Keira Riley was the girl Kona Hale loved first, the woman he wants to love last. They’ve battled addiction, forgiven betrayal and healed from heartache, coming through it all bruised but hopeful that their future will be limitless.

Kona Hale was a blinding flame that Keira Riley gladly burned inside—his touch, his kiss, his overwhelming love, all made her dizzy, desperate and desired, made her believe in a love worth bleeding for, a love that ignites the heart with an unquenchable flame. But when you fall in love with an NFL darling who can’t seem to let go of the spotlight, sometimes even that flame can be gutted by the buffeting winds of opportunity, can be lost behind the brilliant flash of fame.

As Keira and Kona get caught up in plans for an extravagant march down the aisle, the hard won sanctuary they’ve found in each other’s arms begins to erode. Will they be able to see through all the beckoning glitz and glamour to what they have worked so hard to build together, or will their love be lost in the spotlight?

MY BELOVED is a novella set prior to the THIN LOVE epilogue.

 ♥ ♥


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯ Stars

“Kiss me, baby. Kiss me like you mean it.”

When we saw My Beloved was going to cover the events leading up to the epilogue in Thin Love we HAD to read it! Whilst we were satisfied with how we left this couple, we wouldn’t pass up any opportunity to spend more time with them and gain a little more insight into the raw, intensely passionate love they share.

“I told you, baby, I’ll never stop following after you. It’s pointless to keep running. I’ll find you. I’ll always find you.”

With all good intentions, Kona wants to lavish Keira with everything he couldn’t when they were apart. His heart is definitely in the right place, it’s just that the execution of his plans isn’t always the best.  After all, where Keira is concerned Kona is a man who thinks with his heart, and it’s one of the things that endears him to us.

‘Kona was not perfect, but he was her perfect.’

Keira goes along with his desires, all the while knowing all she wants is Kona, plain and simple, no fanfare, just the man she’s waited more than 16 years to be a part of her life again.

“All yours baby. I’ve always been yours.”

There are obstacles to overcome, lives to sort out and being thrust into the spotlight at a time when Keira craves privacy isn’t something she relishes at all. You know they’ll mess up, this couple will never do things the easy way and their love is one fraught with obstacles that they have to learn to overcome and in this book we see this couple really dig deep in that regard.

”Don’t lose me, Kona. Don’t let me fall into the background. That’s not where I want to be.”
“Baby, never…not ever.”

We adored the setting of this book. Eden Butler took us on a trip to Hawaii for a time and we became immersed in the sight, sounds and culture of this beautiful paradise. She really did transport us to this magical place with her words and descriptive prose and Kona’s large family were a delight. There’s lots of emotion, tears, laughter and of course the passion between this couple is off the charts.

We enjoyed checking in with this Keira and Kona who’ve had more than their fair share of heartbreak and pain, to see them make up for their heartbreaking time apart was enthralling.

“…she is my breath. My life. She has been since I was a kid. She always will be.”

There were some truly beautiful moments in this story that went straight to our hearts. Ransom especially was a revelation and his joy at being a family was wonderful.  He stole our hearts completely and to see he will get his own book next year….well, we were giddy with excitement!

These two are soul mates. No doubt about it. They’ve had their ups and downs, their highs and lows but their love has always brought them through. My Beloved explores their bonds even further and fans of this passionate and intense couple will devour this one! Bring on Thick Love next year! We will be hovering over that 1click button that’s for sure!

**Reviewed off an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks **

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Thin Love series

Our Review 
amazon us || amazon uk

Our Review
amazon us || amazon uk

amazon us || amazon uk

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