WARNING:  Whilst our review is spoiler free for new readers to this series, the synopsis may contain spoilers

Our Review

Jenny:  We had been itching to get back to these books since reading and LOVING Fighting Destiny (Book #1) last month and after feeling a bit down after reading some pretty sad books we needed a lift so we headed back in to read Taunting Destiny and bloody hell! Talk about kick starting the book heart! I was bloody addicted, consumed, obsessed, fanatical…you name it. This was pure escapism at it’s very best! I. Could. Not. Put. It Down!! So much so, we both agreed we had to go straight into Escaping Destiny book 3 didn’t we Gitte?

Gitte: I’m a woman obsessed, I haven’t been on a paranormal bender like this in years. I was inhaling these books, and they’re not short ones, but after finishing book two, how the hell could we not go straight onto the third? An impossible feat, because bloody hell this series is KICK-ARSE and it only gets better and better. The vivid imagery, the fantasy, the passion, the fantastic characters, the mystery and intrigue, oh and the nookie, well hell’s bells its bloody brilliant. This Author ROCKS!!!

“..You don’t want to love me, you want to own me, and I don’t want that for myself.” – Syn

Now we’re gagging for book four but at least we didn’t really leave on a bad cliff-hanger. Seriously, the addiction of these characters and their story is intense!!!

“Stubborn fucking Witch.”
“Fucking Fairy.”

Jenny: The addiction is out of control!!  So the ride (in more ways than one *wink wink*) continues in this magical and enthralling story!

“I hate when you call me beautiful. I’m not beautiful. I’m bad. I do terrible things, and I do them very fucking well.” – Ryder

We couldn’t wait to get back to Ryder (bloody hell I LOVE this insatiable fairy!) Syn and all the gang back in Faery. Every character is engaging and I loved every single one of them!! The story picks up from where Fighting Destiny left us gagging for more and we’re once more teased and taunted as revelations and the chaos surrounding Syn and Ryder continues.

Ahhh the mystery, the intrigue…I was on the edge of my seat as Syn’s world is turned upside down, friendships are tested, secrets and untruths are brought to the fore and once again, I reveled in every mouth-watering moment!!!  It’s like a labyrinth of pages! Just when I thought I had it sussed, a twist had me scratching my head and I was once again sent on a heart stopping, mind blowing ride into the unknown and we couldn’t get enough of it could we Gitte?

‘To not hear her say my name in desire would be the same as death. I hate that I want her, that I can’t get her out of my system.’ -Ryder

Gitte: No we really couldn’t get enough. Amelia Hutchins sure spins an incredible tale as each book is more blinding than the other. There’s so much going on and so many hidden clues and explosive plot lines that your mind is working double time alongside the hero and heroine’s; trying to figure out everyone’s place and identity, expose the conspiracies as well as the cloak and dagger secrets. It’s truly mind blowing and the journey is enticingly hot, magical and kicks arse in action. The writing is so incredibly imaginative. There’s a multitude of characters involved but each one has depth, holds a reader’s interest and they’re all either dark and dangerous, sexy and cheeky, evil and entrancing. Loving this series HARD!!!! GAH….then our enigmatic and passionate Ryder…well this man is….I don’t even know…don’t have any words.

“Sometimes I think you were created to be my perfect drug,…I can’t stay away from you, and I’m drawn to you like a fucking addict.” – Ryder

He’s perfection in his imperfection. This man is the King of captivating presence as well as the King of luscious filthy-talking shagging. He is LUSH!

Jenny:  He is certainly is that!!! We’re going to be mindful of what we say in our review as we’ve decided to review books 2 and 3 together, so we’ll talk more about our feelings rather than the books themselves, but wow! Bloody wow! Was this a fantastic story! Reading it felt like I was was running a marathon. There is so much going on but not once did I ever lose pace with this story as the author did such an amazing job of keeping me on track, guessing and completely entertained!

‘He was hiding something from me. I’m not sure how I knew, but I had a feeling that when I discovered it, we’d forever be changed.’

After weaving my way through all the twists, turns, reveals, surprises and everything else that was thrown in, I was exhausted and felt like I needed a rest but I couldn’t! I needed more of my Faery Fix – this was like Kindle crack! So, coffee was poured, pillow was fluffed and I was set to let the mayhem continue in Escaping Destiny!

‘He’s not my happily ever after. He told me that from the start of this. Fairytales are full of shit, as far as I’m concerned.’ – Syn

Amelia Hutchins sent us on a merry chase didn’t she Gitte ?

Gitte: Did she ever, Jenny, it’s like watching an epic movie yet feeling completely swallowed up and part of the thrilling epic-ness. This series is indeed the high end of paranormal rides and yeah, spot on, it’s pure hot smokin’ Kindle crack.  It’s hilariously funny at times too, the sense of humour spot on amid the action and the passion.

“It’s not funny, and I’m not a fucking Fairy happy meal, Ryder!” – Syn

Now, I still absolutely love Syn, she’s such a fantastic written heroine.

“..I feel like I have to be strong every fucking minute of my life, because the minute I let my guard down, something bad happens.” – Syn

Amongst the chaos she stays true to who she is and what she wants despite the chaos and confusion surrounding her. LOVE her! As for Ryder…..*fainting at the images in my head*……

Jenny:  I think I’m a a lot in love with Syn to be honest. What a kick arse, funny, warm and relatable heroine she was! Ryder…I can’t even…..bloody hell, that man!!…Which leads us to THAT scene! Oh my gravy!!! That was possibly THE hottest sex scene I EVER have read! Wowsers! Pity I don’t smoke because I really felt as if a cigarette was in order at the end of that.

‘….Saying it makes my chest hurt. She’s under my fucking skin. She burrowed her way under the steel shield that had grown around my heart, and she’s gotten in it.’

Ummmm I  had to bookmark it and read it…oh at least 4 times…for review purposes of course! Hmmm let me just check that scene again….I would hate to think we missed something ? We certainly burnt up the phone lines after THAT scene.

Gitte: *still out cold* … Okay no I’m not but THAT scene…..’Possibly the hottest’? In my opinion that scene is THE hottest paranormal nookie I’ve ever read. How long did it actually go on for – I think the Author covered every ‘angle and avenue’ here!?! Re-reading it was extremely necessary for our review notes, yes. Yes it really was, we wouldn’t want to cock up our notes would we? (pun intended)

Jenny & Gitte: Amelia Hutchins has created a fantasy world that explodes before your very eyes. It’s an intoxicating, resplendent and beautifully written world that is vividly brought to life with striking imagery. There is so much to experience throughout this story and it’s impossible to put down. Her characters are erotic, exciting and tantalising and each and every one of them left us spellbound.

“I want that soul torturing love. The kind where you’d die for one last kiss, one last touch.”

Yep, this really was like book crack. We couldn’t move until we had finished both books! We couldn’t stop reading and we were transfixed from the first to the very last page. The humour, the lust, the lies, loves and deceit was very delicious to say the least.

“Right now, she isn’t’ tapping into anything besides my patience.” – Ryder
“Oh I wouldn’t say that………She’s tapping you nightly.” – Ristan

Taunting Destiny moved at such a frantic pace and we were swept along with every magical word this author brought us and Escaping Destiny didn’t disappoint either! This series was a heart racing; heart pounding, heart stopping and extremely sensual and very sexy read, ensuring this author will always be a 1click for us!

“I’m not sure what I want to do more right now; strangle you, kiss you, fuck you, or all three.” – Ryder

What a storyteller Amelia Hutchins is! Absolute magic. What an adventure!!! We’ll be back for more!!



Adam and I are both going through identity crises of epic proportions as we Transition from who we were, and discover who we were meant to be. More Fae are dying, and I feel as if time is running out for us to find all of those responsible and put an end to the killings.

The people I thought I could trust have betrayed me and the one person I should absolutely not trust; is taking me deeper and deeper into his world.

Ryder’s secrets are dangerous and devastating.

With each touch and word, he pulls my heart closer to himself and at the same time he is trying to keep me at arm’s length. The dance he and I have begun, is getting more complicated as our worlds are being shaken from all sides, and the visions of the future are frightening, and nothing like I had ever pictured for myself or those I care for.

This time, destiny is taunting me.

I had always thought that I controlled my destiny. Now, my rights are being taken from me by powerful people and leaving me with alternatives that range between bad and awful.

This time, the choices I have to make can decide the fate of both worlds.

Everything is unraveling, and nothing will ever be the same again.



I thought things couldn’t get worse. I was wrong.
I found out what I really wanted and was forced to give him up. Just as I found out who I really am, I was presented to the elusive Horde King as a gift.
This was the mystical being I was hidden from for more than twenty years.
Although Ryder promised to save me, I couldn’t let him get near this creature, so I willingly (sort of) signed myself over to be his new plaything.
Now in the Horde Realm, nothing is going remotely like I thought it would.
My powers and emotions are on the fritz, and each day seems to bring surprises that I am not sure how to deal with.
The Horde King thinks he has me exactly where he wants me.
He thinks he has taken all of my options away.
I still have choices.
Embracing what destiny has planned for me, or escaping it.

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