Dark erotic romance.

We must stress that you should read the author warning on these books.
There are a few triggers in these stories that might affect some readers.
Whilst this can be read as a standalone, however we recommend reading in the order of
The Lost, The Fallen (A free companion novella in Hart’s POV) then move onto The Found .

the found


Author Warning / Trigger Warning 18+: This story contains content centered around non-consent, bodily autonomy, sexual assault, bodily functions, and violence. Please focus on self-care above all, and don’t be afraid to put the book down if you need to in order to protect yourself. You come first, always.

Witness to a murder. Kidnapped by a monster. Life hanging on a whim. Willow Armitage’s world was already falling apart; between getting fired and caring for her chronically ill father, she’s had little room for anything but survival. But that survival hangs in the balance the night she stumbles into a back alley – and watches a stranger die at the hands of the most beautiful man she’s ever seen.

Lethal. Powerful. Unstable. Terrifying. The contract killer known only as Priest is a dangerous unknown, and when Willow wakes tied to a chair in his hideout, the only thing she sees in his fox-gold eyes is death. Yet for Priest, Willow is a dilemma: an innocent, a saint among the sinners he cuts down in the streets of Crow City. His code of honor forbids shedding innocent blood. Releasing her will send her straight to the police. The only answer is a warped game, and his promise: that he will find the darkness inside her, expose it, and prove that deep down, everyone is just as monstrous as he…and just as worthy of death.

Yet he unearths not a monster, but a smoldering and secret desire – one that has always terrified Willow, and may be her undoing. His touch sets her alight. His strength burns through her like flame. And his control melts her each time he binds her virgin body, possesses her, teaches her the strength in weakness and the passion in submission. But that passion may be her damnation, and in the end Willow must choose: Priest’s love, or her own life.

When his every kiss is pure sin…can she resist damnation long enough for Priest to find his way to redemption?

The Found is available to purchase below:
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* * * *

The Found

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

“Open your eyes to what you want. Say no…or say yes. Make a choice.”

Well, wow! We read this series in one hit over the weekend and let us tell you that we barely came up for air. Not only are these books longer than average but also we just didn’t want to miss a single word and whilst we fought against reaching the end we were desperate to get there. Such a reader conundrum when you’re reading a book that consumes your whole being. As with The Lost please read the warning by Cole McCade and proceed as you wish.

‘He’d come in like a whisper, slipping between the cracks, silencing the voices of their house until there was nothing but the smothering quiet, and him.’

The Found felt different to The Lost- this is not a bad thing though, how could it be when written by an Author who is really quite the master of the written word. We think it felt dissimilar as the premise was entirely different as was the level of intensity compared to The Found.

”You seem, to me, rather than one long road…instead like many short paths that wander a few steps in one direction, before changing again. There is no one story; only the beginnings of many, tales unfinished and untold.”

Once again the writing was out of this world. Outstanding; so intelligent, thought provoking, inspiring, captivating, unique and incredibly vivid. The nature of psychology overwhelming at times as this Author managed to achieve a story that had us questioning ourselves, how we view certain circumstances, what instigates and the consequences of actions. All without being simply black or white.

“I still don’t think you’re a monster.”

“Yes, you do. You simply tell yourself otherwise because you need to believe I am not. But you said it yourself: the world is full of bad people. Broken people.”

A lost – in life – woman, Willow and an anti-hero, Priest who through extreme circumstances end up being the other’s revelation by picking through every layer of the person and behaviour in forced close proximity. It was incredibly intriguing, harrowing and passionate as perceived notions of suppression, justice, and life limitations were questioned as a result of tragedy and trauma from the past- cemented in the now.

“We are a voyeuristic species always in conflict with itself. Empathy and sadism ever shifting in the balance.”

Can we realise or change a self-taught behaviour and question why we conduct ourselves in a certain manner or is this only possible to be recognised through the validation or questioning by others? Whilst one was deemed strong and the other somehow weak and timid it showed that appearances can be deceptive.

He wasn’t meant to be seen by the light of day; he was made of whispers and darkness, and were the sun to rise in this single moment he might cease to exist entirely, fled back to the place where eldritch things and nightmares hid come dawn.’

There’s a paradox and irony of only realising your own freedom – when in actual captivity – and coming to terms with what was a perceived reality when once rationalised differing greatly. Understanding how we so easily can imprison ourselves in our minds and behaviours.

‘Hope was a fragile thing, trembling in her hands like ephemeral stardust, iridescent and bright.’

Whilst yes, this book can be read as a standalone we HIGHLY recommend reading The Lost, The Fallen (A free companion novella in Hart’s POV) followed by The Found. Interwoven storylines and brilliant secondary characters make it quite the journey. This is a series that should be read by all book lovers especially those who enjoy the darker more raw and gritty reads.

‘What he offered her was damnation itself; if she gave in to this she would never be the same, fallen into the kind of needy, hot, hungry darkness that would make her a stranger to herself.’

* * * *


Crow City Series

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