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What happened to me…exactly? 
I was a liar.
I know what you’re thinking. We’re all fucking liars. 
But, I’m not talking about the lie you tell your Aunt Helen when she gives you that crappy sweater for your birthday. Or, even the lie you tell yourself when you’re sleeping with someone for all the wrong reasons. I’m talking about bold-faced lies that spilled from my lips as easy as the breath from my lungs. Lies that ruined people, lies that protected people, lies for the hell of it. I ate, slept, and drank lies. I bathed in deceit. At one point in my life, I might not have recognized the truth if it bent me over and slapped me on the ass.
And sometimes, the chaos that was my life got me in a whole hell of a lot of trouble. 
I was a master at keeping it all locked up inside me…until I met Dr. Daniel Harrison. 

**Content Warning: Due to language and sexual situations, this book is intended for 18+ Only**


Compulsive Collage

Reviewed by Gitte

4 Stars

 ‘…lies spilled from my lips as easy as the breath from my lungs. I bathed in deceit.’

This is my first book by Lia Fairchild and I’m definitely looking forward more from this Author!  I can’t wait to get to book two in this series as the writing was addictive and the characters interesting and enigmatic. It did take me a while to fully get into this story as I found it hard to connect to the slightly aloof and almost cold characters. However, I suddenly reached a point where there was no chance of putting the story down as I felt an emotional connection and an increasing want to understand and find out what was going to happen. The writing which felt a tad stilted and forced to begin with suddenly flowed and the momentum, intensity and intrigue picked up.

“I can’t watch you do this to yourself any longer.”

We follow Gray, a complex young woman whose past is affecting her every move, thought and behaviour as she lies her way through life. To begin with we get mere crumbs on what makes her who she is and it’s quite a slow build hence why I was struggling to empathise and connect. She confused me and I was hard pushed to really understand what the deal was. One area that kept me in her corner was her relationship with the young girl who lived in her building who she seemed to ‘mother’ in many respects. Gray’s story truly begins when she ends up with her new yet reluctant therapist; Daniel.

“I want to know that when I speak, my words are genuine…and from my heart.”

Daniel was a bit of an enigma and I wish we’d had a bit more character development of him but I get that this was Gray’s story first and foremost. What I did fall for was his almost tortured persona in the face of him healing another. This gorgeous man has an air of haunted mystery which I can’t wait to unravel.

“We’re all human. We all love and hurt and rise and fall.”

I loved the relationship build and bravo Lia Fairchild for taking a story and showing that less is more and that we need to repair what’s broken before we can truly give ourselves. I loved that time was taken and restraint emphasized in order to show that something truly beautiful can come from something strained and cracked.  Compulsive is a story of vulnerability, soul searching and survival. It’s about showing what lies beneath as well as honest compassion. I can’t wait for the second book in this series. Whilst Compulsive has a cliffy; it’s definitely one you’ll be able to live with!

“When life kicks the shit out of you, you’re bound to change.”

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**


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compulsive cover


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