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Suffering from a dark past, he lives his life with passion but no purpose. She planned everything…except him.

Billie Price has always had a plan for her life. On the surface, it all appears on track. But there has always been something missing. Even though she has a purpose, there is no passion to fuel it. Then she meets a mysterious stranger with a dark past. Except Evan Wright is all kinds of wrong—the tattoo-clad, guitar-strumming, Harley-riding modern day drifter is definitely not the right man for her. Yet she finds herself drawn to him and The Lost Souls’ Club—the eclectic bar where he works. As all her carefully strung plans unravel, Evan is there to comfort her. As their attraction grows, Billie can’t resist the temptation, even though Evan will leave in the fall. At least they have all summer together, not to mention the man knows how to narrate the perfect sex scene for the book she’s writing. But as she crashes into Evan’s world, Billie has to ask herself—can passion prevail when there is no purpose?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex. Warning—this book contains one raunchy tattoo-clad musician who can rock his tongue as well as a guitar!

Publisher Note: This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone novel, as can any of the books in the In Other Words Series.

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Reviewed by Jenny

✯✯✯✯✯  5 “distract-a-licious’ Stars

“Will you come?”
“I’ll follow you wherever you need to go.”
“Even in the dark?”
“Especially there.”

Catching up with these characters again was like being wrapped in a nice warm blanket. They’re familiar, warm and feel so much a part of me after I’ve followed them through their hurt, pain, hopes, dreams and loves. There’s so much to love about this series. The storytelling is beautifully delivered, the warmth of the characters envelopes me, the banter and hilarious innuendos have me in fits of giggles and the love, honesty, fun and closeness between this extended family never fails to captivate me. Love surrounds and abounds and each one has stolen a piece of my heart – from the cringing moments of honesty to the heartfelt moments of love, I’m right there with them.  Yep, I LOVED The Other P Word!!! 

“You make me forget the world.”
“And you make me happy I’m in it.”

I was looking forward to Billie’s story as she’s always been a presence in the previous In Other Words books.  I have to say, the person I’d previously pegged as her love interest wasn’t who I expected and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier because Evan Wright was so right for Billie!  OMG! I flippin’ well ADORED Evan even if there were a couple of times I felt the urge to slap him upside the head, but in the long run I understood his fear of commitment and the wanderlust that consumed him. This soulful free spirited musician with the heartbreaking, painfully tragic past owned me heart and soul. Actually, I think he had me when he sang About a Girl…sigh….Did I mention how this author beautifully weaves the theme of music through her stories to the point where the music almost becomes another character?  Yet another reason why I cherish these books.

“Why don’t you school me, Price? What is love?”
“It’s sacrificing for someone else, but they won’t let you because they feel the same way.”

Billie Price is such a happy go lucky girl. You can’t help but warm to her. She really is like sunshine on a cloudy day (yeah I stole a line) she believes in the romance of love and is in the process of penning a romance novel but without experiencing the burning passion required for some of the scenes, her book isn’t coming to fruition as it lacks the searing heat and emotion required for some scenes.

Billie believes in soul piercing love and isn’t into one casual relationships, however a meeting with Evan changes that when they embark on friends with very hot benefits arrangement. Their relationship has an expiration date though with Evan planning to leave after summer to go on tour with a band. Boo Evan!

“Don’t let your head get in the way of what we have, Price. Because in my head, it’s only you that’s taking up all the space.”

How can Billie resist this irresistible man? I know I couldn’t! He was DIVINE! Evan is the perfect solution  to Billie’s lack of passion and so she agrees…but can her heart stay out of the equation? Can she convince Evan to change his plans? There were certainly some curveballs thrown in …… curse you MK for throwing in ‘that‘ twist! My poor heart!!  Yet on the other hand I felt as though my face was aching from the constant grin I wore reading this, there were so fabulous moment and oh gosh, those cute moments between Billie and Evan…be still my heart!

“Billie Marie Price. I aim to cuddle the fuck out of you.”

The heat was off the charts combustible but MK Schiller never allows those moments to overtake the essence of her story which is something I love. There is a story, there is heart and each character adds so much depth to each scene.

 ‘One thing was for sure…Evan Wright spoke fluent cunnilingus.’

There are some heavy issues dealt with in The Other P Word, however it’s perfectly balanced thanks to MK’s unique brand of emotion, sadness, humour, passion and heat. Somehow MK Schiller always manages to get the balance just right!I can be welling up one minute, giddily swooning the next, then giggling like crazy the next with the flick of a page and I love it! These stories always feel fresh, ensuring I’ll be back again and again to catch up with these gorgeous, off the wall and completely loveable characters! Yep, this was a real winner!

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**



MK Schillere

Amazon us || Amazon uk || Our Review

Amazon us || Amazon uk || Our Review

Amazon us || Amazon uk

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