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 WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS from the first two books

Jessica restrained her response behind tight lips and a slow nod. “I think we’re done for today.”

“Jessica!” The pain in her mom’s voice wasn’t enough to stop her from retreating to the bedroom and answering with a slam of the door.

Stripping off her clothes, she pulled on a T-shirt and jogging shorts, yanking at them as if they too had offended her.

“Want to talk about it?”

Her chin dropped to her chest on an exhale as Luke’s body pressed to her back. His arms wrapped around her shoulders, protecting her, loving her, reminding her that he was her home.

“I don’t need Dr. Jones right now. I need my Luke.”

His lips brushed the side of her neck. “And he needs you.”

She closed her eyes. “I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“Of having …” The words caught in her throat.

“Of having what?”

“Everything I’ve ever wanted.”

“Oh, baby …” Luke turned her in his arms. “I adore you. This is happening. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted. Instead, you’re getting me and Jones.” He grinned. “But the three of us are going to make it work anyway. Forever.”

The feel of forever beneath her lips as she pressed them to his bare chest, brought happy tears. “Cathy and Daniel were my and Jude’s godparents. I idolized their marriage, just like I do my parents’. Through everything, I’ve held this shred of hope that there is truly someone for everyone … that happily ever after really does exist. But when Cathy left Daniel, I questioned everything I held on to. Then my mom stood by her side without question, as if she somehow empathized with Cathy, and that’s bugged me for years. Why would she do that? I get forgiveness, I really do. But not once has my mom acknowledged that the affair was wrong and then today … Can you believe she asked me how I would feel if it was her and Dad instead of Cathy and Daniel? Talk about fucking with my mind and kicking my dreams in the gut.”

Their embrace intensified as if he could squeeze every last drop of doubt and insecurity from her.

“It was hypothetical.”

“What if it wasn’t? Hypothetical questions are oftentimes reality in disguise. I have this ‘friend’ who might be pregnant. What do you think ‘she’ should do?”

Luke pulled back a fraction, brows arched as he peered down at her. “Baby, are you pregnant?”

She pinched his sides until he buckled at the waist, chuckling.

“I’m not pregnant, you dimwit. I’m trying to be serious.”

“So Kelly is pregnant?”

“Luke!” Her pinch turned into a gut punch.

He grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her so hard breathing became an afterthought. Walking her back into the wall of his dress shirts that hung from hangers spaced evenly apart, he lifted her up until her back pressed to the wall. A few perfectly-starched shirts surrendered, falling to the floor.

Jessica gasped for air as lips devoured every inch of skin along her neck. “I love the way you love me. It’s … everything.

“It’s forever,” he whispered in her ear, sliding her T-shirt up her body and over her head.

Our Review

“What’s left when someone takes back forever?”

Without question Dawn of Forever completes one of the most exciting, romantic, thrilling, passionate and darkly humorous series we’ve ever read. To say it’s one of our all-time favourite series is an understatement. Bravo Jewel E Ann we take our hats off to you and stand applauding on the finish line. Because wow. We have to admit we always worry about trilogies – keeping that momentum going and tying up those pesky loose ends. Well, we needn’t have worried here because we got all the answers and more whilst being taken on one hell of a rollercoaster ride that began where we least expected it to. It was magnificent and awe inspiring.

“I want you to let go. I want you to free fall into my arms and know I’ve got you. I’ll always have you.”

“Don’t ever ask me not to love you.”

“Because I need to love you.” Drawing in a ragged breath, he shrugged. “It’s all I know,” he whispered.

Dawn of Forever is the conclusion to the Jack & Jill series so there’s not much we can say without spoiling this brilliant series which as you know is the last thing we would ever want to do.

‘His hand moved towards hers. Letting just the tip of his finger touch the end of hers. He inched it up with the softest touch. Then, like a young child, she grabbed his finger and squeezed. Luke felt her touch in the deepest depths of his heart.’

Therefore know this, you’ll NOT want to miss this series that had us gripped from the first page – where every single book brought everything to the table having us riveted and breathlessly devouring every written word. We will miss every single character as they stole such a huge chunk of our hearts.

“I worship the ground you walk on.” A blinding smile grew along his face as he pulled her into his arms and whispered in her ear, “Impossible. When I’m with you my feet don’t touch the ground.”

There is absolutely nothing else we would want, this whole trilogy was perfection. We’ve fallen in love with every single character, we’ve struggled with our heart – we’ve laughed to tears, cried buckets and swooned again and again.

‘He would die for Jessica. He would kill for her. He would end ten lives to save one, if that one was hers. It wasn’t sane. It was far from rational. But it was love, and true walk-through-the-fucking-flames-of-hell love was unconditional and completely insane.’

Our hearts have melted into puddles at the romance and our pulses have skyrocketed at the passion. The writing was flawless – so again. Standing ovation from us to Jewel E Ann.

“I can’t let her go…I can’t fucking breathe. Let them kill me because I’m already dead.”

Now excuse us as we’re off to see about having some light pink and white argyle panties made with the inscription: Property of Doctor Jones.

“I’ve got you. I’ll always have you.”


’til death do us part.

Aric James Monaghan promised Jillian Knight Portland. With a heavy heart and a light bag, she travels to the West Coast for the man she loved. In a blink her worlds collide, holding her hostage to a past filled with lies, deceit, and revenge.

Four Caskets
Two Bodies
It all started with a boy and a girl—their tragic love story is shared through the eyes of the enemy.

Every word fades dreams and shatters memories as life slips away. Jillian needs a Knight, Jessica needs a miracle, and together they need a savior.

*WARNING : This book contains explicit language, sexual content, and abusive scenarios that could be a trigger for certain individuals

Purchase Here:

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