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**We’ve noted how the characters interconnect through each series**

The Rook & Ronin, Ford and Spencer Series must be read in order
*It is in this series you will be introduced to Spencer and Ford. who appear or are mentioned throughout future books (and have their spin off books**


It is in this series you will be introduced to Merc and Sasha
who will appear in future books.
James (The Coming for You Series) and Merc (Meet Me in the Dark)
are referenced in this series

ford and spencer books

This series shows pretty much all the characters making an appearance and will give you an insight into Nick and Sasha’s story for Wasted Lust and another character, Jax, who will appear in very briefly in 3,2,1 but feature heavily in Wasted Lust. 
Come series

Classed as a Standalone, this is Merc and Sydneys story – Sasha is also a part of this story. We recommend reading all the books – at least the Dirty, Dark & Deadly Series before reading this book. 
Meet Me In The Dark by J A Huss

You will briefly meet Jax who will appear in Wasted Lust – this book will run parallel to Wasted Lust and we recommend reading before Wasted Lust.
3 2 1 cover

This book is set two years after Meet Me in the Dark and runs parallel to 3,2,1.
Sasha, Nick and Jax appear in this book and story lines are tied up.
Although noted as a standalone we STRONGLY recommend reading all the books as characters from previous books and series interconnect through Wasted Lust.
For this reason we feel your emotional pull to the story will be that much stronger and your connection to the story that much more intense ensuring a heightened reading experience when you are heavily invested in the characters and their stories. 

Wasted Lust cover

Our Review

‘He’s the man who shows up when no one else will. He is the man who looks death in the eye and laughs. He is the man who will pull that trigger when the whole world stands in shock, unable to move.’

First of all we have to say that this ride we’re on with JA Huss has been and still is an amazing twisted roller-coaster ride. We don’t want to get off, rather we want more! Once again this Author has written something so intriguing, so warped and this time incredibly dark and gritty with powerful moments of sheer emotional intensity.

Though we have to say we’re still feeling in the dark in some respects and even though we met Sydney and Merc there…pun intended…we’re still a tad confused. At least though, as far as Merc is concerned, we think he too is struggling to understand the base reason/s behind the identities and the double crossings of some key players.

“Words can be poems, or songs, or gifts. Words can also be threats, lies, and broken promises. You should learn the difference.”

We have to offer our opinion on this story being tagged as standalone. In our humble opinion we do not believe that you will get the full enjoyment and understanding unless you’ve read the Dirty, Dark and Deadly series; even The Rook & Ronin series with the spin offs too for that matter. We feel that having read those added to the intrigue and understanding and definitely added more to the full impact of Meet Me in the Dark. Like we said, we still felt slightly confused at times and had to re-read a few scenes, yet knowing these characters and those mentioned beforehand added to the power of this story both emotionally and informatively. We had already made that important character connection and knew of where various characters have been and what they’ve seen, experienced and been through.

‘I will do whatever it takes to get my revenge. Whatever. It. Takes.’

This story is so much more than just a story of torture, captivity and revenge. Through JA Huss’ flawless writing and ingenuity we experience a thrilling suspense and a story that has you constantly questioning and double guessing just who you can trust and what the hell the truth is behind every word or action.  Once again we got some aaaha moments but yet again new lines of questioning opened which we are desperate to have answered. This is not a Miss Marple mystery; this is a fucked up JA Huss mystery and we NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

‘What does that say about me that a monster can’t love me? I’m so unlovable even evil men can’t stand to be with me.’

So darling Sydney, well, we felt so incredibly sorry for her one minute – like proper emotional despair and anguish. Then the next minute we’re like…hmmmm hang on there for a minute. Is this for real? Is she actually……Brilliant mind-fuck!

‘Do I believe in right and wrong? Sure. As long as we understand I’m always right.’

Now Merc – he’s intrigued us for a long while now and to get into his head was brilliant. Though we discovered a lot, he’s still a bit of a closed book and a master of mind fuckery. At times he gave us whiplash and what we felt was a sudden character change felt a bit strange and unexplained. We definitely don’t think we got a complete grip on him but what we did get we loved. Bit of a bloody cock though!

‘I’m a natural killer. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. A psychopath. A cold, emotionless, empty shell of a man whose only goal in life is to kill this girl and the man who trained her, so I can set my world straight again.’

So; YES we enjoyed Meet Me in the Dark – YES we are desperate for more and YES we HIGHLY recommend every book the came before this one by JA Huss and now can’t wait for the next one!


Eight years ago, Merric Case—AKA Merc, freelance assassin—was sent to rescue a sixteen year old girl from a Wyoming-based militia group on Christmas Eve. A new life, new friends, and a whole lot of new money came out of that job. But a choice had to be made that night, and the girl he should’ve saved was left behind.

Sydney Channing was collateral damage in more ways than one when the rescue she expected turned into an eight-year nightmare filled with lies, sexual servitude, and mind manipulation. Case’s last threat gave her hope that one day he’d be back—even if it was just to kill her.

And now Merc is back. But he’s not here to save Sydney. His job is to pick through her damaged psyche and find the truth using whatever means necessary. Sex, drugs, lies, and love. Those are his weapons of choice. And when Merric Case takes aim—he never misses the target.

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