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“You’re so sexy. I love watching you walk, how your body moves under your clothes. How beautiful. How straight you are for the world, and how you bend and cry for me….” – Antonio

Gitte: I’m in love…..in love with a mafia capo named Antonio and fan-girling over my first experience of C.D. Reiss’ unique and beautiful writing style. A style that draws you in as you devour the story completely engrossed to the point where you’re unable to put your kindle down. Antonio, ti amo con tutti fibra del mio corpo. Sono mancamento!!!

I’ve always been a huge fan of mafia storylines; well combine that with brilliantly written strong and passionate characters, heated romance, intrigue and thrilling excitement and you’re winning as a reader. I inhaled Spin and was left wanting more with an inability to forget Antonio….what a man, he made me melt into a puddle on the floor…WHAT A MAN!!!!!!

“I tried to stay away. I’ve never wanted a woman this much in my life. I’d burn cities to have you. I’d fight armies. I’d commit murder to take you right now.”

Or to make it even more romantic let’s pretend he told us in Italian….sigh….“Ho cercato di stare lontano. In vita mia non ho mai desiderato una donna cosi tanto. Brucerei le città per averti. Combatterei regimenti. Ucciderei per averti adesso.”

Jenny:  What a man indeed! I’m suffering from a major Antonio Spinelli hangover and it’s one I fear there may be no cure for.  As for my first foray into the beautifully expressive storytelling world of CD Reiss, to say I’m blown away is an understatement. Her style is certainly unique and she uses her words in such an enticingly vivid way.  I’m fangirling right alongside you here! Exquisite! Bravo!

I read this in one sitting! I couldn’t it down and this story exemplifies everything I love about reading. I was hypnotised by writing, intoxicated by the characters, gripped by the suspense, transfixed by the story and I could visualise it all thanks to the imagery created by CD Reiss. And did I mention one Mr Antonio Spinelli……hai rubato il mio cuore . I’m seriously swooning from the time I spent with this man. There’s just something about a dangerous and sexy man and Antonio had it in abundance!

“What if you die from loving me?”
“What if I die from not loving you?”

Gitte: I have to say, I’m still suffering the intense after effects of a story that was nothing but perfection; a reader’s fantasy really, though it felt so real and I completely connected to it. Our heroine Theresa was über composed, professional and feisty yet had an endearing vulnerability to her. Theresa is lonely, hurt and troubled. It’s as if she’s existing but not really living; just going through the motions of being a professional upstanding member of society on the right side of legitimacy.

“I hurt all over, all the time. I don’t know what I feel any more. I don’t know what I want. I feel separate from my own thoughts.” – Theresa

Antonio awakens her passionate side and this woman knows exactly what she wants and what she desires….Antonio. Can’t say I blame the girl. Their connection was so strong that I felt every bit of it and at times their passionate encounters were akin to a raw and primal intensity! I have to say I thought Theresa was a pretty kick arse heroine and her reactions were nothing but credible, logical and extremely heartfelt and instinctive too! You thought the same didn’t you Jenny?!

Jenny:  I completely believed Theresa, Gitte and she won me over implicitly. She was such a beautiful, classy, passionate and strong heroine. She had a strength you couldn’t help but admire, but she had experienced a hurt and humiliation which left her somewhat vulnerable. That was until Antonio came along and ignited a passion in her that was so fierce it set free her dormant desires and led her on a path of self-discovery which will have her questioning her every thought and desire whilst willingly taking a walk on the wild side with Antonio as she enters his world.

‘Did I want him? Or did I want him to want me? He was toxic, and I shouldn’t touch him even if I was operating on all emotional cylinders, which I wasn’t.’

Gitte: Now, our capo….wow did I fall in love with this imposing, passionate and enigmatic Italian. He was bloody gorgeous and so enticingly dark and intense. He lives in a world where violence and corruption breathes down his neck as well as those around him; making him apprehensive to initiate or entertain the intense feelings he has for Theresa. He doesn’t want to sully her as a person nor place her in danger due to him being in the mafia. Antonio doesn’t want to ruin Theresa by loving her….sigh…..

“You’re going to be my death. I don’t know what to do, I feel weak around you. I’m going to slip up.” – Antonio

This man exudes sex, danger, brutality and intrigue. No one messes with this mafia capo…no one…unless it’s of a sexual nature, because bloody hell I’m game…and so is our Theresa! Despite fighting to keep her separated from his world, he’s unable to stay away from her.

“Every day, I’ll take you like this. In the morning, before coffee, I fuck you. At night, I fuck you harder. In our bedroom, our living room, our kitchen, I’ll love you in every room. Mi amore, I’ll break you with my love and put you back together…” – Antonio

Jenny:  Oh boy, how could you say no to this man, Gitte! I don’t think the word would exist in my vocabulary around him. He is sex and danger personified and exuded raw, pure male magnetism from every pore….mix that in with his dirty talking Italian accent and well……what can I say?

“Since the minute I saw you, I’ve wanted to open your legs and take you.”

There is no doubt Theresa was both intimidated and turned on by this powerful, arresting, charismatic, dark and mysterious man. Antonio and Theresa’s passion was raw and all consuming, yet clouded by the danger in Antonio’s world. This man takes no prisoners. He’s ruthless and his single minded possessiveness and protection of Theresa knows no bounds. Oh wow did I love this man!

“I’m death to you” – Antonio
“No. you’re like mainlining life. I want it. I need it.” –  Theresa

Antonio’s life is so opposite to Theresa’s, yet staying away from her isn’t an option. This woman enters his soul and turns his world upside down.

G&J: CD Reiss really does know how to tell a story. Her words are so vividly descriptive yet they never halt the flow, in fact, the descriptiveness of her scenes only serve to deepen your feelings and heighten a readers experience, well, it did for us that’s for sure!

‘His words had fingers, and as he spoke, they drifted down my body, fondling me and arousing me.’

Whilst it is not necessary to have read the Songs of Submission series before embarking on Spin (Songs of Corruption), we wish we had done. We didn’t have a problem following this story and we were completely enthralled, thrilled and entertained to the ninth degree, we felt we would have liked to have known a little of the background into Theresa, and more specifically her relationship with her ex, Daniel. This is purely a personal opinion and you can bet we will be delving into those books as soon as we can.

CD Reiss gripped us from the very first page, taking us into the seedy and brutal world of the Mafia, where broken promises are not tolerated, where violence is a code and where those without the stomach to tolerate will perish. She brought to life an all-consuming passionate couple who had us completely invested throughout and we won’t be forgetting this story in a hurry. In fact, we envisage this book hangover can only be cured by having the next book in our hot little hands come May. We need more Theresa and Antonio!

‘He wore a suit like a woman wore lingerie, to accentuate the sexual. To highlight the slopes and lines. To give masculinity a definition.’

If you want a book that’s suspenseful, thrilling, evocative, erotic, passionate that’s told with beauty and eloquence, then Spin should be on your reading list without hesitation. What a truly breath-taking experience this was!

“You’re stumbling into a place where you can get hurt.”  – Antonio
“All roads lead to hurt, trust me.” – Theresa

And we’ll end by saying…………….noi amiamo questo libro


Mafia capo, Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cyclone.

Gorgeous and passionate, with a breathtaking brutality, he put me under his spell the moment he touched me, drawing me into his underworld of risk, violence and betrayal.

And I found, just as this sophisticated savage didn’t trust me, I didn’t trust myself. Something happened to me. Some alchemy from the heat between us.

I discovered I was a savage, too.

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