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Gitte:  I have to start off with saying how much I bloody love Pam Godwin’s writing style, it comes across effortless and through its beauty it evokes intense emotions and images of the scenes so vividly that it’s as if I’m watching them play out, with my heart in my throat. I loved this unique story of Liv & Josh, I felt as if I’d been through a gruelling experience of abuse, violence and darkness with a heart breaking romance amongst it all. It was absolutely mind blowing at times. However, I would have loved some of the loose ends tied up or at least explained as well as more ‘afters’ which I think the characters and I deserved after such a harrowing journey. But that’s just me. I just needed more from this standalone I guess as I felt the end came across a tad rushed leaving me with more questions than answers.

So Jenny, this was different wasn’t it?! I’m not sure why, but my emotions were all over the place in the beginning of Deliver, more so than usual for this type of story. I wonder whether this is because the victim was a man and the captor was a woman?

“I am deliverer. I deliver the strikes that enforce your obedience…”

A gentle gorgeous giant on a path in life so starkly different to that of his captor. Did you feel the same?

Jenny: Totally agree G. Pam’s writing is truly beautiful to read and the flow of her writing is a dream. I really did enjoy Deliver and I have to say that it played out quite differently to how I expected it would.

This story did feel quite different, unique in some ways,  because of the role reversal to what we generally read in this genre. This story did seem particularly gut wrenching for me because the captive was a beautiful, pure, loyal, wise beyond his years, stoic young man.

“We may not be trapped for the same reason, but we’re looking in the same direction, reaching beyond these walls.”

My heart lurched as Josh’s  innocent life became the stuff of nightmares, and I don’t know if it’s because I have a son, but I found this story, especially the beginning of Josh’s torment particularly harrowing and dreaded what was to become of Josh. My gut twisted and it was with a sense of foreboding that I proceeded with this story as Josh became ensnared in a sex slave trafficking nightmare at hands of some abhorrent and despicable human beings.

Liv and Josh’s story, and it really is both their story to tell, was one of enlightenment and hope borne played out in the most gruesome, sickening and despicable of situations.

“Mistress, I love our smile. If I could free it once a day, it might make the next ten weeks bearable. Would smiling cause conflict in your job?” – Josh

Both characters were pawns in a deadly and cruel game, where money is king and where lives are bought and sold without a second glance or a thought for the devastation left in its wake. Deliver delivered the majority of the time for me and my only gripe as such was the same as you Gitte. I felt the end was rushed and we were left with many questions at the end. I was a bit confused with the way the story ended as like you Gitte, I believed this book to be a standalone and as such, I would have expected a full conclusion.

Gitte:  Josh was an amazing male character and I immediately fell in love with his persona, his immense strength, his protective instinct and of course his naughty side. He’s taken from a life of religion; a football hero, a virgin with a firm set of morals and principles. His innocence is disarming; his lushness addictive. The fact that he’s a virgin is to his detriment as the deliverer; Liv is coming for him. The twists and turns in this story left me gobsmacked and the ‘why Josh?’ became so much more than just that as we learn about Liv.

“What defines us is not how we fall but how we land.”

Josh amazed me throughout this story, he was a strong beautifully written character. To go through what he did and come out on the other side with such a clear head and such amazing strength under duress was really quite something.

‘Hatred, his new friend, swept through his veins, promising delicious acts of retaliation against every foul fibre in that woman’s body.’

My heart beat frantically for him but I was in complete awe of his will power, his ability to see beyond what was in front of him, his compassion, his beauty and his passion. He really is one of my favourite male characters and I applaud Pam Godwin, because not only was Josh gorgeous and strong; he was so unique and had such depth that he dominated and drove this story completely in my opinion. In amongst my issues he is what made this story for me.

‘He represented purity, beauty, family, all of the things that had been taken from her. He was a glimmer of goodness in her dark fucking world, a warm spark she could hold, if only for a fleeting span of time.’

Josh is a saviour in his own right and through his capture by the tragic Liv he shines like a beacon. He ultimately saved the damaged Liv didn’t he Jenny?

“The devil with the voice and heart of an angel.”

Jenny: Josh really was an outstanding character Gitte, and Liv’s motives and cruelty towards him really did have us guessing at the start of the book. I was prepared in the beginning to detest this woman, I expected to despise her for the part she played as deliverer and ‘trainer’ of innocent people in an evil, degrading and sickening sex slave trafficking ring.

“What’s your name.? ”
“L-I-V?” — “L-I-V,” ‘Place it between DE and ERER and there was her job title.’

However, as the story progressed, Liv became so much more. I love it when a book has me questioning my own morality. When I am forced to ask myself  “what would I do in in this person’s shoes?” and Pam Godwin made me do just that. Oh from the comfort of my own lounge room the answer was simple, I couldn’t imagine myself causing such pain and degradation to others. But what if it wasn’t just my own self-preservation that was at stake.What then? Well, then the situation becomes something entirely different.

“Better to be enchained with someone on your side than to be alone with a false sense of freedom.”

Liv’s young life and her innocence were taken from her at a young age and her story was so tragic in its telling. Her life was helpless and hopeless yet this brave young woman, herself a victim, a pawn in a game, was to turn the anger I felt towards her into awe. These two people, both so different, yet both damaged, would find a thread that would pull them together. Together they found a resilience, a strength, a passion and a love that was worth fighting for.

‘He was born with choices and would die by decisions.’

I’ll admit there were a couple of times I questioned  some scenarios and outcomes, and as I said previously, the end did feel somewhat rushed. Overall this story had me gripped in its clutches from start to finish.

“It’s ugly in there, decayed by lies and shame, endlessly bleeding for all the lives I’ve ruined.” – Liv

Pam Godwin managed to crush my heart and break it as Liv’s story unfolded. I was on the edge of my seat with nervous anticipation most of the way through and my heart felt love for two people who, in each other, found a reason to hope and I cheered them both every step of the way. This story became so much more as we delved into the characters of Josh and Liv. Deliver is a thrilling and suspenseful romance and a definite must read!

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


His name was Joshua Carter. Now it’s whatever she wants it to be.

She is a Deliverer.

She lures young men and delivers them to be sold. She delivers the strikes that enforce their obedience. She delivers the sexual training that determines their purchase price.

As long as she delivers, the arrangement that protects her family will hold.

Delivering is all she knows.

The one thing she can’t deliver is a captive from slavery.

Until him.

And her stubborn slave thinks he can deliver her…from herself.

Romantic Thriller
Stand Alone (no cliff-hanger). The sequel is coming Summer 2014.
Content warning: Graphic sex, violence, and psychological abuse. Age 18+ only.

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