Standalone in a series – Sexy fighter pilots finding love. 

‘I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but lust at first sight? That was a thing definitely happening all over my body tonight. ‘

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fly with me 3rd maySYNOPSIS

U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller—call sign Burn—loves nothing more than flying hard and fast. When he meets a gorgeous and sassy woman while partying in Las Vegas, he immediately locks on to her.

Jordan Callahan owns a thriving clothing boutique, but her love life is far less successful. Her luck changes when six feet, two inches of sexy swagger asks her to dance and turns her world upside down. 

One scorching weekend becomes an undeniable chemistry that they can’t leave in Vegas. But the long distance relationship and their different lives threaten to ground their romance. And when the dangers of Noah’s job become all too real, Jordan learns being with a fighter pilot means risking it all for a shot at love…

Fly With Me

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

‘Love was scary enough. Loving a military man was something else entirely.’

We bloody loved this book and Like Jordan, apart from Top Gun (oh and don’t mention that around Noah!!) we don’t think we’ve had much experience with F16 fighter pilots in romances and boy, are we glad we rectified that because holy hell, this book had some insane sexual tension – even our Kindles needed a ciggy and a lie down more than a few times!

‘I didn’t want a caveman, but I wanted a man who knew who he was, and wasn’t afraid to be it.’

Fly With Me was exactly what the book doctor ordered. An entertaining page turner with a perfect balance of witty banter that had us grinning, swooniness that made us giddy, flirty fun, hot as hades men, a heroine who was ballsy, funny and relatable, an alpha hero to die for with a few heartbreaking moments brought into the mix.  Each book is about a different pilot and you can bet we’ll be continuing with more of this series! So many men…so little time….but we’ll find time for these guys!

‘The guy who would bring you breakfast in bed with an orgasm on the side. ‘

For Noah (call sign, Burn) Miller nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of being in the cockpit of his F16 – the speed, the danger…it’s his fix, the military is his life. He’s tried the relationship thing but there aren’t many women willing to make the sacrifices Noah’s career demands. It would take a special woman to live with the strains of Noah’s job, and at 33, he feels ready to settle down but finding the right woman isn’t easy.

Wow! Let’s stop a minute to discuss Noah Miller. His dirty, sexy mouth, a body built for sin, and a romantic heart that had us falling in love and lust with him from day one…… and dear God….we could picture him walking towards us in slo-mo – flight suit undone to the waist, abs rippling, aviators slung on his face and…that V……

‘Holy hell, he had penis cleavage!’

Hmmm where were we? Oh yeah, whilst on a weekend trip for her sister’s hen do, 30 year old Jordan meets Noah and his mates, with the attraction between Noah and Jordan igniting in explosive proportions! We could feel the convincing connection between them! Jordan was a fabulous heroine. We admired her and loved how completely comfortable she was in her own skin. She loved her tits and arse. ‘I was king size – tits and ass that could put your eye out.’ She was a breath of fresh air and knew what she had to offer. She was sexy, voluptuous, funny, smart and a sweetheart. Noah knew a good thing when he saw it but could she, would she give up everything for him?

‘Each part of my body that he touched felt remade, born again to something new, something I’d never imagined. As though I gave those pieces to him, losing myself at the same time I found something I never expected.’

Told in dual POV’s we get to witness the relationship progress between Noah and Jordan which isn’t without its ups and downs as each has to give and take to make things work. Navigating their way through the stresses of separation, life, family and career. It’s not easy under the circumstances!

We loved the ages and life experience of these characters. They’d done the dating thing, had the meaningless sex and broken relationships, there was no crap about them – they knew what they wanted in life and spoke their minds – no unnecessary miscommunication between these two!

Fly with Me was sexy, fun, heart-warming and at times a little heartbreaking. It’s a book we couldn’t put down, providing us with that perfect reading escape. Our only gripe was the ending, which felt a little rushed and would have loved more ‘afters’ however we know we haven’t heard the last of these guys and look forward to catching up with them in upcoming books when we get to know the other luscious fighter pilots who we’ve no doubt will ignite our hearts as much as Noah did.

 4.5 ✯




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