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My heart was racing, my body melting into his. The sound of gulls squawking overhead, the children laughing in the distance, playing in the surf all faded away as I lost myself to him. The sound of the waves crashing in time with my emotions as we stood kissing, the water lapping at our feet, ignoring the outside world, aware only of each other. His hands moving to my hips, his fingers digging slightly into my skin as he held me against him. I pressed my pelvis forward, unable to deny the desire, and could feel his hardness.
“Whoa, kid,” he said, pulling away slowly.
I gradually opened my eyes and looked up into his face, his expression was sexy and raw.

During a time sex, drugs, and rock and roll were abundant, Morgan Mallory falls hard for the leader of a rock band. What is it about the bad boy she seems to love?

A erotic romance novel—not your predictable, Cinderella story. 


Boy in a Band

Jointly Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯  1/2 Stars

“He’s not perfect, terribly flawed in fact, but there is something that draws me to him, and him to me. I see through the rock star part, he knows I can see through it.”

This was a bit of a surprise!  We initially had a real problem connecting to the characters and decided to DNF Boy in a Band at around 40%. We found the age of the characters and their behaviour a little hard to believe, bordering on uncomfortable to read – oh we know it’s set in the 70’s and free love and all that, but it was hard relating to the characters as 13-15 year olds with what was going on.

We found the prose over descriptive at times which slowed the flow of the story, and although we understood the conflict the heroine was experiencing we found her a little irritating and so it decided we would shelve this and move on to our next read.

Then something happened which is unheard of for us! Unbeknownst to each other we both couldn’t stop thinking about this book! We’d both put off starting our next read because thoughts of this book continued to consume us. We just HAD to know the eventual outcome and so the text messages between us began! This has NEVER happened before. Normally we have no intention or inclination to pick up a DNF again, but not so in this case.

‘He needed me, he wanted me, he never said anything about loving me.’

Luckily we were both in the same mindset whereby we needed to get back into this book as soon as possible to see how Morgan and Mathew’s story ended, so it was decided we’d give it another go. Like we said, this never happens so it was quite a shocker for us to feel this strongly.

Mathew and Morgan’s relationship was bordering on toxic. Mathew left her dangling, gave her just enough affection to keep her hooked and Morgan consistently allowed him to do it, relenting time and time again.  For Morgan it was obviously love, as for Mathew…well, his thoughts and actions spoke of many different things.

“I don’t know what you are. How can I define It? You start, you stop. You love, he doesn’t: you hate, he wants; you give into him Morgan, it’s crazy.”

As this is told from Morgan’s pov it was left up to us to try and decipher what Mathew was thinking and trust us when we say we had NO IDEA what was going on in that boys head. He was a conundrum. Did he like Morgan? Didn’t he? Did he love her? Didn’t he? His actions confused us no end but kept us coming back for more.

“I finally came to the conclusion there were two Mathews: one I liked, the other one I didn’t.’

He constantly messed Morgan around and was a bit of a dick to be honest. His hot and cold actions towards her gave us whiplash and Morgan’s constant bending to Mathew’s whims gave us a headache.

“My heart would be bruised, and with each bruise, it would toughen.’

Theirs was a rocky, emotional, intense and hard to gauge relationship. There was no putting this down once we got back into it that’s for sure.  The latter part of this story had us sobbing quite a few times.

“Giving up? You’ll give him up ’till he wants you again.”

Our feelings towards Morgan changed throughout the book. We switched between wanting to shake her and jump through out Kindles and offer her some sage words and a huge hug and the growth of this young woman throughout the story was a revelation.

This story was intense, emotional and filled with angst! We really did have a love/hate relationship with this book that’s for sure. There’s no doubt it stayed with us,  tore at our heartstrings and had us sobbing, so yes there is no question this book made us feel. On the other hand there were aspects of the story that grated and annoyed us …….but…..WE WERE MOVED and we were inexplicably drawn to finishing this book. We’re glad we did resume reading it because there was no way of advancing to our next read until we knew the Mathew and Morgan’s story. Their story left us emotionally drained that’s for sure.

On discussing this in our Bookclub our fellow bookies loved it implicitly! So delve in and prepare to be taken on a journey through the lives of two people who shared an unbreakable yet exhausting bond.  We will say this….if you feel like giving up at some point we would urge you to continue because it really is worth it in the end.

 ♥♫  ♥♫  ♥♫


boy in a band 1

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