweetness.


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

G&J: 4.5 Stars

Gitte: Oh wow, talk about a beautiful and emotionally harrowing story, Jenny. I think any Mum or Dad who reads this story will feel a pang in his and her chest and no doubt shed many tears. I know I did. Seasons of Sorrow was brilliantly written, it was honest, raw and extremely haunting.  The crux of the storyline broke my heart, the loss of a treasured loved one, a child no less and the loss of life as you know it at the same time, through no fault of your own.  It was quite a journey!

“It’s just a lot harder than I thought it would be.” – Charlie

“What is?” – Brandy

“Pretending to be normal.” – Charlie

This story is about a woman who loses everything yet through friendship, humour, passion and a second chance at honest true love learns that it is okay to grieve yet live life to the fullest and it’s okay to love again. This story is about Charlie learning to overcome grief, cope with the ultimate betrayal and deception as well as making a surprising discovery which changes her life forever, for the better.

‘Charlotte missed being held, missed having another person beside her, holding her close.’

It was truly both a heart-warming and heart-breaking journey and I lived every second alongside Charlie until the end, she had a hell of a mountain to climb. This woman showed such incredible strength didn’t she, Jenny? She was truthfully an inspiration!

I thought all the characters in this story were really well written, I fell in complete love with her friends, especially Greg!!!!

“There’s something in the air between us. It’s so thick and strong that I can practically see it. It’s almost tangible.”

That man is amazing, for everything he’s been through, everything he does and everything he feels. What a complete rock! He was amazing wasn’t he Jenny?

Jenny: Oh Gitte, I love a friends to lover’s story and this one was so beautifully written with the events leading to Greg and Charlotte confronting their feelings being tragic, haunting and heartbreaking to say the least.

‘It was like a dream. A nightmare.’ – Charlotte

Ahh Gitte, Greg  was a truly wonderful man. He was patient, caring, loving, supportive and loyal despite having to stand in the wings and watch Charlie share her life with another man who didn’t deserve her. When Charlotte was at her lowest ebb, when she was overwhelmed with heartache, Greg would be there to take her pain and be her strength when all seemed lost to Charlotte. He stole my heart with his tenderness and his unwavering love for Charlotte, especially when he had to lay witness to her world crumbling before her eyes.

“It hurts,” “It’s too much I can’t take it.” ……….”I can’t take it.”– Charlotte
“Give it to me. I’ll take it for you.” – Greg


As a mother you can’t even begin to comprehend the utter loss and despair you would experience over the passing of a child. How would you ever cope if you were in Charlotte’s situation?  Well, this author certainly did a splendid job of handling such a tragic and sad subject with sensitivity, warmth, humor, hope, beauty and a great deal of heart.

“It’s okay to let go, Charlotte. You’re safe with me.” – Greg

Initially it was akin to experiencing a person’s feelings through a journal because Charlotte’s emotions felt so raw and even without the heartfelt message from the author in the forward, it was clear to see that this story came from the heart. You almost felt as if C.C. Wood left a little bit of her soul on the pages of Seasons of Sorrow and as a result I felt this story deep in my heart.

“Thank you.”  – Charlie
“For what?” – Greg
“For knowing what I need before I do.” – Charlie

Charlie’s journey was poignant and unfeigned, painful yet uplifting. As Charlotte became trapped in her grief and all seemed lost to her she had to learn to move forward and reassess her life and in the process Charlie learnt so much about herself. She showed strength of character even she wouldn’t have realised she was capable of.  Yes Gitte, she truly was an inspirational woman.

“How can you ask me that, B? I’ve always done what was expected of me, bent over backwards to please everyone else, and what has that gotten me? I’ve lost everything. I don’t even recognize myself.” – Charlie

I have to make special mention of her BFF Brandy. Every girl needs a Brandy by their side! This is one of those special reads that always claim a place in your heart.

G&J: In life, we can face many tragedies of different proportions and it’s hard to know how and if we can possible overcome the mental and physical pain, the grief and the battle to continue to live life to its full potential. The message in Seasons of Sorrow is quite beautiful and has significant relevance, as well as being inspiring and hopeful.

“If you’re angry, then yell. If you’re sad, then cry. If something makes you happy, don’t be afraid to smile. There is no handbook for grief. You have to take things as they come.” – Greg

There is no measure of grief, no measure of the importance of friendship nor love. Our memories will always stay with us no matter how our life may change no matter how we move on in life and heal.  C.C Wood wrote a truly beautiful and moving story that needs and deserves to be read!

“Only you can decide when you’re ready to move forward with your life or fall in love again. You have to do what is best for you…” – Greg 

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


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Seasons of Sorrow

Seasons of Sorrow

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  1. cc_wood said:

    Thank you again for such a lovely review, ladies. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. <3


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