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***Spoiler Free Dual Book Review*** 

‘I’d face the wrath of a thousand gods just to make her smile.
And worse, I’d burn the world around us in order to keep it aimed at me.’

Wow… Wow! What a read! This was nothing like we expected and a whole lot more than we anticipated! Hooked from the minute we read the synopsis, we were desperate to read these books! What we thought was one thing became something else entirely. Not once were we let down as Aly Martinez held us captive with every page of her intense and palpable romantic suspense!

Aly Martinez has delivered an exciting, thrilling, heartbreaking, passionate suspenseful, emotionally charged romance. The monumental and searing love of a man for his woman spoke to our hearts, the drama that ensued kept us on riveted and on the edge of our seats!

‘My past, present, and future were walking out of my life and I stood immobile as every fibre in my being screamed for me to drop to my knees and beg for her to stay. To take her in my arms and tell her that we’d figure it out.’

Somehow Aly Martinez managed to break our hearts, mend our hearts, wear out our hearts out and still add in some humour for good measure……and…….don’t even get us started on the jaw dropping ending to Retrieval! OMG! You will not want to pause for anything until you see how this all plays out; this extremely talented author put our heart through their paces in this rollercoaster ride!

“Roman,” I pleaded
“I can fix this,” he declared
“I can fix us,” he swore
“Please, stop.”
“I can fix us.”
I kissed his chest.
“I will fix us, Elisabeth, mark my words. I will not spend my life without you.”

This duet definitely needs to be experienced free of spoilers. There is so much that could hinder your anticipation and enjoyment, even giving too much away about the characters could be a potential spoiler, so our review will be a bit vague in that regard. Just know that Transfer picks up right from the heart pounding ending of Retrieval and although Transfer is mostly centred on a different couple, the storyline does continue, retaining Roman and Elisabeth’s story which follows on beautifully and concludes the duet completely. Are you intrigued? Just wait until you read the books!

Two years following the dissolution of their marriage, Roman and Elisabeth once again come face to face yet still holding onto their pain and animosity following the loss of their son and the breakdown of their marriage. The anger and confusion they experienced leading up to their divorce has left a wedge between them. Each dealt with the loss of their son differently and kept their feelings to themselves rather than communicating with one another.

‘I’d never, not once, seen Elisabeth with just my yes. My heart was just as much a part of the way I viewed her as my retinas. And still, after all this time, my body reacted to her the same way it always had – full alert.’

Now, at first glance Roman came across aloof and distant towards Elisabeth and to be honest we weren’t sure what to think of him. However once we got inside his head and learned what made Roman tick….the reasons for this workaholics behaviour brought us to our knees. Here is a man who in mind, body and soul loves his ex-wife and wow did we <b>feel</b> that. We felt the binding connection, the all-encompassing love between Elisabeth and Roman right down to the deep recesses of our hearts and fell crazy in love with the gorgeous Roman ‘ alpha deliciousness’ Leblanc (with a small b) in the process.

‘I wanted to kiss her – and never stop.
Unless it was to move my mouth between her legs.
At that thought, a low sound rumbled in my throat, and she suddenly came alert.
She blinked once, twice, and then I lost her.
Her hand went to my shoulder, shoving roughly as she seethed, “Let me go.”
Tightening my fist in her hair, I whispered,
Never,” before releasing her.

Roman had such a magnetic, powerful and possessive alpha presence. He was commanding yet wore his heart on his sleeve. The tenderness of this man, the complete and utter love he felt for Elisabeth……talk about swooooon! We truly believed that every breath he took and every beat of his heart was for Elisabeth. When he told her he would win her back, we knew he would be persistent in his pursuit to prove he was worth another chance. He really did love his Lissy with all his heart.

‘Roman Leblanc was mine. All of him. Even when he wasn’t.’

We’re not usually big fans of<i> insta love </i>because, well, most of the time we find an author expects us to buy the instant connection between a couple without allowing us to experience it, so it doesn’t always work for us. <b>Not</b> so in this case. Aly Martinez expertly and beautifully created a backdrop whereby we experienced the immediate connection between Elisabeth and Roman through flashbacks. She made us believe, made us feel as though Lissy and Roman had known each other forever before making proclamations, not merely days, ensuring we bought their soulmate connection with absolute conviction.

‘Elisabeth was my soul mate on every level. And she was paying the price for that.’

The sinister and heartbreaking occurrence which brings them back together after two years apart, and what unfolds after this revelation…well, let’s just say this is where the story well and truly kicks off!

“I’m scared,” I whispered, not sure what else to say.
“I’ve got you….I swear on my life I’ve got you.”

Roman and Lissy are forced to rely on one another and in turn revaluate their marriage and their future and through some deceptive developments we are introduced to another couple in Transfer, Walt and Clare, whose relationship couldn’t be more opposite to Roman and Elisabeth.

‘Walt had proven that love wasn’t always hearts and flowers. It could be dark and dirty, defined by power and pain, and filled with anguish and agony.’

What, when, how and why….who are they and how they are connected? That’s something you’re going to have to find out for yourselves, but one thing we do promise you is…you won’t be disappointed!

This duet had a what we describe as a “Kristen Ashley  feel” to it, having all the elements that make up those stories we cherish, all delivered so superbly by Aly Martinez. It was all there; Alpha males we couldn’t help but love, plucky and resilient heroines we adored, heartbreak, humour, drama, emotion, romance and some seriously hot and passionate moments not to mention a tonne of intrigue.  A fabulously entertaining read where nothing is superfluous.  We bloody loved this duet…and know you will too!

“You look at me like I’m the only woman you’ve ever seen. And hold me like you never want to let go. You laugh with me. And challenge me to be a better person, but at the same time, you remind me that there is nothing wrong with the person I already am.” 

Please note: This is not a love triangle, nor does it contain cheating. The storyline continues into book two.





I proposed on our first date.
She laughed and told me I was insane. Less than a day later, she said yes.
It was a whirlwind, but we were happy…
Until we got greedy and wanted a family.

It was a life I couldn’t give her, not for lack of trying. Fertility just wasn’t on our side. We sought out doctors and treatments. Spent money we didn’t have. Lied to our families. Smiled for our friends. Put on a brave face for a world that didn’t understand.
Finally, we were successful…
Until we were forced to bury our son.

We were left broken, battered, and destroyed.
They say love is in the details, but it was the details that ruined us.

This is the story of how I took back what had always been mine.
The retrieval of my wife and our family.




I fell in love with a man who didn’t exist.

What started out as romance ended in hell.
His words turned to razor blades.
His kisses converted to fists.
His embrace became my cage.
His body transformed into a weapon, stealing parts of me until ultimately….
I broke.

I hated him.
My sole job in life became to protect our daughter.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever escape the prison he’d skillfully crafted from my fears.
Until the day our savior arrived.

This is the story of how I escaped the man who thought he owned me.
The transfer of my life and my family.

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