My name is Macy Kowalski.

I’m a registered nurse, a pharmaceutical scientist, a founding member of the Detroit Police Department’s barely-legal Shadow Squad, and a walking case study in 21st century man problems.

I like things calm and orderly. I have a soft spot for people, so I spend my days developing a formula to help cancer patients escape their suffering. My research has caught the eye of some dangerous members of the self-medicating community, and now I have to make sure my plans aren’t polluted by unsavory people who’d rather destroy me, my friends, and my city.

By night I have a part-time partner and full-time guardian, Detective Jonas Rafe, fellow member of the Shadow Squad. He is as volatile and unpredictable as anything I’ve ever dealt with in a lab. I’m smart enough to protect myself when handling chemicals, but I’m still learning when it comes to him.

He’s sweet when his mouth is closed, but there’s no way to prepare for when it opens. In time, his actions speak louder than his words, and though I vowed to never put my trust in another cop, he makes me want to take chances.
He’s the law, and he wants to protect me. They all do. But I’m neither as fragile nor as pure as he wants me to be. I’m a nerd with a gun fetish. I’m tired of observing, and it’s time for me to be in on the action. When he finds out what I’ve been up to in Detroit after dark, our relationship is tested, loyalties are divided, and lives are put in jeopardy.

When our team is under fire, Jonas will finally see the real me. When he does, will he see what he wants to see, or will he be the one who finally breaks me?

My name is Macy Kowalski. I am a brawler.


brawler collage

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny ~ 3.5 Stars

Gitte & Jenny:  We love this Author. K.S Adkins writes from her heart and soul. She writes with an unapologetic honesty and makes no excuses for her stories or her characters who wear their hearts on their sleeves. How refreshing!

‘Sometimes the world is just too overwhelming, too cruel, just too everything.’ – Macy

Picking Brawler up we knew we were going to get another dark and gritty emotional story. A story with unassuming rough and damaged yet kick arse characters who have the mouths of sailors and fishwives. Characters who display intense emotion with cut throat words and swinging fists, yet have hearts of pure gold, loyalty and an honesty unrivaled. And sure enough we got that, yet this time we got brilliant writing too. We can’t say how amazed we are at the perfection of K.S Adkins writing in Brawler, wow what a fantastic improvement on the previous instalment, Brutal, which we loved!

We met Rafe and Macy in Brutal and this was their emotional and heart-breaking story. And what a story it was! Their relationship dominated, which turned out to be our only gripe. Yes, we loved being part of a journey where Macy and Rafe got to know each other and understand just why their relationship was as volatile and complicated as it was.

“Because, Princess, once you walk out that door the only one fucking you is me.” – Jonas

We fell in love with Jonas Rafe, he’s an amazing man, so alpha yet humble and vulnerable too. At times he had us in fits of laughter as well. This man and his lack of filter…hilarious!

“No man needs to see the inner workings of pussy. We just know we like it in there.” – Jonas

We would have loved more of his back-story, especially from his childhood. Yes, it was touched upon in order to explain his issues, however it wasn’t enough for us. We wanted more in order to fully connect emotionally.

‘Twice in one night, I’m running from the only guy I’ve ever truly wanted. A guy who thinks I’m a whore.’ – Macy

As for Macy she’s an amazing character. After all, nerdy chicks rock!

So whilst we really and truly enjoyed Brawler and thought the writing was brilliant, we didn’t love it as much as Brutal. For us the story was lacking somewhat, being overly focused on Macy and Rafe with their back-and-forth with sparse intermittent glimpses of the ongoing fight against the ‘unknown’ enemy. We loved revisiting with Rogan and Venessa; we absolutely love this couple and they’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

“I’ve never met anyone who can give you a compliment and an insult in the same sentence.” – Macy

Ummmm have you met us Macy? Hahahahahahaha

Oh and just one more thing from Jonas, because this guy and his lack of filter never failed to entertain us.

We’ll leave the last word to Jonas whose lack of filter kept us constantly amused!

“I was never mad at you, I was mad at me. I owe you an apology and I’d like to deliver it in your privates.” – Jonas

 **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

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Brawler (Detroit After Dark)

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