the other f word


This is book two in the In Other Words series.

Damien Wolfe is ferociously sexy. Emmie Mason is fastidiously stubborn. When fate brings them together, they are both challenged by the other F-word…forever.

Fashionable forty-four-year-old, Emmie Mason is content with her fastidious life. She has everything she needs in her loving family and friends. Her eldest daughter, Marley, has married the man of her dreams, and she has a new grandchild. What more could a woman ask for?

She isn’t prepared for fate to slap her in the face in the form of a bridal bouquet. Or worse, to run into the fantasy-inducing, eye-catching, panty-dropping, swoon-worthy man she’s been thinking about for over a year, even though they only danced together once.

As it turns out, thirty-year-old real estate mogul Damien Wolfe has been thinking about her too. Damien’s flirty, funny and forthright personality challenges Emmie and tilts her world. But it’s his kind soul and compassionate demeanor that really frighten her.

He’s easy to fall for, but how could she ever recover if she risked her heart to him? Can they both overcome their fears and commit to that other F-word…Forever?

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the other f collage

Reviewed by Jenny

Jenny: 4.5 Stars

“Having you is enough. Having you is the only thing I need.” – Damien

The Other F Word was Flirty, funny, feeling, fulfilling and fab-u-lous! I’ve been dying for more of this series since falling in love with these characters in The Other C Word. I particularly love how this author takes sensitive subjects and injects light-heartedness into her stories. One minute you’re laughing with her characters, the next minute your welling up with them. In The Other F Word, MK Schiller once again serves up a big dose of heart, plenty of swooning, lots of giggles and a very high steam factor! This series will be a 1click for me with every book.

I’ve missed the warm and whacky Mason family and the extended Masons and once again reveled in joining them around the dinner table to partake in some friendly banter, sarky wit and the hilarious innuendos that MK produces so flawlessly. Seriously, how do I always manage to giggle at the “pussy” comments. Does me every time! MK Schillers portrayal of this family is absolutely wonderful and her writing draws me in from the start.

Emmie Mason has selflessly and singlehandedly raised 3 beautiful daughters and each is a credit to her. What they lacked materially growing up, Emmie more than made up for with love, understanding and instilling in her daughters the importance of who being who they are. Music and humour plays a big part of their lives and I especially love how MK Schiller weaves this into her stories. We learnt Marley’s (Emmie’s daughters) story in book one and the guilt Emmie feels in regards Marley still eats away at her as Emmie faces life on her own for the first time.

“It’s because you’re my everything. I know the sacrifices you made for me and the guilt you carry in your heart. I want you to stop.” – Marley

Now with all her children flying the coop, forty four year old Emmie finds herself looking to sell the large family home which is a bittersweet decision as she looks forward to the next phase of her life, yet leaving behind a place where so many beautiful memories were made and built, and good times were shared is difficult for her.

Emmie doesn’t have any plans beyond selling her house, but one thing she didn’t envisage was one divine, single, ridiculously sexy, gorgeous 30 year old Mr Damien Wolfe……*insert a very heavy sigh here*….. entering her life at this time.

” A man like Damien Wolfe is as dangerous as meth – highly addictive and devastating.” – Emmie

Wow! I was seriously in love with this man. His humour, his kindness, his possessiveness, his hotness…. and the way he treated Emmie….yep, I was completely smitten!

Even though I understood Emmie’s reluctance due to the age difference, I have to say her indecisiveness frustrated me at times. Still, she wasn’t going to phase Damien with her worries, all he saw was a sexy, warm and beautiful woman  and the near 15 year age difference between him and flirty, sexy Emmie didn’t appear to be an issue.

“Sure there would be pros to having a relationship with an older woman……….”We’d probably get discounts on meals…but then again, we’d have to eat dinner at four o’clock. ” – Damien

I really did Emmie and Damien’s story and they certainly managed to shred my heart a time or two throughout.  Damien’s past, when revealed was gut wrenching. You wonder if these two make it through. After all, the heart may know what the heart wants, but is that always enough? I loved the Other F Word. I laughed with her characters and I cried with them with them, and was I completely engrossed every step of the way.

“You don’t have any scars.” – Emmie
“They exist. They’re just not visible. You make them better. You heal me……” – Damien

On a side note: I almost want to give a star just for the music choice! Seriously… had me at The White Stripes, Rodriguez and Pink Floyd! I was in my element!  Not to mention the visual of Mr Wolfe getting all hot and sweaty to Seven Nations Army while fixing the water heater in his painting jeans….oh dear lord……………….

I’d definitely recommend adding this series to your TBR’s. I can’t wait for book three and I really, really hope it’s Billie’s story and that Derek is included in there somewhere! 😉



MK Schillere

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Amazon us || Amazon uk || Our Review

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