In the battle between good and evil, humans have never been more than collateral damage. Now they are prey. Mankind doesn’t need a hero. It needs a sinner.

The baddest boys in history are back… Corrupt. Wicked. Nefarious. Contemptible. They’re all those things and more until give a choice: Fight for humanity —sin with sin, evil with evil, bad with bad— and escape eternal damnation or burn forever.

They agreed to risk their souls. No one told them they would lose their hearts.

the bastard


THE BASTARD: Vike died in blood, in battle, in betrayal. His ruthlessness was second only to his brutality. Now one woman makes his blood sing and he’ll stop at nothing to save her. He only has to face half of Hell to do it.

THE BEAUTY: Lacy is unknowingly descended from an ancient Holy line. Someone is slowly destroying her life and wants her dead. A fierce Viking comes to her rescue, and in his arms, she finds more than safety.

THE BAD NEWS: If Vike can’t protect Lacy, he’ll have to kill her. And for a bastard, what’s one woman worth when the entire world is in jeopardy?


The Bastard Collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: 4.5 Stars

‘Lacy called him her hero. He wished it was true.’

Jenny:  Wow! Gitte, we certainly got our money’s worth in this 500+ page riveting story where we got to meet some of the most alpha, biggest and somewhat misunderstood bad arses of history in the form of the Foresaken didn’t we? I loved the perspective the author delivered on history and mythology, where good vs evil and where humans are merely collateral damage.  The third person narrative allowed us so much insight into the characters and story, and the talent of Inez Kelley’s writing ensured it never felt bogged down. I was addicted and I loved it!!!

“History is but a flawed record and humankind an unreliable narrator.”

Lacy our heroine is taken in by the Foresaken (giving nothing away here) for her own protection where she takes on a role natural to her in the form of nurturing and caring for them and Erik in particular.  Lacy was such a giving, loving, loyal, strong and beautiful character and I adored her.

“When a person has someone to fight for, they fight harder. Love isn’t a handicap, it’s fuel.”

Erik was a kick arse alpha protector of humanity and a fierce protector of Lacy.  He’s a strong, dependable and brutal warrior, devoid of love who revels in the tender touch shown towards him by Lacy and whose soul screamed out for the warmth, passion and sweetness he derived from her. I bloody loved this man; in fact, I fell in love with all the Foresaken and can’t wait for all their stories

“She makes me feel like…like I’m better than I really am.”

There was so much happening in The Bastard that I was afraid to draw a breath. I was completely immersed in every exhilarating minute in this world Inez Kelley so vividly brought to life. This author delivered a refreshingly different and addictive first instalment that will ensure I will be veraciously delving into every book in this series.  You felt the same didn’t you Gitte?

Gitte:  Absolutely, I loved everything about this book and know without a doubt I’ll be devouring every single instalment in this series. I’m a paranormal girl at heart, I don’t get to wear my paranormal cape as often as I’d like, so when I do I revel in it and hope it’s a bloody good one. I was not disappointed with The Bastard. It had real heart, battle and intensity. Inez Kelley wrote a blinder here and its size is of epic proportions. What an introduction to a new series!

“How do you know what to believe?”

“You listen to your heart, Lacy.”

There was a lot of information to take in so I read at snail’s pace making sure I understood and could place everyone involved in history. At times I had to re-read a few bits just to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything important but wow, Inez Kelley really has a brilliant concept here and the intricacies of history is detailed and so bloody well executed. Right down to the Viking, Erik drinking Grøn Tuborg, which as a Dane myself is my fave beer! It’s all about the details right?!

“I’m not a good guy. I’m not a hero.” … “You are to me.”

I loved every single character in this first instalment; they all intrigued and fascinated me; their stories and their banter had me hook line and sinker. The passion and action was spot on and it really was a hot and thrilling ride!

“Love is the deadliest weapon out there.”

Erik and Lacy, what can I say, I fell in love with both characters. They each had such depth, their emotions tangible and strengths incredible on their own merit. They perfectly complimented each other and their story was incredibly addictive. What a great start to a new series making this paranormal girl very excited! Bring it on!!!

J&G:  We love getting back into our PNR groove this year and The Bastard was a fantastic and gripping PNR story which was refreshing, sexy, thrilling and funny. There were many surprises and revelations along the way and the banter between the Foresaken was so entertaining – it had us giggling many a times.  There is so much we want to know, so many questions left unanswered and we’ll be 1clicking the next book as soon as it’s out! Rex’s story promises to be amazing!  A definite recommend for fans looking for their next paranormal fix!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Purchase THE BASTARD here:

the bastard


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