‘Eight years earlier. Two women. One bet.’

Four Play


From the author of the Internationally Bestselling Satire Word Play comes this collection of laugh-out-loud novellas, all guaranteed to curl your toes and challenge your morals.

Titles include:

Surrendering to Innocence
(Previously published in Forbidden Fruit, Volume II)

Big Balls
(Previously published in Nighttides)

Debating Number Ten
(Previously published in Hot for Teacher)

Fair Play
(The brand new prequel novella to Word Play)

Fair Play Collage (1)

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯ Stars

‘We were both contradictions. Complete anti-clichés.’

 Last year we fell in love with a book called Word Play. It was a tongue in cheek, unique and a very – very swoony story that hilariously portrayed the crazy ups and the peculiar downs of our Book-world. It was a warts and all satirical look at our community which had us constantly nodding in agreement and relating to some of the funny and strange moments we all encounter now and again.

 “I’ll be over here with a smile on my face reading what I want to read, and not worry if The New Yorker, USA Today, or The New York Times think they’re worthy enough for me. Let me worry about that.”

In that story we met Michael Rourke, a mystery writer who relished the anonymity of writing under a pseudonym after selling his soul to write smut. We can’t tell you that much about what unfolded in Word Play because you need to find that out for yourselves after this book so you’ll appreciate the relationship and how it develops.

What we will say is that in Word Play we learnt that Michael had previously met a woman at a conference some years earlier that was shrouded in mystery. Well, it’s a mystery no more because in Fair Play we get an inside peek at what occurred during that time.

Firstly, if you haven’t read Word Play we guarantee you’ll be breaking your 1Click finger record to grab it once you’ve been tempted and teased by the glimpses you receive in Fair Play!

 ‘When a woman so fair touches any part of you, the devastation you feel when she pulls herself away is agony…’

 This book was adorable, sweet, acerbic, sexy and giggle worthy and we loved it. We both had permanent smiles on our faces as Amalie Silver returned with the same sarcastic humour and quick wit we loved in Word Play, as well as an endearing banter between Michael and Lauren, plus a few cringe worthy moments. We were once again reminded why we love this author’s work so much.

 ‘We were fiction writers. If we always got caught up in the thesaurus, our characters’ voices wouldn’t be real.’

 This is a fabulous companion novella to a book we adored from an author who really does ‘get’ our Community and doesn’t take herself to seriously…much to the benefit of us readers. The memories  and glimpses of ‘book life‘ back then….’could a book about a vampire and a human really sell?’ had us in fits, not to mention….the discussion about the item that would become our lifeline of the future….

 “This, my friends, is what they call a Kindle. It’s an e-reader and is in beta testing right now. This puppy is going to be sold for four-hundred bucks on Amazonia’s website in a few months. People can keep an entire library on this thing. It’s s going to revolutionize the business as we know it. Duncan

 “I doubt. It’s another electronic hung of junk that will be obsolete in less than a year. You can quote me on that.” Jack

And Jack….we guess you had to eat your words there buddy!  It all went to make this a fun, swoony and entertaining read!

 **Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks** 



Word Play Series (1)

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Amazon us || Amazon uk

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